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Do I know someone who can pick up a server from 7401 E. Ben White Blvd. Austin TX?

The emphasis is on know, or recommended by someone I know. This is the original FreshPorts server, way past useful: RAID, 8GB RAM, etc. The drives need to be wiped and everything recycled.
Port details
nmh-devel Cleaned up MH mailer suite
2022.07.04 mail on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2022-02-06 01:00:05
Last Update: 2022-09-07 21:58:51
Commit Hash: fb16dfe
pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/nmh-devel-2022.07.04/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/nmh-devel-2022.07.04/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/nmh-devel-2022.07.04/BSD3CLAUSE
  4. bin/ali
  5. bin/anno
  6. bin/burst
  7. bin/comp
  8. bin/dist
  9. bin/flist
  10. bin/flists
  11. bin/fmttest
  12. bin/fnext
  13. bin/folder
  14. bin/folders
  15. bin/forw
  16. bin/fprev
  17. @group mail
  18. @mode 2755
  19. bin/inc
  20. @mode
  21. @group
  22. bin/install-mh
  23. bin/mark
  24. bin/mhbuild
  25. bin/mhfixmsg
  26. bin/mhlist
  27. bin/mhical
  28. bin/mhlogin
  29. bin/mhmail
  30. bin/mhn
  31. bin/mhparam
  32. bin/mhpath
  33. bin/mhshow
  34. bin/mhstore
  35. bin/msgchk
  36. bin/new
  37. bin/next
  38. bin/packf
  39. bin/pick
  40. bin/prev
  41. bin/prompter
  42. bin/refile
  43. bin/repl
  44. bin/rmf
  45. bin/rmm
  46. bin/scan
  47. bin/send
  48. bin/sendfiles
  49. bin/show
  50. bin/sortm
  51. bin/unseen
  52. bin/whatnow
  53. bin/whom
  54. @sample etc/nmh/MailAliases-dist etc/nmh/MailAliases
  55. @sample etc/nmh/bash_completion_nmh-dist etc/nmh/bash_completion_nmh
  56. @sample etc/nmh/mhical.12hour-dist etc/nmh/mhical.12hour
  57. @sample etc/nmh/mhical.24hour-dist etc/nmh/mhical.24hour
  58. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.replywithoutbody-dist etc/nmh/mhl.replywithoutbody
  59. @sample etc/nmh/rmmproc.messageid-dist etc/nmh/rmmproc.messageid
  60. @sample etc/nmh/components-dist etc/nmh/components
  61. @sample etc/nmh/digestcomps-dist etc/nmh/digestcomps
  62. @sample etc/nmh/distcomps-dist etc/nmh/distcomps
  63. @sample etc/nmh/forwcomps-dist etc/nmh/forwcomps
  64. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.body-dist etc/nmh/mhl.body
  65. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.digest-dist etc/nmh/mhl.digest
  66. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.format-dist etc/nmh/mhl.format
  67. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.forward-dist etc/nmh/mhl.forward
  68. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.headers-dist etc/nmh/mhl.headers
  69. @sample etc/nmh/mhl.reply-dist etc/nmh/mhl.reply
  70. @sample etc/nmh/mhn.defaults-dist etc/nmh/mhn.defaults
  71. @sample etc/nmh/mhshow.marker-dist etc/nmh/mhshow.marker
  72. @sample etc/nmh/mts.conf-dist etc/nmh/mts.conf
  73. @sample etc/nmh/rcvdistcomps-dist etc/nmh/rcvdistcomps
  74. @sample etc/nmh/rcvdistcomps.outbox-dist etc/nmh/rcvdistcomps.outbox
  75. @sample etc/nmh/replcomps-dist etc/nmh/replcomps
  76. @sample etc/nmh/replgroupcomps-dist etc/nmh/replgroupcomps
  77. @sample etc/nmh/scan.MMDDYY-dist etc/nmh/scan.MMDDYY
  78. @sample etc/nmh/scan.YYYYMMDD-dist etc/nmh/scan.YYYYMMDD
  79. @sample etc/nmh/scan.curses-dist etc/nmh/scan.curses
  80. @sample etc/nmh/scan.default-dist etc/nmh/scan.default
  81. @sample etc/nmh/scan.highlighted-dist etc/nmh/scan.highlighted
  82. @sample etc/nmh/scan.mailx-dist etc/nmh/scan.mailx
  83. @sample etc/nmh/scan.nomime-dist etc/nmh/scan.nomime
  84. @sample etc/nmh/scan.size-dist etc/nmh/scan.size
  85. @sample etc/nmh/scan.time-dist etc/nmh/scan.time
  86. @sample etc/nmh/scan.timely-dist etc/nmh/scan.timely
  87. @sample etc/nmh/scan.unseen-dist etc/nmh/scan.unseen
