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non port: graphics/mupdf/files/patch-thirdparty_lcms2_src_cmsmd5.c

Number of commits found: 4

Wed, 29 May 2019
[ 07:44 pkubaj ] Original commit   Revision:502936
graphics/mupdf: fix build with big-endian architectures

Remove files/patch-thirdparty_lcms2_src_cmsmd5.c to fix build.

The port builds without this patch now and the patch actually breaks build.

PR:		237930
Approved by:	linimon (mentor), (maintainer)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 24 Feb 2019
[ 18:39 rigoletto ] Original commit   Revision:493796
graphics/mupdf: fix mupdf-gl not being built.

PR:		236002
Reported by:	Oleh Hushchenkov <>
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
[ 00:44 rigoletto ] Original commit   Revision:493732 (Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
graphics/zathura: Update to 4.3.

- update graphics/mupdf to 1.14.0
- update graphics/zathura-pdf-mupdf to 0.3.4

PR:		235952
PR:		233727
PR:		229935
PR:		232902
PR:		233021
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor), Zsolt Udvari <> (maintainer),
Quentin Stievenart <> (maintainer)
Differential Revision:
Sun, 11 Nov 2018
[ 03:49 linimon ] Original commit   Revision:484658
Fix build on big-endian architectures due to byte-swapping function.

PR:		232870
Submitted by:	Piotr Kubaj
Approved by:	maintainer

Number of commits found: 4