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non port: graphics/jasper/files/patch-jp2_dec.c

Number of commits found: 2

Saturday, 20 Feb 2016
13:34 dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- make option UUID default

- fix double-free in in jas_iccattrval_destroy()
Obtained from:	RedHat
Security: CVE-2014-8137

- fix heap overflow in jp2_decode()
Obtained from:	RedHat
Security: CVE-2014-8138

- dec->numtiles off-by-one check in jpc_dec_process_sot()
Obtained from:	RedHat, Fedora
Security: CVE-2014-8157

- multiple stack-based buffer overflows
Obtained from:	RedHat, Fedora
Security: CVE-2014-8158

- fix Heap overflows in libjasper
Obtained from:	RedHat
Security: CVE-2014-9029

- fix Use-after-free (and double-free)
Security: CVE-2015-5221
PR:		203504

- patch (rows_ NULL check)
Obtained from:	RedHat
Security: CVE-2016-2089
Original commitRevision:409237 
Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013
21:25 dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- Security fixes
  Multiple integer overflows
  Buffer overflow in the jas_stream_printf
  execute arbitrary code on decodes images
Security: CVE-2008-3520
Security: CVE-2008-3522
Security: CVE-2011-4516
Security: CVE-2011-4517
PR:             163718
Obtained from:  Fedora
Feature safe: yes
Original commitRevision:316008 

Number of commits found: 2