  88. libexec/nmh/ap
  89. libexec/nmh/dp
  90. libexec/nmh/fmtdump
  91. libexec/nmh/mhl
  92. libexec/nmh/mkstemp
  93. libexec/nmh/post
  94. libexec/nmh/rcvdist
  95. libexec/nmh/rcvpack
  96. libexec/nmh/rcvstore
  97. libexec/nmh/rcvtty
  98. libexec/nmh/slocal
  99. libexec/nmh/spost
  100. libexec/nmh/viamail
  101. man/man1/ali.1.gz
  102. man/man1/anno.1.gz
  103. man/man1/burst.1.gz
  104. man/man1/comp.1.gz
  105. man/man1/dist.1.gz
  106. man/man1/flist.1.gz
  107. man/man1/flists.1.gz
  108. man/man1/fmttest.1.gz
  109. man/man1/fnext.1.gz
  110. man/man1/folder.1.gz
  111. man/man1/folders.1.gz
  112. man/man1/forw.1.gz
  113. man/man1/fprev.1.gz
  114. man/man1/inc.1.gz
  115. man/man1/install-mh.1.gz
  116. man/man1/mark.1.gz
  117. man/man1/mh-mkstemp.1.gz
  118. man/man1/mhbuild.1.gz
  119. man/man1/mhfixmsg.1.gz
  120. man/man1/mhical.1.gz
  121. man/man1/mhl.1.gz
  122. man/man1/mhlist.1.gz
  123. man/man1/mhlogin.1.gz
  124. man/man1/mhmail.1.gz
  125. man/man1/mhn.1.gz
  126. man/man1/mhparam.1.gz
  127. man/man1/mhpath.1.gz
  128. man/man1/mhshow.1.gz
  129. man/man1/mhstore.1.gz
  130. man/man1/msgchk.1.gz
  131. man/man1/new.1.gz
  132. man/man1/next.1.gz
  133. man/man1/packf.1.gz
  134. man/man1/pick.1.gz
  135. man/man1/prev.1.gz
  136. man/man1/prompter.1.gz
  137. man/man1/rcvdist.1.gz
  138. man/man1/rcvpack.1.gz
  139. man/man1/rcvstore.1.gz
  140. man/man1/rcvtty.1.gz
  141. man/man1/refile.1.gz
  142. man/man1/repl.1.gz
  143. man/man1/rmf.1.gz
  144. man/man1/rmm.1.gz
  145. man/man1/scan.1.gz
  146. man/man1/send.1.gz
  147. man/man1/sendfiles.1.gz
  148. man/man1/show.1.gz
  149. man/man1/slocal.1.gz
  150. man/man1/sortm.1.gz
  151. man/man1/unseen.1.gz
  152. man/man1/whatnow.1.gz
  153. man/man1/whom.1.gz
  154. man/man5/mh-alias.5.gz
  155. man/man5/mh-draft.5.gz
  156. man/man5/mh-folders.5.gz
  157. man/man5/mh-format.5.gz
  158. man/man5/mh-mail.5.gz
  159. man/man5/mh-profile.5.gz
  160. man/man5/mh-sequence.5.gz
  161. man/man5/mh-tailor.5.gz
  162. man/man5/mh_profile.5.gz
  163. man/man5/mts.conf.5.gz
  164. man/man7/MH.7.gz
  165. man/man7/mh-chart.7.gz
  166. man/man7/mh-mime.7.gz
  167. man/man7/nmh.7.gz
  168. man/man8/ap.8.gz
  169. man/man8/dp.8.gz
  170. man/man8/fmtdump.8.gz
  171. man/man8/post.8.gz
  172. share/doc/nmh/COMPLETION-TCSH
  173. share/doc/nmh/COMPLETION-ZSH
  174. share/doc/nmh/COPYRIGHT
  175. share/doc/nmh/DIFFERENCES
  176. share/doc/nmh/FAQ
  177. share/doc/nmh/INSTALL
  178. share/doc/nmh/MAIL.FILTERING
  179. share/doc/nmh/MAILING-LISTS
  180. share/doc/nmh/NEWS
  181. share/doc/nmh/README
  182. share/doc/nmh/README-ATTACHMENTS
  183. share/doc/nmh/README-HOOKS
  184. share/doc/nmh/README-components
  185. share/doc/nmh/README.SASL
  186. share/doc/nmh/README.about
  187. share/doc/nmh/README.developers
  188. share/doc/nmh/README.manpages
  189. share/doc/nmh/TODO
  190. share/doc/nmh/VERSION
  191. share/doc/nmh/contrib/localpostproc
  192. share/doc/nmh/contrib/ml
  193. share/doc/nmh/contrib/replaliases
  194. share/doc/nmh/contrib/replyfilter
  195. share/doc/nmh/contrib/vpick
  196. @owner
  197. @group
  198. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • nmh-devel>0:mail/nmh-devel
  • ali
  • ja-mh
  • pixie
  • p5-Dist-Joseki
  • nmh-1.*
Conflicts Matches:
There are no Conflicts Matches for this port. This is usually an error.
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/mail/nmh-devel/ && make install clean
To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install mail/nmh-devel
  • pkg install nmh-devel
NOTE: If this package has multiple flavors (see below), then use one of them instead of the name specified above.
PKGNAME: nmh-devel
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.
Packages (timestamps in pop-ups are UTC):

