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non port: lang/python32/files/

Number of commits found: 6

Friday, 1 Aug 2014
16:37 mva search for other commits by this committer
- Remove everything related to USE_PYTHON and This is a
  preparatory step to convert into a USES file.
- Remove the shared/static build separation, which is the source of many
  problems and even more hacks. Instead build only the shared version, which
  greatly simplifies the build.
- Use NLS_LIBS instead of NLS_LDFLAGS as done for lang/python27 (r357486)
- Remove the FPECTL option to align the build with the clean "template" from
- Remove PORTDATA and EXAMPLES. Those will be made available via separate
- Add a new DEBUG option to enable debug builds as for lang/python34.
- Add a new TSC option for precise timestamp counter support as for
- Add CPE support.
- Reactivate curses/ncurses support.
- Use buildbottest in the regression-test: target.

Phabric:		D448
Reviewed by:	koobs, bapt
With hat:		python@
Original commitRevision:363730 
Sunday, 1 Dec 2013
12:25 koobs search for other commits by this committer
Fix OSS Audio and enable FreeBSD 11 support in Python 3.2 and 3.1

- Add the appropriate Python platform  (plat-*) files for FreeBSD 11
- Update pkg-plist

Backport a upstream change [1] removing OS major version from the check
to enable the OSS Audio module in

Issue #12326: don't test the major version of sys.platform Use
startswith, instead of ==, when testing sys.platform to support
new platforms like Linux 3 or OpenBSD 5. [2]

Original commitRevision:335376 
Sunday, 8 Sep 2013
14:05 koobs search for other commits by this committer
Resolve gettext (libintl) detection and linking in all Python ports

Fix gettext (NLS) detection, includes and linking:
- all: Use LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS over CFLAGS for NLS option (with comment)
- python26,27: Pass LIBS="-lintl" to CONFIGURE_ENV

Workaround Pythons odd build mechanics causing duplicate args:
- all: Remove CFLAGS from OPT= in CONFIGURE_ENV
- python32,33: Remove CONFIGURE_* variables from

- python32: Patch to pass OPT correctly to shared modules

PR:		ports/181721
Reported by:	pawel
Reviewed by:	bapt mva sbz
Original commitRevision:326729 
Friday, 28 Oct 2011
10:42 beat search for other commits by this committer
- Fix build on FreeBSD 10

Approved by:    miwi (implicit)
Original commit
Saturday, 26 Feb 2011
11:31 lwhsu search for other commits by this committer
- Finish removal of PLIST trick and OpenSSL 0.9.8 detection.
  Now supported FreeBSD versions are all use OpenSSL greater
  than 0.9.8 .  This also fixes the problem of generating and
  leaving pkg-plist.tmp in /usr/ports/lang/python32 .

- Add some PLIST_SUB anchors, this does:
  * Not being conflict with default python version
    (the one installed as /usr/local/bin/python)
  * Make life easier for later 3.2.x (and higher) updates
  * Add NO_NIS support back
Original commit
Tuesday, 22 Feb 2011
07:44 wen search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 3.2.0 and complete repocopy

PR:             ports/153829
Submitted by:   Wen Heping (myself)
Reviewed by:    miwi@
Original commit

Number of commits found: 6