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non port: graphics/ImageMagick/files/

Number of commits found: 9

Tue, 25 Sep 2007
[ 19:41 mi ] Original commit 
1.242 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.110 graphics/ImageMagick/distinfo
1.9 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.10 graphics/ImageMagick/files/patch-configure
1.1 graphics/ImageMagick/files/patch-leak
1.1 graphics/ImageMagick/files/patch-test-filter
1.2 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.106 graphics/ImageMagick/pkg-plist
Upgrade from 6.3.3-5 to 6.3.5-10 -- the latest available. Take over
maintainership -- with the previous maintainer's approval.

Remove explicit requirements for shared library major numbers of
dependencies. Like in almost all other ports, these quite gratuitous.

Scale the build to multiple CPUs, if available on the building

Automatically run vendor's self-tests (unless disabled via OPTIONS).

Apply DOS2UNIX to a number of files including the HTML pages.

NB: ImageMagick's configure tries to detect an OpenMP-capable compiler.
This /may/ be a problem, when gcc-4.2 (such as on 7.x) or greater is
used... An explicit `--disable-openmp' may be needed...
Thu, 25 Jan 2007
[ 19:00 shaun ] Original commit 
1.230 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.108 graphics/ImageMagick/distinfo
1.8 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.104 graphics/ImageMagick/pkg-plist
Upgrade to 6.3.2-0.
Thu, 5 Oct 2006
[ 20:57 pav ] Original commit 
1.225 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.107 graphics/ImageMagick/distinfo
1.7 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.103 graphics/ImageMagick/pkg-plist
- Update to

PR:             ports/104020
Submitted by:   Arjan van Leeuwen <> (maintainer)
Sat, 27 May 2006
[ 18:47 mnag ] Original commit 
1.220 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.6 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
- Fix compilation when set WITHOUT_X11 and WITH_IMAGEMAGICK_FONTCONFIG

Approved by:    maintainer timeout (in combination with my last 2 commits)
Fri, 26 May 2006
[ 01:41 mnag ] Original commit 
1.217 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.5 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.100 graphics/ImageMagick/pkg-plist
- Fix detection of fontconfig and add knob to enable/disable
- Fix detection of librsvg and add knob to enable/disable
- Fix leftovers when set many combinations of WITH/WITHOUT
- Bump PORTREVISION since have default features that now are detected property

Pointy hat to:  me
Approved by:    maintainer timeout (on past commit)
Tested by:      many and me on all day
Thu, 5 Jan 2006
[ 03:56 edwin ] Original commit 
1.210 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.102 graphics/ImageMagick/distinfo
1.4 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.94 graphics/ImageMagick/pkg-plist
[patch] ImageMagick segfaults, port update to 6.2.5-5 solves problem

        Using 'convert' utility, even on basic operations causes
        job to be done, but command exits via receiveing SEGFAULT

        Using new version of ImageMagick (6.2.5-5), convert utility
        works as expected.

        This problem also applies to pecl-imagick.  And of course
        is also solved by this port update

        /etc/make.cof is empty during port install

Also included an update to!

Submitted by:   Piotr Rybicki <>
Approved by:    Arjan van Leeuwen <>
PR:             ports/91270
Sat, 9 Apr 2005
[ 21:48 pav ] Original commit 
1.207 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.3 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
1.92 graphics/ImageMagick/pkg-plist

PR:             ports/79697
Submitted by:   Arjan van Leeuwen <> (maintainer)
Reported by:    NAKAMURA Takeshi <> [1]
Fri, 10 Dec 2004
[ 21:24 pav ] Original commit 
1.198 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.93 graphics/ImageMagick/distinfo
1.2 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
- Update to
- Add mirror to prevent fetch problems in case ImageMagick
  decides to update again
- Don't install/append to perllocal.pod [1]

PR:             ports/74928
Submitted by:   Arjan van Leeuwen <> (maintainer)
Reported by:    pointyhat via kris [1]
Thu, 9 Dec 2004
[ 00:13 pav ] Original commit 
1.196 graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile
1.1 graphics/ImageMagick/files/
- ImageMagick is always installing it's own copy of libltdl,
  overwriting files installed by libltdl port. Stop it.

  Warning: people who installed ImageMagick or should
  probably run

  portupgrade -f libltdl

  after updating ImageMagick to recover original libltdl files.

PR:             ports/74875
Submitted by:   Arjan van Leeuwen <> (maintainer)
Reported by:    Neil Darlow <>

Number of commits found: 9

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