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vt100-art-and-animations VT100 art and animations
2020.04.09 games on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout 2020.04.09Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2021-08-09 15:54:06
Last Update: 2022-09-07 21:58:51
Commit Hash: fb16dfe
License: UNKNOWN
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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/vt100-art-and-animations-2020.04.09/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/vt100-art-and-animations-2020.04.09/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/vt100-art-and-animations-2020.04.09/UNKNOWN
  4. share/vt100-art-and-animations/bambi.vt
  5. share/vt100-art-and-animations/bambi_godzila
  6. share/vt100-art-and-animations/barney.vt
  7. share/vt100-art-and-animations/beer.vt
  8. share/vt100-art-and-animations/bevis.butthead.vt
  9. share/vt100-art-and-animations/blinkeyes.vt
  10. share/vt100-art-and-animations/bomb.vt
  11. share/vt100-art-and-animations/bugsbunny.vt
  12. share/vt100-art-and-animations/cartwhee.vt
  13. share/vt100-art-and-animations/castle.vt
  14. share/vt100-art-and-animations/cert18.vt
  15. share/vt100-art-and-animations/cow.vt
  16. share/vt100-art-and-animations/cowboom.vt
  17. share/vt100-art-and-animations/crash.vt
  18. share/vt100-art-and-animations/cursor.vt
  19. share/vt100-art-and-animations/delay.vt
  20. share/vt100-art-and-animations/demo.vt
  21. share/vt100-art-and-animations/dirty.vt
  22. share/vt100-art-and-animations/dogs.vt
  23. share/vt100-art-and-animations/dont-wor.vt
  24. share/vt100-art-and-animations/dontworry.vt
  25. share/vt100-art-and-animations/duckpaint.vt
  26. share/vt100-art-and-animations/firework.vt
  27. share/vt100-art-and-animations/fireworks.vt
  28. share/vt100-art-and-animations/fishy-fishy.vt
  29. share/vt100-art-and-animations/fishy.vt
  30. share/vt100-art-and-animations/fishy2.vt
  31. share/vt100-art-and-animations/flatmap.vt
  32. share/vt100-art-and-animations/frogs.vt
  33. share/vt100-art-and-animations/glass.vt
  34. share/vt100-art-and-animations/globe.vt
  35. share/vt100-art-and-animations/hallow.vt
  36. share/vt100-art-and-animations/hello.vt
  37. share/vt100-art-and-animations/index.html
  38. share/vt100-art-and-animations/juanspla.vt
  39. share/vt100-art-and-animations/july.4.vt
  40. share/vt100-art-and-animations/jumble.vt
  41. share/vt100-art-and-animations/maingate.vt
  42. share/vt100-art-and-animations/mark_twain.vt
  43. share/vt100-art-and-animations/monkey.vt
  44. share/vt100-art-and-animations/monorail.vt
  45. share/vt100-art-and-animations/moon.animation
  46. share/vt100-art-and-animations/movglobe.vt
  47. share/vt100-art-and-animations/mr_pumpkin
  48. share/vt100-art-and-animations/nasa.vt
  49. share/vt100-art-and-animations/new_year.vt
  50. share/vt100-art-and-animations/newbeer.vt
  51. share/vt100-art-and-animations/nifty.vt
  52. share/vt100-art-and-animations/outerlimits.vt
  53. share/vt100-art-and-animations/pac3d.vt
  54. share/vt100-art-and-animations/paradise.vt
  55. share/vt100-art-and-animations/peace.vt
  56. share/vt100-art-and-animations/prey.vt
  57. share/vt100-art-and-animations/prey_col.vt
  58. share/vt100-art-and-animations/safesex.vt
  59. share/vt100-art-and-animations/shuttle.vt
  60. share/vt100-art-and-animations/skyway.vt
  61. share/vt100-art-and-animations/snowing
  62. share/vt100-art-and-animations/snowing.vt
  63. share/vt100-art-and-animations/spinweb.vt
  64. share/vt100-art-and-animations/sship.vt
  65. share/vt100-art-and-animations/startrek.vt
  66. share/vt100-art-and-animations/strike.vt
  67. share/vt100-art-and-animations/sun.vt
  68. share/vt100-art-and-animations/surf.vt
  69. share/vt100-art-and-animations/tetris.vt
  70. share/vt100-art-and-animations/tomorrw.vt
  71. share/vt100-art-and-animations/torturet.vt
  72. share/vt100-art-and-animations/treadmill.vt
  73. share/vt100-art-and-animations/trek.vt
  74. share/vt100-art-and-animations/trekvid.vt
  75. share/vt100-art-and-animations/turkey.vt
  76. share/vt100-art-and-animations/tv.vt
  77. share/vt100-art-and-animations/twilight.vt
  78. share/vt100-art-and-animations/twilightzone.vt
  79. share/vt100-art-and-animations/valentin.vt
  80. share/vt100-art-and-animations/valentine.vt
  81. share/vt100-art-and-animations/van_halen.vt
  82. share/vt100-art-and-animations/wineglas.vt
  83. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-00.vt
  84. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-01.vt
  85. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-02.vt
  86. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-03.vt
  87. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-04.vt
  88. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-05.vt
  89. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-06.vt
  90. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-07.vt
  91. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-08.vt
  92. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas-09.vt
  93. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas.large
  94. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas.vt
  95. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmas2.vt
  96. share/vt100-art-and-animations/xmasshort.vt
  97. share/vt100-art-and-animations/zorro.vt
  98. @owner
  99. @group
  100. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • vt100-art-and-animations>0:games/vt100-art-and-animations
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/games/vt100-art-and-animations/ && make install clean
We doubt a package is available for this port because we see it marked as as:
  • Package not available
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To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install games/vt100-art-and-animations
  • pkg install vt100-art-and-animations
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PKGNAME: there is no package for this port: _LICENSE_RESTRICTED = delete-package delete-distfiles
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No package information for this port in our database
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Runtime dependencies:
  1. slowcat : textproc/slowcat
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Number of commits found: 7

