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non port: graphics/ocaml-images/files/patch-src_gifread.c

Number of commits found: 4

Monday, 11 Mar 2024
21:50 Guido Falsi (madpilot) search for other commits by this committer Author: Benjamin Jacobs
lang/ocaml: Update to 4.14.1

The 'force-safe-string; setting is NOT enabled, as opposed to the
new upstream default. OCaml users are encouraged to migrate to safe
strings as soon as possible.

- The X11 library isn't part of lang/ocaml anymore, users should
install x11-toolkits/ocaml-graphics.
- Add new 'ocaml' USES
- Bump PORTREVISION on dependent ports, due to ABI Change.

The update includes the following updates to existing ports (needed
to keep them working):

- devel/ocaml-camlp4: Updated to 4.14+1
- devel/ocaml-camlp5: Updated to 8.02.01, homepage updated
- devel/ocaml-dune: Patch to allow overriding the stublibs directory,
  strip binary and shared libraries
- devel/ocaml-findlib: Improve port
- devel/ocaml-lwt: Fix build with OCaml 4.14
- deve/ocaml-re: Update to 1.11.0, use new dune USES
- devel/ocaml-sdl: Fix build with new ocaml
- games/freetennis: Fix build, tidy Makefile
- graphics/ocaml-images: Updated to 5.0.4, new homepage, use new
  dune USES, undeprecate
- graphics/ocaml-lablgl: Moved into site-lib, dynamic objects
  stripped, add missing GL dependencies
- math/coq: Updated to 8.19.0
- math/ocaml-zarith: strip shared libraries, fixed usage of
- math/teyjus: Fix build
- net/unison240: Fix build with new compiler
- net/unison248: Fix build with new compiler, add MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE
- net-p2p/mldonkey: Fix build with new compiler, fix build on i386
- sysutils/ledit: Updated to 2.06, install native binary, Use github,
  fix man page installation
- www/geneweb: Build fix for OCaml and Camlp5 updates
- x11-toolkits/ocaml-lablgtk2: Fix build with new compiler
- x11-toolkits/ocaml-lablgtk3: Updated to 3.1.4, added ocaml-camlp-stream
  dependency, build fix patch
- x11-toolkits/ocaml-labltk: Updated to 8.06.12, Improve Makefile

Added the following ports:

- devel/ocaml-astring
- devel/ocaml-base
- devel/ocaml-bos
- devel/ocaml-camlp-streams
- devel/ocaml-csexp
- devel/ocaml-fmt
- devel/ocaml-fpath
- devel/ocaml-logs
- devel/ocaml-mtime
- devel/ocaml-pcre2
- devel/ocaml-rresult
- devel/ocaml-seq
- devel/ocaml-stdio
- x11-toolkits/ocaml-graphics

PR:                     250408 [1], 262781 [1], 262788 [3], 262789 [1],
			262792 [1], 263006 [1], 263162 [3], 263206 [2],
			276893 [1], 276945 [4], 276953 [1], 277026 [5],
			277241 [1], 277242 [1], 277243 [1], 277244 [1],
			277245 [1], 277246 [1], 277247 [1], 277248 [1],
			277249 [1], 277250 [1], 277251 [1], 277252 [1],
			277253 [1], 277254 [1], 277255 [1], 277256 [4],
			277257 [1], 277258 [1]
Approved by:		maintainer timeout [1],
			yuri (maintainer) [2],
			overcome by events, fixit [3],
			madpilot (maintainer) [4]
Reviewed by:		madpilot
Exp-run by:		antoine [5]
Differential Revision:
commit hash: 8025aa10ceb960b62c9a826fb56eb1ac68ea1ce3 commit hash: 8025aa10ceb960b62c9a826fb56eb1ac68ea1ce3 commit hash: 8025aa10ceb960b62c9a826fb56eb1ac68ea1ce3 commit hash: 8025aa10ceb960b62c9a826fb56eb1ac68ea1ce3 8025aa1
Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
18:35 antoine search for other commits by this committer
Allow building with giflib 5.1

PR:		204492
Original commitRevision:401387 
Saturday, 27 Dec 2014
00:44 antoine search for other commits by this committer
Allow building with either giflib 4.2 or 5.0
Original commitRevision:375667 
Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014
17:54 marino search for other commits by this committer
ocaml update 4/4: graphics/ocaml-images, update to version 4.0.1

Ocaml 4.00 can't build ocaml-images 3.0.1, so the solution is to update
the package to a newer version.  This arrived from dports, but it has
been heavily modified since then.  It has also been staged.  The
pkg-plist needs work because it doesn't support all the options if they
are turned off.  GTK2 has been left OFF by default since it pulls in
136 packages when enabled.

The Ocaml framework did not support staging at the time, so several
knobs were turned off, especially the "WASH" function which disrupted pkg
greatly.  The options were cleaned up in a modern way too.  An additional
patch was addded to make clang happy so this builds on FreeBSD 10 inside

Urged by: portmgr(bapt)
Original commitRevision:349275 

Number of commits found: 4