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non port: mail/couriergraph/files/

Number of commits found: 4

Mon, 5 Jan 2015
[ 13:18 marino ] Original commit   Revision:376298
376298 dns/bindgraph/Makefile
376298 dns/bindgraph/files/
376298 japanese/tiarra/Makefile
376298 japanese/tiarra/files/
376298 mail/couriergraph/Makefile
376298 mail/couriergraph/files/
376298 mail/exilog/Makefile
376298 mail/exilog/files/
376298 mail/ovs/Makefile
376298 mail/ovs/files/

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change command_interpreter from /usr/bin/perl to ${PREFIX}/bin/perl

Several ports had rc.d scripts with hardcoded command_interpreter string
as /usr/bin/perl.  This symlink is not guaranteed to be in place, and it
isn't even an option for perl 5.20.  For affected ports, the interpreter
was changed to localbase.

In one case, the interpreter was correct, but it wasn't surround by
quotes.  Since the rc.d script would break if a space was contained in
${PREFIX}, quotes were added in that case.
Tue, 8 Jul 2014
[ 11:52 danfe ] Original commit   Revision:361223
361223 mail/couriergraph/Makefile
361223 mail/couriergraph/distinfo
361223 mail/couriergraph/files/
361223 mail/couriergraph/files/
361223 mail/couriergraph/pkg-descr
- Stagify; cleanup installation routine; fix whitespace
- Add missing USE_PERL5 (run)
- Explain the need for non-obvious move (post-extract)
- Point MASTER_SITES and WWW line to a working website
Mon, 6 Aug 2012
[ 00:28 dougb ] Original commit 
302142 dns/bindgraph/files/
302142 mail/couriergraph/files/
302142 mail/mailgraph/files/
302142 mail/ovs/files/
302142 security/amavisd-new/files/
302142 security/xinetd/files/
Fix what looks like a copy-paste-o that originated in the same script:

command=foo >/dev/null 2>&1
command_args='>/dev/null 2>&1'

This is clearly what should have been done, for several reasons.

No PORTREVISION bump because the old version simply ignored everything
after the space, and does not seem to have done any harm. However
it's good to clean these up so that similar errors aren't pasted into
a new script where they might actually matter.
Sun, 5 Aug 2012
[ 23:19 dougb ] Original commit 
302141 audio/gnump3d/Makefile
302141 audio/gnump3d/files/
302141 audio/gnump3d/files/
302141 audio/icecast2/Makefile
302141 audio/icecast2/files/
302141 audio/icecast2/files/
302141 audio/ices0/Makefile
302141 audio/ices0/files/
302141 audio/ices0/files/
302141 audio/liquidsoap/Makefile

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Move the rc.d scripts of the form * to *.in

Where necessary add $FreeBSD$ to the file

No PORTREVISION bump necessary because this is a no-op

Number of commits found: 4

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