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qt5-qml Qt QML and JavaScript language module
5.11.2 lang Deleted on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port 5.11.2Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2014-03-03 16:50:50
Last Update: 2018-11-04 19:00:54
SVN Revision: 484140
License: LGPL21
SVNWeb : Homepage
pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/qt5-qml-5.11.2/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/qt5-qml-5.11.2/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/qt5-qml-5.11.2/LGPL21
  4. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qabstractanimationjob_p.h
  5. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qanimationgroupjob_p.h
  6. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qanimationjobutil_p.h
  7. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qbitfield_p.h
  8. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qcontinuinganimationgroupjob_p.h
  9. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qdeferredcleanup_p.h
  10. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qfieldlist_p.h
  11. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qfinitestack_p.h
  12. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qflagpointer_p.h
  13. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qhashedstring_p.h
  14. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qintrusivelist_p.h
  15. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qjsengine_p.h
  16. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qjsvalue_p.h
  17. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qjsvalueiterator_p.h
  18. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qlazilyallocated_p.h
  19. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qparallelanimationgroupjob_p.h
  20. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qpauseanimationjob_p.h
  21. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qpodvector_p.h
  22. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlabstractbinding_p.h
  23. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlabstractprofileradapter_p.h
  24. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmladaptormodel_p.h
  25. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlapplicationengine_p.h
  26. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlbind_p.h
  27. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlbinding_p.h
  28. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlboundsignal_p.h
  29. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlboundsignalexpressionpointer_p.h
  30. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlbuiltinfunctions_p.h
  31. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlchangeset_p.h
  32. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlcleanup_p.h
  33. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlcomponent_p.h
  34. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlcomponentattached_p.h
  35. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlconfigurabledebugservice_p.h
  36. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlconnections_p.h
  37. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlcontext_p.h
  38. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlcustomparser_p.h
  39. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldata_p.h
  40. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugconnector_p.h
  41. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugpluginmanager_p.h
  42. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugserver_p.h
  43. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugserverconnection_p.h
  44. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugservice_p.h
  45. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugservicefactory_p.h
  46. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugserviceinterfaces_p.h
  47. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldebugstatesdelegate_p.h
  48. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldelayedcallqueue_p.h
  49. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldelegatemodel_p.h
  50. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldelegatemodel_p_p.h
  51. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmldirparser_p.h
  52. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlengine_p.h
  53. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlexpression_p.h
  54. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlextensionplugin_p.h
  55. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlfileselector_p.h
  56. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlglobal_p.h
  57. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlguard_p.h
  58. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlimport_p.h
  59. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlincubator_p.h
  60. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlinstantiator_p.h
  61. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlinstantiator_p_p.h
  62. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlirbuilder_p.h
  63. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljavascriptexpression_p.h
  64. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsast_p.h
  65. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsastfwd_p.h
  66. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsastvisitor_p.h
  67. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsengine_p.h
  68. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsglobal_p.h
  69. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsgrammar_p.h
  70. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljskeywords_p.h
  71. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljslexer_p.h
  72. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsmemorypool_p.h
  73. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmljsparser_p.h
  74. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllist_p.h
  75. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllistaccessor_p.h
  76. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllistcompositor_p.h
  77. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllistmodel_p.h
  78. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllistmodel_p_p.h
  79. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllistmodelworkeragent_p.h
  80. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllistwrapper_p.h
  81. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmllocale_p.h
  82. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlloggingcategory_p.h
  83. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlmemoryprofiler_p.h
  84. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlmetatype_p.h
  85. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlmodelindexvaluetype_p.h
  86. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlmodelsmodule_p.h
  87. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlnotifier_p.h
