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Port details
ghostscript-gpl-nox11 GPL Postscript interpreter
8.62_3 print Deleted on this many watch lists=7 search for ports that depend on this port An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port

There is no maintainer for this port.
Any concerns regarding this port should be directed to the FreeBSD Ports mailing list via search for ports maintained by this maintainer
Port Added: 16 Oct 2004 07:36:11
License: not specified in port
Ghostscript is the well-known PostScript interpreter which is available for
all common and most esoteric platforms and supports many different printers
and some displays.

Versions entitled "GPL Ghostscript" are distributed with the GNU General
Public License, which allows free use, and free copying and redistribution
under certain conditions (including, in some cases, commercial distribution).

This port includes add-on packages (not part of the official gs release)
	o HP8XX driver for HP DeskJet 880C/882C/895C         
	o PCL3 driver for HP DeskJet series
	o DJ970 driver for HP DeskJet 970CXi
	o Special drivers for verious printer models
	  - Alps, Canon, Epson, NEC, Lexmark, Ricoh,...
	o Additional contributed uniprint driver profiles for
	  - Epson Stylus Color 740 and Epson LQ-1170

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There is no configure plist information for this port

No installation instructions: this port has been deleted.

The package name of this deleted port was: ghostscript-gpl-nox11

PKGNAME: ghostscript-gpl-nox11

distinfo: There is no distinfo for this port.