Commit History - (may be incomplete: for full details, see links to repositories near top of page)
CommitCreditsLog message
07 Sep 2022 21:58:51
commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Remove WWW entries moved into port Makefiles

Commit b7f05445c00f has added WWW entries to port Makefiles based on
WWW: lines in pkg-descr files.

This commit removes the WWW: lines of moved-over URLs from these
pkg-descr files.

Approved by:		portmgr (tcberner)
07 Sep 2022 21:10:59
commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Add WWW entries to port Makefiles

It has been common practice to have one or more URLs at the end of the
ports' pkg-descr files, one per line and prefixed with "WWW:". These
URLs should point at a project website or other relevant resources.

Access to these URLs required processing of the pkg-descr files, and
they have often become stale over time. If more than one such URL was
present in a pkg-descr file, only the first one was tarnsfered into
the port INDEX, but for many ports only the last line did contain the
port specific URL to further information.

There have been several proposals to make a project URL available as
a macro in the ports' Makefiles, over time.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
22 Aug 2022 03:31:16
commit hash:32fe48ee4199b8f4ed8da5dd77676bc9ebac8663commit hash:32fe48ee4199b8f4ed8da5dd77676bc9ebac8663commit hash:32fe48ee4199b8f4ed8da5dd77676bc9ebac8663commit hash:32fe48ee4199b8f4ed8da5dd77676bc9ebac8663 files touched by this commit
Eugene Grosbein (eugen) search for other commits by this committer
games/vt100-art-and-animations: welcome back rose from the ashes, so partially back out
my previous change making original source primary again.
29 Jun 2022 15:23:01
commit hash:8cb12b6dc94b21d30c093920ab5f3c55c80c50eecommit hash:8cb12b6dc94b21d30c093920ab5f3c55c80c50eecommit hash:8cb12b6dc94b21d30c093920ab5f3c55c80c50eecommit hash:8cb12b6dc94b21d30c093920ab5f3c55c80c50ee files touched by this commit
Eugene Grosbein (eugen) search for other commits by this committer
games/vt100-art-and-animations: really unbreak

Add missing backslash.

Fixes:	fc716c0168b50cd84af2d14640420983c2b73d14
29 Jun 2022 13:56:02
commit hash:fc716c0168b50cd84af2d14640420983c2b73d14commit hash:fc716c0168b50cd84af2d14640420983c2b73d14commit hash:fc716c0168b50cd84af2d14640420983c2b73d14commit hash:fc716c0168b50cd84af2d14640420983c2b73d14 Refresh  files touched by this commit Sanity Test Failure
Eugene Grosbein (eugen) search for other commits by this committer
games/vt100-art-and-animations: unbreak

Unbreak and undeprecate the port providing several
live distfile sources.
29 Jun 2022 08:54:14
commit hash:35377dc80d3ee4c3015a5941eee7aaf7cf5dc872commit hash:35377dc80d3ee4c3015a5941eee7aaf7cf5dc872commit hash:35377dc80d3ee4c3015a5941eee7aaf7cf5dc872commit hash:35377dc80d3ee4c3015a5941eee7aaf7cf5dc872 files touched by this commit
Mateusz Piotrowski (0mp) search for other commits by this committer
games/vt100-art-and-animations: Mark as broken
09 Aug 2021 15:48:44
commit hash:4214b8c7764676f2ac12701dbc661c90c7cf713acommit hash:4214b8c7764676f2ac12701dbc661c90c7cf713acommit hash:4214b8c7764676f2ac12701dbc661c90c7cf713acommit hash:4214b8c7764676f2ac12701dbc661c90c7cf713a files touched by this commit
Mateusz Piotrowski (0mp) search for other commits by this committer
games/vt100-art-and-animations: Add new port

These are VT100 Animation files, which are meant to be thrown up raw at
a vt100-compatible terminal. ANSI-ready terminals should do fine,
although the ideal venue is a Digital Equipment Corporation VT100
Terminal connected at 9600 baud. Many of these animations will fly by at
modern speeds, when they were meant to move much slower. The files
themselves are simply text with cursor movement instructions, deleting
and erasing the characters necessary to appear animated. Usually, they
represent a long hand-crafted process done by a single person to tell a
story. Some of these files may date back to the 1960's and 1970's.


Number of commits found: 7