  88. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlnullablevalue_p.h
  89. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlobjectcreator_p.h
  90. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlobjectmodel_p.h
  91. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlopenmetaobject_p.h
  92. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlplatform_p.h
  93. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlprofiler_p.h
  94. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlprofilerdefinitions_p.h
  95. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlproperty_p.h
  96. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlpropertycache_p.h
  97. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlpropertycachecreator_p.h
  98. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlpropertyindex_p.h
  99. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlpropertyvalidator_p.h
  100. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlpropertyvalueinterceptor_p.h
  101. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlproxymetaobject_p.h
  102. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlrefcount_p.h
  103. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlscriptstring_p.h
  104. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlstringconverters_p.h
  105. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlthread_p.h
  106. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmltimer_p.h
  107. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmltypecompiler_p.h
  108. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmltypeloader_p.h
  109. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmltypenamecache_p.h
  110. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmltypenotavailable_p.h
  111. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmltypewrapper_p.h
  112. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlvaluetype_p.h
  113. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlvaluetypeproxybinding_p.h
  114. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlvaluetypewrapper_p.h
  115. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlvme_p.h
  116. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlvmemetaobject_p.h
  117. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qqmlxmlhttprequest_p.h
  118. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qquickpackage_p.h
  119. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qquickworkerscript_p.h
  120. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qrecursionwatcher_p.h
  121. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qrecyclepool_p.h
  122. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qsequentialanimationgroupjob_p.h
  123. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qtqml-config_p.h
  124. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qtqmlglobal_p.h
  125. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4alloca_p.h
  126. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4argumentsobject_p.h
  127. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4arraybuffer_p.h
  128. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4arraydata_p.h
  129. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4arrayobject_p.h
  130. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4assembler_p.h
  131. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4booleanobject_p.h
  132. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4bytecodegenerator_p.h
  133. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4codegen_p.h
  134. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4compilationunitmapper_p.h
  135. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4compileddata_p.h
  136. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4compiler_p.h
  137. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4compilercontext_p.h
  138. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4compilercontrolflow_p.h
  139. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4compilerscanfunctions_p.h
  140. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4context_p.h
  141. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4dataview_p.h
  142. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4dateobject_p.h
  143. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4debugging_p.h
  144. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4domerrors_p.h
  145. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4engine_p.h
  146. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4enginebase_p.h
  147. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4errorobject_p.h
  148. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4executableallocator_p.h
  149. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4function_p.h
  150. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4functionobject_p.h
  151. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4global_p.h
  152. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4globalobject_p.h
  153. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4heap_p.h
  154. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4identifier_p.h
  155. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4identifiertable_p.h
  156. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4include_p.h
  157. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4instr_moth_p.h
  158. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4internalclass_p.h
  159. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4jit_p.h
  160. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4jscall_p.h
  161. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4jsonobject_p.h
  162. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4jssimplifier_p.h
  163. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4lookup_p.h
  164. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4managed_p.h
  165. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4math_p.h
  166. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4mathobject_p.h
  167. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4memberdata_p.h
  168. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4mm_p.h
  169. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4mmdefs_p.h
  170. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4numberobject_p.h
  171. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4object_p.h
  172. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4objectiterator_p.h
  173. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4objectproto_p.h
  174. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4persistent_p.h
  175. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4profiling_p.h
  176. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4property_p.h
  177. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4qmlcontext_p.h
  178. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4qobjectwrapper_p.h
