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non port: lang/llvm-gcc4/pkg-descr

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Wed, 25 Jul 2007
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New port: llvm-gcc4

lvm-gcc is the LLVM C front end. It is a modified version of gcc
that compiles C/C++/ObjC programs into native objects, LLVM bitcode or
LLVM assembly language, depending upon the options.

By default, llvm-gcc compiles to native objects just like GCC does.
If the -emit-llvm option is given then it will generate LLVM bitcode
files instead. If -S (assembly) is also given, then it will generate
LLVM assembly.

Being derived from the GNU Compiler Collection, llvm-gcc has many of
gcc's features and accepts most of gcc's options. It handles a number
of gcc's extensions to the C programming language.

Number of commits found: 1