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non port: net-mgmt/arpwatch/files/patch-report.c

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Sunday, 15 Dec 2019
18:49 leres search for other commits by this committer
net-mgmt/arpwatch: Update to 3.0. Update MASTER_SITES. Add options
for DEBUG (build with debugging support), ETHERCODES (install
ethercodes.dat optionally), and ZEROPAD (zero pad displayed ethernet
addresses by default).

Take maintainership as per pi@ in the PR.

Notable changes since 2.1a15:

    - Add -Z (zero pad) and -C (compact) flags to arpwatch and
      arpsnmp to allow run time selection of zero padded or compact
      ethernet addresses in arp.dat.

    - Check for I/O errors when writing new arp.dat file.

    - Add a FreeBSD rc.d startup script.

    - Escape unprintable hostnames in arp.dat to avoid corruption.

    - Added the -x flag which is like -n but excludes cidrs. Code
      contributed by Roman Ivanov (

    - Incorporated other fixes and patches with a lot of help from
      Kurt Jaeger (

    - Speed up arp.dat parsing by increasing the size of the hash

    - Control watcher/watchee from the command line (-w/W flags).

PR:		242346
Approved by:	pi (maintainer), ler (mentor, implicit)
Original commitRevision:520189 
Monday, 28 Mar 2016
09:50 pi search for other commits by this committer
net-mgmt/arpwatch: some patches

- take maintainer
- add -z flag to not send mail for IPs from busy dhcp networks
- makepatch conform patchfiles
Original commitRevision:412035 
Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014
16:59 amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Update instructions in pkg-message: seems like oui.txt file format has changed
and massagevendor script won't work with it out of box
- While here, fix patches naming
Original commitRevision:345117 

Number of commits found: 3