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Port details
libquotient Matrix IM support library using Qt technologies
0.6.11 net-im on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout 0.6.11Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2020-11-20 20:36:02
Last Update: 2022-02-18 15:00:37
Commit Hash: 5b0382b
License: LGPL21
SVNWeb : git : Homepage
pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/libquotient-0.6.11/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/libquotient-0.6.11/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/libquotient-0.6.11/LGPL21
  4. include/Quotient/application-service/definitions/location.h
  5. include/Quotient/application-service/definitions/protocol.h
  6. include/Quotient/application-service/definitions/user.h
  7. include/Quotient/avatar.h
  8. include/Quotient/connection.h
  9. include/Quotient/connectiondata.h
  10. include/Quotient/converters.h
  11. include/Quotient/csapi/account-data.h
  12. include/Quotient/csapi/admin.h
  13. include/Quotient/csapi/administrative_contact.h
  14. include/Quotient/csapi/appservice_room_directory.h
  15. include/Quotient/csapi/banning.h
  16. include/Quotient/csapi/capabilities.h
  17. include/Quotient/csapi/content-repo.h
  18. include/Quotient/csapi/create_room.h
  19. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/auth_data.h
  20. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/client_device.h
  21. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/device_keys.h
  22. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/event_filter.h
  23. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/openid_token.h
  24. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/public_rooms_response.h
  25. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/push_condition.h
  26. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/push_rule.h
  27. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/push_ruleset.h
  28. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/request_email_validation.h
  29. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/request_msisdn_validation.h
  30. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/request_token_response.h
  31. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/room_event_filter.h
  32. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/sync_filter.h
  33. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/third_party_signed.h
  34. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/user_identifier.h
  35. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/wellknown/full.h
  36. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/wellknown/homeserver.h
  37. include/Quotient/csapi/definitions/wellknown/identity_server.h
  38. include/Quotient/csapi/device_management.h
  39. include/Quotient/csapi/directory.h
  40. include/Quotient/csapi/event_context.h
  41. include/Quotient/csapi/filter.h
  42. include/Quotient/csapi/inviting.h
  43. include/Quotient/csapi/joining.h
  44. include/Quotient/csapi/keys.h
  45. include/Quotient/csapi/kicking.h
  46. include/Quotient/csapi/leaving.h
  47. include/Quotient/csapi/list_joined_rooms.h
  48. include/Quotient/csapi/list_public_rooms.h
  49. include/Quotient/csapi/login.h
  50. include/Quotient/csapi/logout.h
  51. include/Quotient/csapi/message_pagination.h
  52. include/Quotient/csapi/notifications.h
  53. include/Quotient/csapi/openid.h
  54. include/Quotient/csapi/peeking_events.h
  55. include/Quotient/csapi/presence.h
  56. include/Quotient/csapi/profile.h
  57. include/Quotient/csapi/pusher.h
  58. include/Quotient/csapi/pushrules.h
  59. include/Quotient/csapi/read_markers.h
  60. include/Quotient/csapi/receipts.h
  61. include/Quotient/csapi/redaction.h
  62. include/Quotient/csapi/registration.h
  63. include/Quotient/csapi/report_content.h
  64. include/Quotient/csapi/room_send.h
  65. include/Quotient/csapi/room_state.h
  66. include/Quotient/csapi/room_upgrades.h
  67. include/Quotient/csapi/rooms.h
  68. include/Quotient/csapi/sso_login_redirect.h
  69. include/Quotient/csapi/tags.h
  70. include/Quotient/csapi/third_party_lookup.h
  71. include/Quotient/csapi/third_party_membership.h
  72. include/Quotient/csapi/to_device.h
  73. include/Quotient/csapi/typing.h
  74. include/Quotient/csapi/users.h
  75. include/Quotient/csapi/versions.h
  76. include/Quotient/csapi/voip.h
  77. include/Quotient/csapi/wellknown.h
  78. include/Quotient/csapi/whoami.h
  79. include/Quotient/e2ee.h
  80. include/Quotient/encryptionmanager.h
  81. include/Quotient/eventitem.h
  82. include/Quotient/events/accountdataevents.h
  83. include/Quotient/events/callanswerevent.h
  84. include/Quotient/events/callcandidatesevent.h
  85. include/Quotient/events/callhangupevent.h
  86. include/Quotient/events/callinviteevent.h
  87. include/Quotient/events/directchatevent.h
  88. include/Quotient/events/encryptedevent.h
  89. include/Quotient/events/encryptionevent.h
  90. include/Quotient/events/event.h
  91. include/Quotient/events/eventcontent.h
  92. include/Quotient/events/eventloader.h
  93. include/Quotient/events/reactionevent.h
  94. include/Quotient/events/receiptevent.h
  95. include/Quotient/events/redactionevent.h
  96. include/Quotient/events/roomavatarevent.h
  97. include/Quotient/events/roomcanonicalaliasevent.h
  98. include/Quotient/events/roomcreateevent.h
  99. include/Quotient/events/roomevent.h
  100. include/Quotient/events/roomkeyevent.h
  101. include/Quotient/events/roommemberevent.h
  102. include/Quotient/events/roommessageevent.h
  103. include/Quotient/events/roompowerlevelsevent.h
  104. include/Quotient/events/roomtombstoneevent.h
  105. include/Quotient/events/simplestateevents.h
  106. include/Quotient/events/stateevent.h
  107. include/Quotient/events/typingevent.h
  108. include/Quotient/identity/definitions/request_email_validation.h
  109. include/Quotient/identity/definitions/request_msisdn_validation.h
  110. include/Quotient/jobs/basejob.h
  111. include/Quotient/jobs/downloadfilejob.h
  112. include/Quotient/jobs/mediathumbnailjob.h
  113. include/Quotient/jobs/postreadmarkersjob.h
  114. include/Quotient/jobs/requestdata.h
  115. include/Quotient/jobs/syncjob.h
  116. include/Quotient/joinstate.h
  117. include/Quotient/logging.h
  118. include/Quotient/networkaccessmanager.h
  119. include/Quotient/networksettings.h
  120. include/Quotient/qt_connection_util.h
  121. include/Quotient/quotient_common.h
  122. include/Quotient/room.h
  123. include/Quotient/settings.h
  124. include/Quotient/ssosession.h
  125. include/Quotient/syncdata.h
  126. include/Quotient/uri.h
  127. include/Quotient/uriresolver.h
  128. include/Quotient/user.h
  129. include/Quotient/util.h
  130. lib/cmake/Quotient/QuotientConfig.cmake
  131. lib/cmake/Quotient/QuotientConfigVersion.cmake
  132. lib/cmake/Quotient/QuotientTargets-release.cmake
  133. lib/cmake/Quotient/QuotientTargets.cmake
  134. lib/libQuotient.a
  135. libdata/pkgconfig/Quotient.pc
  136. share/ndk-modules/
  137. @owner
  138. @group
  139. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • libquotient>0:net-im/libquotient
  • libqmatrixclient\*
Conflicts Matches:
There are no Conflicts Matches for this port. This is usually an error.
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/net-im/libquotient/ && make install clean
To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install net-im/libquotient
  • pkg install libquotient
NOTE: If this package has multiple flavors (see below), then use one of them instead of the name specified above.
PKGNAME: libquotient
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.
Packages (timestamps in pop-ups are UTC):