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. w3m>=0 : www/w3m
  2. gmake>=4.3 : devel/gmake
  3. autoconf>=2.71 : devel/autoconf
  4. automake>=1.16.5 : devel/automake
Runtime dependencies:
  1. w3m>=0 : www/w3m
Library dependencies:
  1. : ftp/curl
  2. : devel/liblockfile
  3. : devel/readline
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options:
Options name:


For install:
Master Sites:
  1. There is no master site for this port.

Number of commits found: 12

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
CommitCreditsLog message
07 Sep 2022 21:58:51
commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Remove WWW entries moved into port Makefiles

Commit b7f05445c00f has added WWW entries to port Makefiles based on
WWW: lines in pkg-descr files.

This commit removes the WWW: lines of moved-over URLs from these
pkg-descr files.

Approved by:		portmgr (tcberner)
07 Sep 2022 21:10:59
commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Add WWW entries to port Makefiles

It has been common practice to have one or more URLs at the end of the
ports' pkg-descr files, one per line and prefixed with "WWW:". These
URLs should point at a project website or other relevant resources.

Access to these URLs required processing of the pkg-descr files, and
they have often become stale over time. If more than one such URL was
present in a pkg-descr file, only the first one was tarnsfered into
the port INDEX, but for many ports only the last line did contain the
port specific URL to further information.

There have been several proposals to make a project URL available as
a macro in the ports' Makefiles, over time.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
20 Jul 2022 14:22:19
commit hash:b587cc2b4da727288248ce5c15129046e6e6b332commit hash:b587cc2b4da727288248ce5c15129046e6e6b332commit hash:b587cc2b4da727288248ce5c15129046e6e6b332 files touched by this commit
Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer
mail: remove 'Created by' lines

A big Thank You to the original contributors of these ports:

  *  <>
  *  Aaron Dalton <>
  *  Adam David <>
  *  Adam McDougall <>
  *  Adam Weinberger <>
  *  Ade Lovett <>
  *  Akinori MUSHA aka knu <>
  *  Alex Deiter <>
  *  Alex Dupre <>
  *  Alex Dupre <>
  *  Alex Perel <>
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
05 Jul 2022 14:29:18
commit hash:f864ad09df740edb2ebb6cbd507d1df0c9aaf9e9commit hash:f864ad09df740edb2ebb6cbd507d1df0c9aaf9e9commit hash:f864ad09df740edb2ebb6cbd507d1df0c9aaf9e9 files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh-devel: update to latest git commit on savannah
07 Feb 2022 04:55:25
commit hash:d6780e58f5e96f537d31db7aef1e884cd3d1da9acommit hash:d6780e58f5e96f537d31db7aef1e884cd3d1da9acommit hash:d6780e58f5e96f537d31db7aef1e884cd3d1da9a files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh-devel: Fetch from SAVANNAH snapshot instead of my GH mirror

After discussion with Ken Hornstein, the nmh upstream maintainer, supports fetching snapshots using a git hash.
Therefore switch from using my nmh GH mirror to fetching snapshots
directly from