Master port: print/ghostscript-gpl

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Build dependencies:
  1. gmake : devel/gmake
Runtime dependencies:
  1. a010013l.pfb : print/gsfonts
Library dependencies:
  1. jpeg.9 : graphics/jpeg
  2. png.5 : graphics/png
  3. fontconfig.1 : x11-fonts/fontconfig
  4. iconv.3 : converters/libiconv
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options
===> The following configuration options are available for ghostscript-gpl-nox11-8.62_3:
     A4SIZE=off (default) "Set A4 (not Letter) as a default paper size"
     FONTCONFIG=on (default) "fontconfig support"
     FT_BRIDGE=off (default) "FreeType bridge"
     X11=on (default) "X11 support"
     GS_x11=off (default) "D: X Window System version 11, release >=4"
     GS_x11alpha=off (default) "D: X Window System masquer. alpha capability"
     GS_x11cmyk=off (default) "D: X Window System masquer. 1bit/plane CMYK"
     GS_x11cmyk2=off (default) "D: X Window System 2-bit-per-plane CMYK"
     GS_x11cmyk4=off (default) "D: X Window System 4-bit-per-plane CMYK"
     GS_x11cmyk8=off (default) "D: X Window System 8-bit-per-plane CMYK"
     GS_x11gray2=off (default) "D: X Window System 2-bit gray-scale"
     GS_x11gray4=off (default) "D: X Window System 4-bit gray-scale"
     GS_x11mono=off (default) "D: X Window System masquer. black-and-white"
     GS_x11rg16x=off (default) "D: X Window System G5/B5/R6 pixel layout"
     GS_x11rg32x=off (default) "D: X Window System G11/B10/R11 pixel layout"
     GS_lvga256=off (default) "D: SVGAlib, 256-color VGA modes"
     GS_vgalib=off (default) "D: SVGAlib, 16-color VGA modes"
     GS_oprp=on (default) "D: OpenPrinting Raster driver interface"
     GS_opvp=on (default) "D: OpenPrinting Vecter driver interface"
     GS_display=on (default) "D: display device for GS shared library"
     GS_md2k=on (default) "D: ALPS MD-2000/2010/4000/1300/1500/5000"
     GS_md5k=on (default) "D: ALPS MD-5000 Eco Mode"
     GS_md50Mono=on (default) "D: ALPS MD-5000 Monochrome"
     GS_md50Eco=on (default) "D: ALPS MD-5000 Eco Mode"
     GS_md1xMono=on (default) "D: ALPS MD-1x00 Monochrome"
     GS_appledmp=on (default) "D: Apple Dot Matrix Printer/Imagewriter"
     GS_iwhi=on (default) "D: Apple Imagewriter, high-resolution mode"
     GS_iwlo=on (default) "D: Apple Imagewriter, low-resolution mode"
     GS_iwlq=on (default) "D: Apple Imagewriter LQ in 320x216dpi mode"
     GS_hl7x0=on (default) "D: Brother HL-720/730/760(=PCL), MFC6550MC"
     GS_hl1240=on (default) "D: Brother HL-1030/240 (600x600dpi)"
     GS_hl1250=on (default) "D: Brother HL-1050/1070/1250/1270N (1200x600)"
     GS_bj10e=on (default) "D: Canon BJ-10e"
     GS_bj10v=on (default) "D: Canon BJ-10v"
     GS_bj10vh=on (default) "D: Canon BJ-10v, high-mergin"
     GS_bj200=on (default) "D: Canon BJ-200/BJC-240(mono)"
     GS_bjc600=on (default) "D: Canon BJC-600/4xxx/70, StyleWriter 2x00"
     GS_bjc800=on (default) "D: Canon BJC-240/800"
     GS_bjccmyk=on (default) "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000"
     GS_bjccolor=on (default) "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000 truecolor"
     GS_bjcgray=on (default) "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000 grayscale"
     GS_bjcmono=on (default) "D: Canon BJC-210/240/250/265/1000 monochrome"
     GS_lbp8=on (default) "D: Canon LBP-8II laser printer"
     GS_lbp310=on (default) "D: Canon LBP-310"
     GS_lbp320=on (default) "D: Canon LBP-320 Pro/LBP-350"
     GS_lips2p=on (default) "D: Canon LIPS II+"
     GS_lips3=on (default) "D: Canon LIPS III"
     GS_lips4=on (default) "D: Canon LIPS IV"
     GS_bjc880j=on (default) "D: Canon LIPS IVc, BJC-680J/880J"
     GS_lips4v=on (default) "D: Canon LIPS IV, vector output mode"
     GS_m8510=on (default) "D: C.Itoh M8510 printer"
     GS_coslw2p=on (default) "D: CoStar LabelWriter II II/Plus"
     GS_coslwxl=on (default) "D: CoStar LabelWriter XL"
     GS_uniprint=on (default) "D: Configurable ESC/P,ESC/P2,HP-RTL/PCL,P2X"
     GS_dmprt=on (default) "D: Configurable dot matrix printer driver"
     GS_dl2100=on (default) "D: DEC DL2100"
     GS_la50=on (default) "D: DEC LA50"
     GS_la70=on (default) "D: DEC LA70"
     GS_la75=on (default) "D: DEC LA75"
     GS_la75plus=on (default) "D: DEC LA75+"
     GS_ln03=on (default) "D: DEC LN03"
     GS_lj250=on (default) "D: DEC LJ250 Companion color printer"
     GS_declj250=on (default) "D: DEC LJ250 driver (alternate)"
     GS_ap3250=on (default) "D: Epson ActionPrinter 3250"
     GS_epson=on (default) "D: Epson dot matrix, 9/24-pin"
     GS_eps9mid=on (default) "D: Epson 9-pin, interleaved lines, medium res"
     GS_eps9high=on (default) "D: Epson 9-pin, interleaved lines, triple res"
     GS_lp8000=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8000 line printer"
     GS_epag=on (default) "D: Epson ESC/Page laser printer (generic)"
     GS_escpage=on (default) "D: Epson ESC/Page laser printer (generic)"
     GS_lp2000=on (default) "D: Epson LP-2000/3000/7000/7000G laser printer"
     GS_alc8600=on (default) "D: Epson AL-C8600 color laser printer"
     GS_alc8500=on (default) "D: Epson AL-C8500 color laser printer"
     GS_alc2000=on (default) "D: Epson AL-C2000 color laser printer"
     GS_alc4000=on (default) "D: Epson AL-C4000 color laser printer"
     GS_alc1900=on (default) "D: Epson AL-C1900 color laser printer"
     GS_alc4100=on (default) "D: Epson AL-C4100 color laser printer"
     GS_lp9800c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9800C color laser printer"
     GS_lp9000c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9000C color laser printer"