  179. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4regexp_p.h
  180. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4regexpobject_p.h
  181. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4runtime_p.h
  182. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4runtimeapi_p.h
  183. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4runtimecodegen_p.h
  184. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4scopedvalue_p.h
  185. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4script_p.h
  186. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4sequenceobject_p.h
  187. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4serialize_p.h
  188. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4sparsearray_p.h
  189. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4sqlerrors_p.h
  190. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4string_p.h
  191. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4stringobject_p.h
  192. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4typedarray_p.h
  193. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4util_p.h
  194. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4value_p.h
  195. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4variantobject_p.h
  196. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4vme_moth_p.h
  197. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv4writebarrier_p.h
  198. include/qt5/QtQml/5.11.2/QtQml/private/qv8engine_p.h
  199. include/qt5/QtQml/QJSEngine
  200. include/qt5/QtQml/QJSValue
  201. include/qt5/QtQml/QJSValueIterator
  202. include/qt5/QtQml/QJSValueList
  203. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlAbstractUrlInterceptor
  204. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlApplicationEngine
  205. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlAttachedPropertiesFunc
  206. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlComponent
  207. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlContext
  208. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlDebuggingEnabler
  209. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlEngine
  210. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlError
  211. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlExpression
  212. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlExtensionInterface
  213. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlExtensionPlugin
  214. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlFile
  215. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlFileSelector
  216. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlImageProviderBase
  217. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlIncubationController
  218. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlIncubator
  219. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlInfo
  220. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlListProperty
  221. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlListReference
  222. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlNetworkAccessManagerFactory
  223. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlParserStatus
  224. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlProperties
  225. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlProperty
  226. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlPropertyMap
  227. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlPropertyValueSource
  228. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlScriptString
  229. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlTypeInfo
  230. include/qt5/QtQml/QQmlTypesExtensionInterface
  231. include/qt5/QtQml/QtQml
  232. include/qt5/QtQml/QtQmlDepends
  233. include/qt5/QtQml/QtQmlVersion
  234. include/qt5/QtQml/qjsengine.h
  235. include/qt5/QtQml/qjsvalue.h
  236. include/qt5/QtQml/qjsvalueiterator.h
  237. include/qt5/QtQml/qqml.h
  238. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlabstracturlinterceptor.h
  239. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlapplicationengine.h
  240. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlcomponent.h
  241. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlcontext.h
  242. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmldebug.h
  243. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlengine.h
  244. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlerror.h
  245. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlexpression.h
  246. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlextensioninterface.h
  247. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlextensionplugin.h
  248. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlfile.h
  249. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlfileselector.h
  250. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlincubator.h
  251. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlinfo.h
  252. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmllist.h
  253. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlnetworkaccessmanagerfactory.h
  254. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlparserstatus.h
  255. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlprivate.h
  256. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlproperty.h
  257. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlpropertymap.h
  258. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlpropertyvaluesource.h
  259. include/qt5/QtQml/qqmlscriptstring.h
  260. include/qt5/QtQml/qtqml-config.h
  261. include/qt5/QtQml/qtqmlglobal.h
  262. include/qt5/QtQml/qtqmlversion.h
  263. lib/cmake/Qt5Qml/Qt5QmlConfig.cmake
  264. lib/cmake/Qt5Qml/Qt5QmlConfigExtras.cmake
  265. lib/cmake/Qt5Qml/Qt5QmlConfigVersion.cmake
  266. lib/qt5/libQt5Qml.prl
  267. lib/qt5/
  268. lib/qt5/
  269. lib/qt5/
  270. lib/qt5/
  271. @comment lib/qt5/
  272. lib/qt5/libQt5QmlDevTools.a
  273. lib/qt5/libQt5QmlDevTools.prl
  274. lib/qt5/mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_qml.pri
  275. lib/qt5/mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_qml_private.pri
  276. lib/qt5/mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_qmldevtools_private.pri
  277. libdata/pkgconfig/Qt5Qml.pc
  278. @postexec /usr/sbin/service ldconfig restart > /dev/null
  279. @postunexec /usr/sbin/service ldconfig restart > /dev/null
Collapse this list.
Dependency lines:
  • qt5-qml>0:lang/qt5-qml
No installation instructions: this port has been deleted.
The package name of this deleted port was:
PKGNAME: qt5-qml
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. python2.7 : lang/python27
  2. moc : devel/qt5-buildtools
  3. qmake : devel/qt5-qmake
Runtime dependencies:
  1. qtchooser : misc/qtchooser
Library dependencies:
  1. : devel/qt5-core
  2. : net/qt5-network
NOTE: dependencies for deleted ports are notoriously suspect
This port is required by:
for Build