Dissued with:	Ken Hornstein <> (upstream maintainer)
07 Feb 2022 04:55:24
commit hash:21d9e555cbb809d5d32157b2fc5a2b46e153de01commit hash:21d9e555cbb809d5d32157b2fc5a2b46e153de01commit hash:21d9e555cbb809d5d32157b2fc5a2b46e153de01 files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh-devel: Fix whitespace

Replaces spaces with tabs.
07 Feb 2022 04:55:24
commit hash:76cf00ffc713ce5b92cfc0ea2de6b5a37173a0cbcommit hash:76cf00ffc713ce5b92cfc0ea2de6b5a37173a0cbcommit hash:76cf00ffc713ce5b92cfc0ea2de6b5a37173a0cb files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh*: Depend on devel/liblockfile

devel/liblockfile is a library dependency.

Reported by:	stage-qa
07 Feb 2022 04:55:24
commit hash:726505d2f93013424c5b852471ac9a3c046b48e3commit hash:726505d2f93013424c5b852471ac9a3c046b48e3commit hash:726505d2f93013424c5b852471ac9a3c046b48e3 files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh*: Change default mail transport method

nmh supports three mail transport methods: smtp, which submits email to
the submission port (587), sendmail/smtp, submitting SMTP to the MTA
through a pipe, and sendmail/pipe, submitting raw email to the MTA where
the MTA extracts the from and to headers from the email itself, using
sendmail -t.

The reason for this change is to support the upcoming 14-CURRENT
switchover from sendmail to dma (DragonflyBSD Mail Agent). The dma agent
only supports SMTP over port 25 and works well using sendmail -t while
all other transport methods do not work.

This change only affects new installs of nmh and nmh-devel.  Users of
existing nmh installations who wish to use the new dma agent will need
to alter ${LOCALBASE}/etc/nmh/mts.conf by hand by changing the mts
statement to mts: sendmail/pipe. The existing file is not altered when
pkg upgrade is invoked. However users of sendmail in base, sendmail
port, postfix, exim, and qmail are not affected by this and may use
their existing mts.conf.

The dma agent is not currently installed by default but users may install
it by enabling MK_DMAGENT in src.conf and building/installing 14-CURRENT
world. This patch allows nmh to work with dma agent when it is installed
and made to be the default MTA in /etc/mail/mailer.conf.
06 Feb 2022 17:11:47
commit hash:ef88ff7c3869f2e94115edfe5cbdd52d9fe7f319commit hash:ef88ff7c3869f2e94115edfe5cbdd52d9fe7f319commit hash:ef88ff7c3869f2e94115edfe5cbdd52d9fe7f319 files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh-devel: Fix fetch
06 Feb 2022 15:37:04
commit hash:d66f0ab6c02f9e02cf2058afe0888728f04dd325commit hash:d66f0ab6c02f9e02cf2058afe0888728f04dd325commit hash:d66f0ab6c02f9e02cf2058afe0888728f04dd325 files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh-devel: Correct NULL version


PR:		261745
Reported by:	adami3
Pointy hat to:	cy
06 Feb 2022 01:08:24
commit hash:7e56934afa4718ea5aaed06ef2a734f93c61bf0bcommit hash:7e56934afa4718ea5aaed06ef2a734f93c61bf0bcommit hash:7e56934afa4718ea5aaed06ef2a734f93c61bf0b files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh*: Register conflicts

Register install conflicts between the two nmh ports.
06 Feb 2022 00:59:28
commit hash:eabbd06ca6a1abe7881dd35b65cff4353db64a21commit hash:eabbd06ca6a1abe7881dd35b65cff4353db64a21commit hash:eabbd06ca6a1abe7881dd35b65cff4353db64a21 files touched by this commit
Cy Schubert (cy) search for other commits by this committer
mail/nmh-devel: Add new port

There hass been quite a bit of development of nmh over the last four
years since 1.7.1 was released. This new nmh-devel port will track nmh
development. As the nmh git repo is hosted on, there
is no easy way to fetch development snapshots like we do through
github. Therefore I've mirrored the repo at
( and pushed it to a
mirror I maintain on my github account. (Pulling from remote
upstream -- remote origin has been renamed to remote upstream --
and pushing to remote origin.)

Welcome the new nmh-devel port.

Number of commits found: 12