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non port: editors/

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Friday, 19 Feb 2010
00:32 maho search for other commits by this committer
Remove editors/ port.

quoting from

> community officially announced that
> "end-of-life" for version 2.x of its productivity suite
> .
> For FreeBSD ports tree - my policy is -
> I'll remove ports/editors/ soon, and mark as IGNORE
> for ports/editors/ in the near future.
> Please contact me (maho at - I'm a de facto maintainer of this
> if you want to maintain "ports/editors/" port.
> I expect you to fix build issues, security issues, etc by back porting.

Thanks for all who loves Sayonara, soshite arigatou (good-bye
and thank you)...

Feature safe: yes
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Saturday, 25 Nov 2006
03:19 maho search for other commits by this committer
* Update to OOE680_m5 (2.1rc1).
* add some localized languages.
* Remove RELEASE_NR. It is not used anymore [1].
* Desktop Icons and menus are not installed as default as pkg-plist
 is incomplete [2].
* Remove symlink.
* some cosmetic fixes.

Submitted by:   oliver[1], kris[2].
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Number of commits found: 2