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non port: net/samba3/files/

Number of commits found: 21

Mon, 18 Oct 2010
[ 10:31 garga ] Original commit 
1.2282 MOVED
1.2264 net/Makefile
1.193 net/samba3/Makefile
1.89 net/samba3/distinfo
1.2 net/samba3/files/CVE-2010-2063_samba-3.0.patch
1.9 net/samba3/files/README.FreeBSD
1.14 net/samba3/files/
1.5 net/samba3/files/patch-aclocal.m4
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-client_client.c
1.27 net/samba3/files/

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Remove expired ports:

2010-09-01 net/samba3: Unsupported by the upstream. Please, consider to upgrade.
2010-09-01 net/samba32: Unsupported by the upstream. Please, consider to
2010-09-01 net/samba33: Unsupported by the upstream. Please, consider to
Sat, 25 Sep 2010
[ 01:29 ade ] Original commit 
1.26 net/samba3/files/
1.16 net/samba32/Makefile
1.6 net/samba32/files/
1.1 net/samba32/files/patch-lib__replace__libreplace.m4
1.6 net/samba33/files/
1.1 net/samba33/files/patch-lib__replace__libreplace.m4
1.1 net/samba34/files/patch-lib__replace__libreplace.m4
1.4 net/samba34/files/
Make samba* work with autoconf-2.67 on 6.x

I'm not entirely sure why it compiles on 7.x/8.x, but nevertheless, the
autoconf-specific parts to these patches absolutely need to go upstream.
Tue, 20 Jan 2009
[ 18:40 timur ] Original commit 
1.184 net/samba3/Makefile
1.85 net/samba3/distinfo
1.13 net/samba3/files/
1.4 net/samba3/files/patch-aclocal.m4
1.25 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib__replace__libreplace.m4
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib__system.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib__system_smbd.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_replace_autoconf-2.60.m4
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-libaddns__dnsgss.c

(Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Upgrade port to the 3.0.34 version. Major enhancements included in Samba:

  o Fix update of machine account passwords.
  o Fix SMB signing issue on Windows Vista with MS Hotfix KB955302.
  o Fix Winbind crashes.
  o Correctly detect if the current dc is the closest one.
  o Add saf_join_store() function to memorize the dc used at join time.
    This avoids problems caused by replication delays shortly after domain
  o Fix write list in setups using "security = share".
Thu, 1 May 2008
[ 16:32 timur ] Original commit 
1.169 net/samba3/Makefile
1.80 net/samba3/distinfo
1.24 net/samba3/files/
Update port to the 3.0.28a revision.

Major changes:

  o Failure to join Windows 2008 domains
  o Windows Vista (including SP1 RC) interop issues

Approved by:    shaun (mentor, implicit)
Sat, 15 Dec 2007
[ 00:00 timur ] Original commit 
1.4 net/py-samba/pkg-plist
1.4 net/samba-libsmbclient/
1.3 net/samba-nmblookup/Makefile
1.168 net/samba3/Makefile
1.79 net/samba3/distinfo
1.11 net/samba3/files/
1.23 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch__wins_freebsd.c
1.70 net/samba3/pkg-plist
Samba 3.0.28 is a security release to address CVE-2007-6015.

Approved by:            portmgr (marcus)
Tue, 18 Sep 2007
[ 22:27 timur ] Original commit 
1.162 net/samba3/Makefile
1.77 net/samba3/distinfo
1.10 net/samba3/files/
1.3 net/samba3/files/patch-aclocal.m4
1.22 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-lib__replace__repdir_getdirentries.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-lib__system.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-lib__system_smbd.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-libaddns__dnsgss.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_winbindd.c

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This is a cummulative update of net/samba3 from version 3.0.25a to
3.0.26a. Detailed list of all the changes can be found:

Changes are:
o Memory leaks in Winbind's IDMap manager.
o CVE-2007-4138 - Incorrect primary group assignment for domain
  users using the rfc2307 or sfu winbind nss info plugin.
o File sharing with Widows 9x clients.
o Winbind running out of file descriptors due to stalled child
o MS-DFS inter-operability issues.
o Offline caching of files with Windows XP/Vista clients.
o Improper cleanup of expired or invalid byte range locks on files.
o Crashes is idmap_ldap and idmap_rid.

Approved by:    shaun (mentor)
Tue, 5 Jun 2007
[ 10:55 tdb ] Original commit 
1.159 net/samba3/Makefile
1.76 net/samba3/distinfo
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-client_client.c
1.21 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_iconv.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_replace_libreplace_cc.m4
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-modules_vfs_posixacl.c
1.5 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_pam_winbind.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_winbindd.c
1.4 net/samba3/files/

(Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Update to 3.0.25a.

