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non port: net-im/coyim/files/patch-vendor_github.com_gotk3_gotk3_gtk_accel.go

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Wed, 7 Apr 2021
[ 19:03 Santhosh Raju (fox) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:3a9193de7272af328956a7cb2af49f5354580691  commit hash:3a9193de7272af328956a7cb2af49f5354580691  commit hash:3a9193de7272af328956a7cb2af49f5354580691  3a9193d 
net-im/coyim: Applies the correct fix for gotk3 from upstream.

As of Golang 1.16, the cgo tool will no longer try to translate C struct
bitfields into Go struct fields, even if their size can be represented
in Go. The order in which C bitfields appear in memory is implementation
dependent, so in some cases the cgo tool produced results that were
silently incorrect.

In this case "accel_flags" is the bitwise field in question. A new
declaration for GtkAccelKey structure that does not explicitly access
to 'accel_flags' has been addressed in the patch.

Patch will be removed when vendor library will be updated.
[ 13:06 Santhosh Raju (fox) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:46d7ecb8c535d3b5344425335eef58ce8634d545  commit hash:46d7ecb8c535d3b5344425335eef58ce8634d545  commit hash:46d7ecb8c535d3b5344425335eef58ce8634d545  46d7ecb 
net-im/coyim: Fixes the broken build.

Remove the missing accel_flags for now from gotk3 vendor library.

Number of commits found: 2