     GS_lp9500c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9500C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8800c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8800C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8300c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8300C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8500c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8500C color laser printer"
     GS_lp3000c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-3000C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8200c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8200C color laser printer"
     GS_lp8000c=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8000C color laser printer"
     GS_epl6100=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-6100 laser printer"
     GS_epl5900=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-5900 laser printer"
     GS_epl5800=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-5800 laser printer"
     GS_epl2050=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-N2050 laser printer"
     GS_epl2050p=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-N2050+ laser printer"
     GS_epl2120=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-N2120 laser printer"
     GS_epl2500=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-N2500 laser printer"
     GS_epl2750=on (default) "D: Epson EPL-N2750 laser printer"
     GS_lp9000b=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9000B laser printer"
     GS_lp2500=on (default) "D: Epson LP-2500 laser printer"
     GS_lp9100=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9100(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp7900=on (default) "D: Epson LP-7900(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp7500=on (default) "D: Epson LP-7500(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp2400=on (default) "D: Epson LP-2400 laser printer"
     GS_lp2200=on (default) "D: Epson LP-2200 laser printer"
     GS_lp9400=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9400(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8900=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8900(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8700=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8700(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8100=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8100(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp7700=on (default) "D: Epson LP-7700(R) laser printer"
     GS_lp8600f=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8600FX(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp8400f=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8400FX(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp8300f=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8300F laser printer"
     GS_lp1900=on (default) "D: Epson LP-1900(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp9600s=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9600S laser printer"
     GS_lp9300=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9300 laser printer"
     GS_lp9600=on (default) "D: Epson LP-9600 laser printer"
     GS_lp8600=on (default) "D: Epson LP-8600FX(N) laser printer"
     GS_lp1800=on (default) "D: Epson LP-1800 laser printer"
     GS_lq850=on (default) "D: Epson LQ-850 (360x360, emul on Canon BJ300)"
     GS_epsonc=on (default) "D: Epson LQ-2550, Fujitsu 3400/2400/1200 color"
     GS_mj700v2c=on (default) "D: Epson MachJet series, CMYK"
     GS_mj500c=on (default) "D: Epson MachJet MJ-500C 360dpi, CMY/mono"
     GS_mj6000c=on (default) "D: Epson MachJet MJ-830C/930C/6000C"
     GS_mj8000c=on (default) "D: Epson MachJet MJ-8000C"
     GS_st800=on (default) "D: Epson Stylus 800 printer"
     GS_stcolor=on (default) "D: Epson Stylus Color and II/IIs/1500"
     GS_photoex=on (default) "D: Epson Stylus Color Photo/Photo EX/Photo 700"
     GS_fmlbp=on (default) "D: Fujitsu contrib2xx Page Printer"
     GS_fmpr=on (default) "D: Fujitsu contrib"
     GS_lp2563=on (default) "D: HP 2563B line printer"
     GS_dnj650c=on (default) "D: HP DesignJet 650C"
     GS_deskjet=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet and DeskJet Plus"
     GS_djet500=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 500 (for DeskJet 600 use -r600)"
     GS_cdeskjet=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 500C (1b/px)"
     GS_djet500c=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 500C (alternative)"
     GS_cdjcolor=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 500C/540C (24b/px)"
     GS_cdjmono=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 500/510/520/540C (mono)"
     GS_cdj500=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 500/540C (same as cdjcolor)"
     GS_cdj550=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 550C/560C/660C/660Cse"
     GS_dj505j=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 505J"
     GS_cdj670=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 670/690"
     GS_cdj850=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 850/855/870/1100"
     GS_cdj880=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 880"
     GS_cdj890=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 890"
     GS_cdj1600=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 1600"
     GS_chp2200=on (default) "D: HP Business Inkjet 2200"
     GS_cdj970=on (default) "D: HP DeskJet 970CXi"
     GS_laserjet=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet"
     GS_ljetplus=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet Plus"
