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non port: finance/homebank/files/patch-src_dsp_wallet.c

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Mon, 26 Jun 2006
[ 18:49 mezz ] Original commit 
- The tarball has been re-rolled with fixes.
- Add a hack to correct the image path standard by change from share/images
  to share/pixmaps.
Sun, 25 Jun 2006
[ 02:25 mezz ] Original commit 
HomeBank is the free software you have always wanted to manage your
personal accounts at home. The main concept is to be light, simple and
very easy to use. It brings you many features that allows you to analyze
your finances in adetailed way instantly and dynamically with powerfull
report tools based on filtering and graphical charts.

Furthermore HomeBank benefits now for more than 10 years of users
experiences and feedbacks as its development started in 1995 on Amiga
computers. It is now available on Amiga, GNU/Linux, and will probably be
soon available for Microsoft Windows and MacOS X systems, as GTK+ exists
on it.



Keep in mind, this is an alpha quality apps. (Homebank 3.2 alpha). I only
test it a little so far.

Number of commits found: 2