Major bug fixes included in Samba 3.0.25a are:

  o Missing supplementary Unix group membership when using "force
  o Premature expiration of domain user passwords when using a
    Samba domain controller.
  o Failure to open the Windows object picker against a server
    configured to use "security = domain".
  * Authentication failures when using security = server.

Plus additional local fixes.

PR:             ports/113358
Submitted by:   maintainer
Thu, 24 May 2007
[ 07:54 krion ] Original commit 
1.158 net/samba3/Makefile
1.75 net/samba3/distinfo
1.9 net/samba3/files/
1.20 net/samba3/files/
1.4 net/samba3/files/patch-include_includes.h
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-modules_vfs_posixacl.c
1.4 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_pam_winbind.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass_pam_smb_auth.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass_pam_smb_passwd.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass_support.c

(Only the first 10 of 19 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
An update of net/samba3 to the 3.0.25 version plus security fixes.

Major features included in the 3.0.25 code base are:

  o Significant improvements in the winbind off-line logon support.
  o Support for secure DDNS updates as part of the 'net ads join'
  o Rewritten IdMap interface which allows for TTL based caching and
    per domain backends.
  o New plug-in interface for the "winbind nss info" parameter.
  o New file change notify subsystem which is able to make use of
    inotify on Linux.
  o Support for passing Windows security descriptors to a VFS
    plug-in allowing for multiple Unix ACL implements to running
    side by side on the Same server.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Thu, 7 Dec 2006
[ 13:55 mnag ] Original commit 
1.2 net/samba-nmblookup/Makefile
1.156 net/samba3/Makefile
1.73 net/samba3/distinfo
1.19 net/samba3/files/
1.3 net/samba3/files/patch-za
1.2 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/
1.67 net/samba3/pkg-plist
- Update to 3.0.23d
- Reset PORTREVISION in net/samba-nmblookup
- Add samba3 entry in UPDATING

PR:             105857
Submitted by:   maintainer
Mon, 4 Sep 2006
[ 19:00 garga ] Original commit 
1.9 net/py-samba/Makefile
1.25 net/samba-libsmbclient/Makefile
1.2 net/samba-libsmbclient/
1.152 net/samba3/Makefile
1.72 net/samba3/distinfo
1.18 net/samba3/files/
1.3 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_pam_winbind.c
1.3 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass_pam_smb_auth.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass_pam_smb_passwd.c

(Only the first 10 of 20 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
*** net/samba3:
- Update to 3.0.23c

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.23c include: [1]

  o Authentication failures in pam_winbind when the AD domain
    policy is set to not expire passwords.
  o Authorization failures when using smb.conf options such
    as "valid users" with the smbpasswd passdb backend.

*** net/samba-libsmbclient: [2]
- Small cosmetic changes

*** net/py-samba: [3]
- Reset PORTREVISION back, as master port version bumped

PR:             ports/102805 [1]
                ports/102806 [2]
                ports/102807 [3]
Submitted by:   Timur I. Bakeyev <> (maintainer)
Wed, 12 Jul 2006
[ 00:16 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.150 net/samba3/Makefile
1.70 net/samba3/distinfo
1.8 net/samba3/files/
1.17 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_pam_winbind.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass
1.2 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/

(Only the first 10 of 16 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Upgrade to 3.0.23 (including security fix).

   o Improved 'make test'
   o New offline mode in winbindd.
   o New Kerberos support for
   o New handling of unmapped users and groups.
   o New non-root share management tools.
   o Improved support for local and BUILTIN groups.
   o Winbind IDMAP integration with RFC2307 schema objects supported
     by Windows 2003 R2.
   o Rewritten 'net ads join' to mimic Windows XP without requiring
     administrative rights to join a domain.

PR:             ports/100100
Submitted by:   maintainer
Wed, 5 Apr 2006
[ 03:14 mnag ] Original commit 
1.149 net/samba3/Makefile
1.69 net/samba3/distinfo
1.7 net/samba3/files/
1.16 net/samba3/files/
1.13 net/samba3/files/
1.64 net/samba3/pkg-plist
- Update to 3.0.22

PR:             95325
Submitted by:   maintainer
Sun, 19 Feb 2006
[ 20:11 tmclaugh ] Original commit 
1.147 net/samba3/Makefile
1.68 net/samba3/distinfo
1.15 net/samba3/files/
Update to 3.0.21b
- Server crashes in smbd.
- Compile issues on 64-bit platforms.
- Crash bugs on big-endian systems.
- Over 30 bugzilla reports closed.

PR:             93552
Submitted by:   maintainer
Mon, 9 Jan 2006
[ 16:45 sem ] Original commit 
1.146 net/samba3/Makefile
1.67 net/samba3/distinfo
1.6 net/samba3/files/
1.14 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-nsswitch_pam_winbind.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-pam_smbpass
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-smbd_aio.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-smbd_statvfs.c
1.12 net/samba3/files/
1.17 net/samba3/files/smb.conf.default

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Update to 3.0.21a

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.21 include:

  o Missing groups in a user's token when logging in via kerberos
  o Incompatibilities with newer MS Windows hotfixes and
    embedded OS platforms
  o Portability and crash bugs.
  o Performance issues in winbindd.

