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non port: java/jdk14/files/disable-ipv6.patch

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Tue, 28 Jun 2011
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Remove expired port:
2011-04-17 java/jdk14: does not build on FreeBSD 7.x or newer
Wed, 28 Jan 2004
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1. Switch 5.x version of jdk14 back to libc_r as default threading library.
   We switched FreeBSD-5.x port to libkse as default threading library before
   releasing of patchset 6, but users who has most of stuff linked against
   libc_r and attempted to use jdk linked against libkse got into local hell
   of threading libraries mix.  So, rollback to libc_r by default and add
   PTHREAD_LIBS support for this port.

   IMPORTANT: In order to use libkse as threading library for jdk14 you
   have to use rtld's libmap feature or recompile your ports stuff (like
   mozilla) with libkse.

   NOTE: libkse still has issues with java debug support, so if you're going
   to use debuging (JVMDI) stuff - leave with libc_r for now.

2. Disable IPv6 support by default.  Unfortunatelly due to security reasons
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Number of commits found: 2