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. cmake : devel/cmake
  2. ninja : devel/ninja
  3. qt5-buildtools>=5.15.2 : devel/qt5-buildtools
  4. qt5-qmake>=5.15.2 : devel/qt5-qmake
  5. : devel/qt5-testlib
Library dependencies:
  1. : devel/qt5-core
  2. : x11-toolkits/qt5-gui
  3. : multimedia/qt5-multimedia
  4. : net/qt5-network
This port is required by:
for Build
  1. net-im/neochat
  2. net-im/quaternion

Configuration Options:
Options name:


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Port Moves
  • port moved here from net-im/libqmatrixclient on 2021-05-08
    REASON: Has expired: Use libQuotient (devel/libquotient) instead

Number of commits found: 8

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
18 Feb 2022 15:00:37
 files touched by this commit commit hash:5b0382bf560a981fbbc4de5c74b88b468728609f  0.6.11
Adriaan de Groot (adridg) search for other commits by this committer
net-im/libquotient: update to latest release (+consumers)

Jump a couple of releases with libquotient, a Matrix-client-library.
- URL mangling bugfix (0.6.11)
- Missing invites bugfix (0.6.10)
- Assertion failure (0.6.9)
30 Aug 2021 10:36:50
 files touched by this commit commit hash:85ec88297f44e03ff208fe2c273cda012eee3e43  0.6.8
Adriaan de Groot (adridg) search for other commits by this committer
net-im/libquotient: update to latest release

Release notes are at

Bump consumers to get a rebuild.
11 Jul 2021 09:32:39
 files touched by this commit commit hash:9927377653e6f31833e851f7f474ed1380e9ffe4  0.6.6_1
Adriaan de Groot (adridg) search for other commits by this committer
net-im/libquotient,x11/sddm: fix build-deps

These both needed Qt testlib, which was previously implicitly
dragged in as a (lib-)dep by something else. The cleanup of
dependencies makes it now necessary to state it explicitly.
07 Apr 2021 08:09:01
 files touched by this commit commit hash:cf118ccf875508b9a1c570044c93cfcc82bd455c  0.6.6
Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
One more small cleanup, forgotten yesterday.
Reported by:	lwhsu
06 Apr 2021 14:31:07
 files touched by this commit commit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344eb  0.6.6
Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
Remove # $FreeBSD$ from Makefiles.
06 Apr 2021 11:32:34
 files touched by this commit commit hash:7143d361cb6b3f351e3b630f127034465eb84c4e  0.6.6
Adriaan de Groot (adridg) search for other commits by this committer
Update net-im/libquotient to 0.6.6 (latest upstream)

libQuotient is a Matrix-client library used by several Matrix
clients in the ports tree. 0.6.6 fixes a crash that can be
triggered remotely. Bump two consumers to make them rebuild.
net-im/spectral isn't bumped because it doesn't see any
development, needs a specific bundled git hash, etc ..

While here mark the old-old name of libQuotient as deprecated;
I don't think it has any consumers.
17 Jan 2021 17:11:20
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:561836  0.6.4
adridg search for other commits by this committer
Update net-im/libquotient and consumers

New quotient release supports easier homeserver discovery. Chase it,
and then update neochat to the latest release that supports that,
and a newer quaternion (demonstration Matrix client).

Release notes for the three are at:
20 Nov 2020 20:35:54
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:555785  0.6.2
adridg search for other commits by this committer
New port: net-im/libquotient

The Quotient project aims to produce a Qt5-based SDK to develop applications
for Matrix. libQuotient is a library that enables client applications.
It is the backbone of Quaternion, Spectral and other projects.
Versions 0.5.x and older use the previous name - libQMatrixClient.

Release notes:

This is repocopied from net-im/libqmatrixclient because libqmatrixclient
was renamed to libquotient some time ago; we've been wrestling to
keep the old port name with partly-updated library versions, and
that gets old. New clients -- modern Quaternion, and soon neoChat
(a successor to spectral, which will be deprecated) -- need the
newer version.

Leaving net-im/libqmatrixclient in the tree for now, although I think
it has 0 consumers once I update Quaternion (I'll deprecate it then).

Number of commits found: 8