New features introduced in Samba 3.0.21 include:

  o Complete NTLMv2 support by consolidating authentication
    mechanism used at the CIFS and RPC layers.
  o The capability to manage Unix services using the Win32
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 11 Sep 2005
[ 19:42 vsevolod ] Original commit 
1.143 net/samba3/Makefile
1.65 net/samba3/distinfo
1.8 net/samba3/files/README.FreeBSD
1.5 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-aclocal.m4
1.13 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-include_includes.h
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_system.c
1.3 net/samba3/files/
1.11 net/samba3/files/

(Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 3.0.20.
Additional features introduced in Samba 3.0.20 include:

  o Support for several new Win32 rpc pipes.
  o Improved support for OS/2 clients.
  o New 'net rpc service' tool for managing Win32 services.
  o Capability to set the owner on new files and directory
    based on the parent's ownership.
  o Experimental, asynchronous IO file serving support.
  o Completed Support for Microsoft Print Migrator.
  o New Winbind IDmap plugin (ad) for retrieving uid and gid
    from AD servers which maintain the SFU user and group
  o Rewritten support for POSIX pathnames when utilizing
    the Linux CIFS fs client.
  o New asynchronous winbindd.
  o Support for Microsoft Print Migrator.
  o New Windows NT registry file I/O library.
  o New user right (SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege) added.
  o New "net share migrate" options.

PR:             85276
Submitted by:   Timur I. Bakeyev (maintainer)
Approved by:    perky (mentor)
Wed, 20 Jul 2005
[ 04:17 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.142 net/samba3/Makefile
1.12 net/samba3/files/
- Unbreak net/samba3 and japanese/samba3 on 7-current.
- Portability changes for 4.x.

Submitted by:   maintainer
Sun, 20 Mar 2005
[ 09:29 danfe ] Original commit 
1.136 net/samba3/Makefile
1.63 net/samba3/distinfo
1.11 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_system.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-utils_net_time.c
1.4 net/samba3/pkg-message
1.60 net/samba3/pkg-plist
Update to version 3.0.12.

Currently, ADS support is off for the package builds, as it creates
dependency problems with Kerberos5.  Also, an experimental support
for extended attributes is included.

PR:             ports/79037
Submitted by:   maintainer
Mon, 7 Feb 2005
[ 05:15 kuriyama ] Original commit 
1.135 net/samba3/Makefile
1.62 net/samba3/distinfo
1.7 net/samba3/files/README.FreeBSD
1.4 net/samba3/files/patch-aj
1.10 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_module.c
1.3 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_util_str.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-rpcclient_cmd_reg.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-smbd_quotas.c
1.3 net/samba3/pkg-message

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 3.0.11.

PR:             ports/77187
Submitted by:   maintainer
Tue, 21 Dec 2004
[ 12:24 sem ] Original commit 
1.132 net/samba3/Makefile
1.61 net/samba3/distinfo
1.9 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-include_includes.h
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-lib_util_str.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/
1.58 net/samba3/pkg-plist
- Update to 3.0.10

PR:             ports/75168
Submitted by:   Joerg Pulz <Joerg.Pulz(at)>
Reworked by:    maintainer
Wed, 1 Sep 2004
[ 16:23 lofi ] Original commit 
1.127 net/samba3/Makefile
1.56 net/samba3/distinfo
1.6 net/samba3/files/README.FreeBSD
1.3 net/samba3/files/
1.8 net/samba3/files/
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-cli_pipe.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-filename.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-homes-reuse_v2
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-parse_rpc.c
1.2 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-rpc_dce.h

(Only the first 10 of 16 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 3.0.6.

Submitted by: maintainer
Sat, 3 Jul 2004
[ 12:46 edwin ] Original commit 
1.124 net/samba3/Makefile
1.7 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-cli_pipe.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-filename.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-parse_rpc.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-rpc_dce.h
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-srv_pipe.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-jerry-uid.c
1.1 net/samba3/files/patch-rpcclient_cmd_reg.c

(Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
 Here I attach the patch that fixes mentioned 3 problems as well as few others:

 * BUG 1315 - wbinfo -t unsuccessful on 3.0.4
 * BUG 1319 - Cannot write to a share with write-list users
 * BUG 1345 - Macromedia Homesite cannot connect anymore after upgrade to 3.0.4

 * Patch from Rudolf Cejka <> - rpcclient does not recognize
     parameters in -c <command> correctly.

 * Patch from Joerg Pulz <> - fixes to startup

PR:             ports/67865
Submitted by:,Rudolf Cejka <>,Joerg Pulz
Approved by:    maintainer

Number of commits found: 21

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