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Thursday, 25 Nov 2004
23:29 mezz search for other commits by this committer
Do with REINPLACE what used to be done with a patch.  This is a temporary
measure until the new is introduced that does this replace
in gnomehack.

Reported by:    GNOME Tinderbox
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Sunday, 7 Nov 2004
22:24 marcus search for other commits by this committer
Presenting GNOME 2.8 for FreeBSD (2.8.1 to be exact).

This release notes detailing all of the new goodies in GNOME 2.8 can
be found at, and the list of what
was fixed in GNOME 2.8.1 can be found at

This release, as well as all of our others, would not have been possible
without the great efforts of our FreeBSD GNOME Team.  The list of
current members can be found at
(including our newest member, Michael Johnson <>).

Special thanks also goes out to all of the loyal FreeBSD GNOME users that
put up with crashes and hangs to test and debug GNOME on FreeBSD.  We would
especially like to thank those users that provided patches for GNOME 2.7 and

Franz Klammer <>
Piotr Smyrak <>
Radek Kozlowski <>
Khairil Yusof <>
Yasuda Keisuke <>
Tom McLaughlin <>
Vladimir Grebenschikov <>

GNOME 2.8 also features a new, FreeBSD-specific splashscreen that
was designed by jimmac for GNOME 2.8, then daemonized by
Franz Klammer <> and Radek Kozlowski

As with GNOME 2.6, you cannot just "portupgrade" to GNOME 2.8.  There is
a script provided at
that will aid in the upgrade process.  Full documentation on the GNOME 2.8
upgrade is coming following this commit.

From all of us at FreeBSD GNOME, ENJOY!
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Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004
05:12 marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update to 2.6.1.
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Monday, 5 Apr 2004
03:11 marcus search for other commits by this committer
Presenting GNOME 2.6.0.  The FreeBSD GNOME Team feels this our best release
ever.  It fixes many bugs, and adds some features missing in previous
FreeBSD ports.  To help users upgrade from GNOME 2.4, we have constructed an
upgrade FAQ at:

Please read it carefully.  GNOME 2.6 packages are also available for all
supported i386 versions of FreeBSD at:

The FreeBSD GNOME Team would like the thank the following users for their
wonderful testing and patching efforts.  We would especially like to thank
Franz Klammer <> for his wonderful new splash screen.
Without these people, our team, and our team alumni, GNOME on FreeBSD would
not be possible.

Jeremy Messenger <>
Khairil Yusof <>
Koop Mast <>
Simon Barner <>
Tom McLaughlin <>
Scott Dodson <>
Vladimir Grebenschikov <>
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Number of commits found: 4