    Deleted ports which required this port:

    Expand this list of 2 deleted ports
    1. net/qt5-enginio*
    2. net-im/sigram*
    3. Collapse this list of deleted ports.
for Libraries

    Deleted ports which required this port:

    Expand this list of 6 deleted ports
    1. multimedia/gstreamer1-qt5*
    2. www/webkit-qt5*
    3. x11-toolkits/kirigami*
    4. x11-toolkits/kirigami2*
    5. x11-toolkits/qt5-declarative-render2d*
    6. x11-toolkits/qt5-quick*
    7. Collapse this list of deleted ports.
for Run

    Deleted ports which required this port:

    Expand this list of 2 deleted ports
    1. net/qt5-enginio*
    2. net-im/sigram*
    3. Collapse this list of deleted ports.
* - deleted ports are only shown under the This port is required by section. It was harder to do for the Required section. Perhaps later...

Configuration Options


Master Sites:
Port Moves

Number of commits found: 21

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
04 Nov 2018 19:00:54
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.11.2
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Merge lang/qt5-qml and x11-toolkits/qt5-quick into x11-toolkits/qt5-declarative

- There was no obvious reason to split these ports, and it makes
  porting simpler; the set of ports using either mostly coincided.

Exp-run by:	antoine
PR:		223687
PR:		232751
14 Oct 2018 08:01:14
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.11.2
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
qt5: Fix build on GCC based architectures.

PR:		231584
PR:		231677
PR:		231685
PR:		231830
PR:		231955
PR:		231905
PR:		231892
PR:		231684
PR:		231958
PR:		231960
PR:		231818
PR:		231542
PR:		231860
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
09 Sep 2018 11:12:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.11.1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.11.1

Big thanks to
        * brnrd for the libressl patches in net/qt5-network
        * jhale for fixing the bulk load of ports

PR:		230884
Exp-run by:	antoine
28 Jun 2018 17:39:55
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.10.1_1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Replace by Uses/ and Uses/

From now on, ports that depend on Qt4 will have to set
	USES=		qt:4
	USE_QT=		foo bar
ports depending on Qt5 will use
	USES=		qt:5
	USE_QT=		foo bar

PR:		229225
Exp-run by:	antoine
Reviewed by:	mat
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Differential Revision:	-
18 Jun 2018 20:07:17
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.10.1_1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
lang/qt5-qml: enable JIT on aarch64

PR:		229124
Submitted by:
18 May 2018 12:27:44
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.10.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update the Qt5 ports to 5.10.1.

The work was done by tcberner and myself, with thanks to antoine for the

Not a lot to report compared to other Qt5 updates:
* net/qt5-network is still broken with LibreSSL. I said this in a commit
  message ages ago but it bears repeating: upstream is open to adding support
  for LibreSSL, but someone needs to step up to maintain it upstream, otherwise
  things will continue to be broken all the time.
* www/qt5-webengine is a huge monster that is terrible to update, just like
  www/chromium itself is. We (kde@) have decided to keep using the 5.9 series
  for the time being, as it should be compatible with the rest of Qt anyway. It
  was updated to 5.9.5, the latest 5.9 release at the time of writing.

PR:		228213
29 Mar 2018 19:03:18
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.9.4_1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Fix permissions in installed Qt5 header files

For the qt5-* ports sets EXTRACT_AFTER_ARGS, and
thereby does not get the normal default value of
      --no-same-owner --no-same-permissions
passed when extracting. This lead to for example header files
being installed (i.e. copied), with permissions group write

Manually append that to the shenanigans (also do the
same in www/qt5-webchannel, which opts out of the value)

PR:		227027
Reported by:
06 Jan 2018 21:30:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.9.3
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 ports to 5.9.3.

This took quite a lot of time because Qt's own build system underwent
several changes in 5.8.0 that took a while to adapt to.

And, of course, qt5-webengine is a behemoth that we need to patch like crazy
due to its bundling of Chromium. In fact, most of the Chromium patches in
qt5-webengine have been imported with no changes from www/chromium@433510
("www/chromium: update to 56.0.2924.87").

New port: accessibility/qt5-speech

Bigger changes to Qt5 ports we had to make:
- Qt now allows using a configure.json file to define configuration options
  and specify configuration checks that can be done when qmake is invoked.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
03 Jun 2017 10:06:10
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.7.1_1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Fix build on armv6

PR:		216735
Submitted by:	Mikael Urankar <mikael.urankar at>
18 Feb 2017 19:48:05
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.7.1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.7.1, and unify the Qt4 and Qt5 ports some more

* Update Qt5 to 5.7.1
* Move Qt4 binaries to lib/qt4/bin
* Move Qt5 libraries to lib/qt5/lib
  By moving the libraries we should finally be able to get rid of the inplace
  upgrade bug (see ports bugs 194088, 195105 and 198720):  when Qt5's libraries
  were lying in /usr/local/lib, which would often get added by pkgconfig to the
  linker paths via dependencies, the already installed libraries were linked
  against, instead of the ones that were being built. This forced us to make
  sure, that -L${WRKSRC}/lib was always coming before -L/usr/local/lib in the
  linker flags. With this change this should no longer be the case.
* Rename some ports to match the rest (foo-qtX -> qtX-foo)
* Depend on new port misc/qtchooser [see UPDATING & CHANGES]

There are several new Qt5 ports which all have been created by Marie Loise
<>. Thanks again.

