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non port: lang/python27/files/

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Sunday, 11 Feb 2018
16:52 sunpoet search for other commits by this committer
Set PORTNAME to python and add PKGNAMESUFFIX

- Sort USES
- Remove CPE_*: all of them are default values
- Update http:// links in Makefile comments and patch files
Original commitRevision:461512 
Sunday, 23 Apr 2017
21:16 miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Remove SEM option by making it always avalible

Since FreeBSD 8.x EOL in 2015-08-01 the option doesn't have any value beyond
footshooting[1]. sem_open() and sem_init(pshared=1) always work FreeBSD 9.0
or later after base r201546.


PR:		218641
Reported by:	jbeich
Exp-run:        antoine
MFH:		2017Q2
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:439261 
Friday, 3 Jul 2015
13:27 brnrd search for other commits by this committer
lang/python: Update to 2.7.10

The FreeBSD Python team welcomes Python 2.7.10 to the Ports tree!


Important changes for this release:
 - Python 2.7.10 is a bug fix release of the Python 2.7.x series.
 - Fixes issues with LibreSSL 2.2+

PR: 		192511, 201088
Differentialr Revision:	D2637
Reviewed by:	koobs (mentor), vsevolod (mentor), antoine
Approved by:	koobs (mentor)
Original commitRevision:391238 
Saturday, 2 Aug 2014
06:54 mva search for other commits by this committer
- Remove everything related to USE_PYTHON and This is a
  preparatory step to convert into a USES file.
- Remove the shared/static build separation, which is the source of many
  problems and even more hacks. Instead build only the shared version, which
  greatly simplifies the build.
- Remove the FPECTL option to align the build with the clean "template" from
- Remove support for GNU pthreads via the PTH option. It is a permanent
  troublemaker for ports using Python and pthread support.
- Remove PORTDATA and EXAMPLES. Those will be made available via separate
- Add a new DEBUG option to enable debug builds as for lang/python34.
- Remove bin/smtpd. Only Python2.7 wants to install it, but we'd like to keep
  it consistent with the other lang/pythonXX ports
- Add CPE support.
- Reactivate curses/ncurses support.
- Use buildbottest in the regression-test: target.
- Move pkg-message to the right place.

Phabric:		D488
Exp-run:	192242, 192244
Reviewed by:	koobs
With hat:	python@
Original commitRevision:363790 
Monday, 14 Jul 2014
07:20 koobs search for other commits by this committer
lang/python27: Update to 2.7.8

The FreeBSD Python team welcomes Python 2.7.8 to the Ports tree!


- Update to 2.7.8, update pkg-plist
- OPTIONS: Reorder and sort alphabetically
- OPTIONS: Make POSIX SEM(aphores) a DEFAULT (Hi binary package users!)
- OPTIONS: Add better descriptions for UCS2 and UCS4
- OPTIONS: Use options helpers
- Remove patch-CVE-2014-1912: upstream, was backported
- Remove patch-issue20374: upstream, was backported
- Rename patch-Doc__library__fcntl.rst: underscore convention
- Rename patch-Modules__fcntlmodule.c: underscore convention
- Patch: Remove ncurses overrides and return to upstream code
- Patch: Add partial backport for ossaudio OS checks
- pkg-message: Remove warning for POSIX Semaphores. They are now in
  GENERIC for FreeBSD 8.x 9.x, 10.x and tested well upstream
- pkg-message: No longer needs substitutions, remove .in suffix and
- Rework and simplify the platformX mechanism, update pkg-plist
- Add regression-test target
- Deprecate NOPORTDATA, remove pkg-plist entries with %%PORTDATA%%
- Replace bsd.{pre,post}.mk with

Based on original patch submitted by wen@ and worked on by lwhsu@,
thank you!

PR:             191405
PR:             178301
PR:             171246
Phabric:        D364
Reviewed by:    antoine, bapt, mat, mva, wg
Original commitRevision:361735 
Monday, 11 Nov 2013
12:01 wg search for other commits by this committer
lang/python27: add support for freebsd11

PR:		ports/183597
Submitted by:	avilla
Original commitRevision:333487 
Friday, 17 May 2013
04:17 rm search for other commits by this committer
- update to latest upstream versions:
  . lang/python27: 2.7.3 -> 2.7.5
  . lang/python32: 3.2.3 -> 3.2.4
  . lang/python33: 3.3.0 -> 3.3.1
- update Mk/ with new versions
- mark lang/python26 and lang/python31 as deprecated (set them to
  upstream EoL dates)
- update docs (lang/python-doc-html)
- align databases/py-bsddb patch for python27 - most of it was applied
  upstream. Raise BDB version to 4.3 atleast, according to
  upstream requirements.

Many thanks to Martin (miwi) for his time on this update.

PR:		178506
Submitted by:	rm (myself)
Exp-run by:	    portmgr (miwi)

- revert erroneous threads patch in lang/python26 and lang/python27,
  that was added after ports/131080. It was rejected upstream, because it's
  not actually a bug, but misuse.

  Gabor Pali (pgj) in collaboration with Kubilay Kocak (koobs) did an
  independent investigation regard the issue. See here for details:

PR:	    153167
Submitted by:	Duncan Findlay <>
Reported by:	pgj/koobs (at python@ ML)
Exp-run by:     portmgr (miwi)
Original commitRevision:318353 
Thursday, 27 Oct 2011
09:56 erwin search for other commits by this committer
Fix build on FreeBSD 10

Submitted by:   beat
Tested on:      pointyhat i386-9-exp and i386-10
Original commit
Monday, 6 Sep 2010
00:25 wen search for other commits by this committer
- Fix build to create _curses module correctly.

Submitted by: (via Email)
Original commit
Sunday, 15 Aug 2010
19:12 lwhsu search for other commits by this committer
- Introduce Python 2.7.0

Original work by:       wen
Original commit
05:10 lwhsu search for other commits by this committer
Forced commit to notify the repocopy is done: lang/python26 -> lang/python27

PR:             ports/147784
Submitted by:   wen
Repocopied by:  marcus
Original commit

Number of commits found: 11