PR:		216797
Exp-Run by:	antoine
Reviewed by:	rakuco, mat,
Approved by:	rakuco (mentor)
Differential Revision:
28 Oct 2016 13:43:14
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.6.2
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt to 5.6.2 [1,2]

Thanks to the upstream work of Marie Loise Nolden, we could get rid of a handful
of patches, as they have been properly upstreamed. The rest of the work is just
some minor plist changes.

I would like to thank Loise <> for the upstream work, and Adriaan
<> for getting the update into shape.


PR: 213530
Exp-run by: antoine
Submitted by: Adriaan de Groot <>
Reviewed by: rakuco, mat, tcberner
Approved by: rakuco (mentor)
Differential Revision:
17 Sep 2016 09:46:54
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.6.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update the Qt5 ports to 5.6.1.

This took longer than expected, but there are quite a few changes to the
existing ports and a few new ones.

General upstream changes:
- Starting with Qt 5.6.2, Qt will fail at configuration time if LibreSSL is
  being used. According to the discussion here:
  The Qt project is not opposed to LibreSSL, but does not want to mix
  support for it into the OpenSSL backend code, especially as they move
  towards supporting OpenSSL 1.1.
  People interested in LibreSSL support are welcome to submit a separate
  backend upstream, but are expected to maintain it. We (kde@) are not
  opposed to carrying some patches authored by others in the future, as long
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
21 Apr 2016 16:43:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1
swills search for other commits by this committer
many ports: mark broken on powerpc64
24 Jan 2016 18:10:14
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.5.1.

This is the latest stable release at time of writing.

Release announcement:
New features in Qt 5.5:

As usual, huge thanks to Tobias Berner ( for all his work
on these ports in kde@'s experimental area51 repository. He's the one who
started the update and did a lot of the initial work on Qt 5.5. Ralf Nolden
( has contributed the initial version of most of our new Qt5

Also thanks to Yuri Victorovich ( for contributing PR 205805
with his own patch for the 5.5.1 update. Some of his changes there prompted
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
18 Mar 2015 09:37:43
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.4.1.

This is probably the first time our Qt 5 ports are tracking the latest
upstream release :-)

There isn't much to report in this update, thanks to the effort spent in the
5.2->5.3 update: a lot of the work is just small plist and patch updates.
Thankfully, several patches have been upstreamed and are not needed on our
side anymore.

I would like to thank Alex Richardson <> and Tobias
Berner <> for their help with the plist updates and
general testing.

PR:		198585
29 Jan 2015 02:11:01
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.3.2_1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Add upstream commit to fix a crash in devel/qtcreator.

PR:		197079
Submitted by:	Alex Richardson <>
05 Nov 2014 09:39:22
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.3.2
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 ports to 5.3.2.

Proudly presented by the KDE on FreeBSD team, with several guest stars.

This update took way longer than initially expected due to us previously
accumulating assumptions and changes to Qt's build system that finally bit
us back with the 5.3 release series, so we had to do a fair amount of

New ports:
- comms/qt5-serialport: Qt functions to access serial ports, originally
                        based on work by Fernando Apesteguia. [1]
- devel/qt5-qdoc: Qt documentation generator, the Qt5 equivalent of
                  devel/qt4-qdoc3. Originally worked on by Tobias Berner.
                  It had already been half-split from devel/qt5-buildtools,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
23 Oct 2014 21:35:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Remove @dirrm and @dirrmtry entries from the Qt ports.
05 Oct 2014 18:25:01
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
alonso search for other commits by this committer
Replace USE_PYTHON* by USES=python.

This commit consists of area51's r10314 and r10356 patchsets.

Approved by:	rakuco (mentor)
19 Jul 2014 11:09:00
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
tijl search for other commits by this committer
Remove libtool .la files from all Qt ports

Approvedy by:	kde (makc)
03 Mar 2014 16:50:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
makc search for other commits by this committer
KDE/FreeBSD team is happy to present Qt 5 in ports!

Alberto Villa (avilla@) has done all the hard work to create Qt 5 ports.
Trivial update from 5.2.0-beta1 to 5.2.1 by me.

Special thanks for Adriaan de Groot <> for his assistance for
Qt-5.2.0 update.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt) (for Mk/

Number of commits found: 21

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