     GS_ljet2p=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet IId/IIp/III* (TIFF compression)"
     GS_ljet3=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet III* (Delta Row compression)"
     GS_ljet3d=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet IIID (duplex capability)"
     GS_ljet4=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 4/5L/5P (not real LJ5), 600dpi"
     GS_ljet4d=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 4 (duplex + 600dpi)"
     GS_lj4dith=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 4 (Floyd-Steinberg dithering)"
     GS_ljet4pjl=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 4V/4LJ Pro"
     GS_lj4dithp=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 4V/4LJ Pro (dithering)"
     GS_cljet5=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 5/5M Color (new)"
     GS_cljet5c=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 5/5M Color Simple"
     GS_cljet5pr=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 5/5M Color (old)"
     GS_lj5mono=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 5/6 (PCL5/PCL XL), bitmap"
     GS_lj5gray=on (default) "D: HP LaserJet 5/6 gray-scale bitmap"
     GS_pj=on (default) "D: HP PaintJet XL driver"
     GS_pjetxl=on (default) "D: HP PaintJet XL driver (alternate)"
     GS_pjxl=on (default) "D: HP PaintJet XL color printer"
     GS_paintjet=on (default) "D: HP PaintJet color printer (alternate)"
     GS_pjxl300=on (default) "D: HP PaintJet XL300, DeskJet 1200C, CopyJet"
     GS_pxlmono=on (default) "D: HP PCL XL mono (LaserJet 5/6 family)"
     GS_pxlcolor=on (default) "D: HP PCL XL color (Color LaserJet 4500/5000)"
     GS_pcl3=on (default) "D: HP PCL 3+ (generic)"
     GS_ijs=on (default) "D: HP Inkjet and other raster devices"
     GS_ibmpro=on (default) "D: IBM 9-pin Proprinter"
     GS_jetp3852=on (default) "D: IBM Jetprinter ink-jet color (Model #3852)"
     GS_imagen=on (default) "D: Imagen ImPress printers"
     GS_fs600=on (default) "D: Kyocera FS-600 (600 dpi)"
     GS_lxm5700m=on (default) "D: Lexmark 5700 monotone"
     GS_lxm3200=on (default) "D: Lexmark 3200/Z12/Z22/Z31/Z32"
     GS_lx5000=on (default) "D: Lexmark 5000/Z51/Z82"
     GS_lex2050=on (default) "D: Lexmark 2050"
     GS_lex3200=on (default) "D: Lexmark 3200"
     GS_lex5700=on (default) "D: Lexmark 5700"
     GS_lex7000=on (default) "D: Lexmark 7000"
     GS_cp50=on (default) "D: Mitsubishi CP50 color"
     GS_pr1000=on (default) "D: NEC PC-PR 1000"
     GS_pr1000_4=on (default) "D: NEC PC-PR 1000/4"
     GS_pr150=on (default) "D: NEC PC-PR 150"
     GS_pr201=on (default) "D: NEC PC-PR 201"
     GS_picty180=on (default) "D: NEC PICTY 180 (PC-PR101J/180)"
     GS_necp6=on (default) "D: NEC PinWriter P6/P6+/P60 (360x360)"
     GS_npdl=on (default) "D: NEC Printer Description Language"
     GS_oce9050=on (default) "D: OCE 9050 printer"
     GS_oki182=on (default) "D: Okidata MicroLine 182"
     GS_okiibm=on (default) "D: Okidata MicroLine IBM-compatible printers"
     GS_ml600=on (default) "D: Okidata Microline 600CL/620CL"
     GS_oki4w=on (default) "D: Okidata OkiPage 4w+"
     GS_atx23=on (default) "D: Practical Automation ATX-23"
     GS_atx24=on (default) "D: Practical Automation ATX-24"
     GS_atx38=on (default) "D: Practical Automation ATX-38"
     GS_r4081=on (default) "D: Ricoh 4081 laser printer"
     GS_rpdl=on (default) "D: Ricoh Printer Description Language"
     GS_gdi=on (default) "D: Samsung SmartGDI laser printer"
     GS_jj100=on (default) "D: Star JJ-100"
     GS_sj48=on (default) "D: StarJet 48 inkjet printer"
     GS_t4693d2=on (default) "D: Tektronix 4693d color, 2b/RGB"
     GS_t4693d4=on (default) "D: Tektronix 4693d color, 4b/RGB"
     GS_t4693d8=on (default) "D: Tektronix 4693d color, 8b/RGB"
     GS_tek4696=on (default) "D: Tektronix 4695/4696 inkjet plotter"
     GS_xes=on (default) "D: Xerox XES (2700, 3700, 4045, etc.)"
     GS_bmpmono=on (default) "D: BMP Monochrome"
     GS_bmpgray=on (default) "D: BMP 8-bit gray"
     GS_bmp16=on (default) "D: BMP 4-bit EGA/VGA"
     GS_bmp256=on (default) "D: BMP 8-bit 256-color"
     GS_bmp16m=on (default) "D: BMP 24-bit"
     GS_bmp32b=on (default) "D: BMP 32-bit pseudo-.BMP"
     GS_bmpsep1=on (default) "D: BMP Separated 1-bit CMYK"
     GS_bmpsep8=on (default) "D: BMP Separated 8-bit CMYK"
     GS_ccr=on (default) "D: CalComp Raster format"
     GS_cgmmono=on (default) "D: CGM Monochrome -- LOW LEVEL OUTPUT ONLY"
     GS_cgm8=on (default) "D: CGM 8-bit 256-color -- DITTO"
     GS_cgm24=on (default) "D: CGM 24-bit color -- DITTO"
     GS_cif=on (default) "D: CIF file format for VLSI"
     GS_dfaxhigh=on (default) "D: DigiBoard, DigiFAX (high res)"
     GS_dfaxlow=on (default) "D: DigiFAX (normal res)"
     GS_xcf=on (default) "D: Gimp XCF, RGB"
     GS_xcfcmyk=on (default) "D: Gimp XCF, CMYK"
     GS_faxg3=on (default) "D: Group 3 FAX (EOL + no header/EOD)"
     GS_faxg32d=on (default) "D: Group 3 2-D FAX (EOL + no header/EOD)"
     GS_faxg4=on (default) "D: Group 4 FAX, with EOLs but no header or EOD"
     GS_miff24=on (default) "D: ImageMagick MIFF, 24-bit direct color, RLE"
     GS_inferno=on (default) "D: Inferno bitmaps"
     GS_jpeg=on (default) "D: JPEG format, RGB output"
     GS_jpeggray=on (default) "D: JPEG format, gray output"
     GS_mag16=on (default) "D: MAG format, 16-colorxs"
     GS_mag256=on (default) "D: MAG format, 256-color"
     GS_mgrmono=on (default) "D: MGR devices 1-bit monochrome"
     GS_mgrgray2=on (default) "D: MGR devices 2-bit gray scale"
     GS_mgrgray4=on (default) "D: MGR devices 4-bit gray scale"
     GS_mgrgray8=on (default) "D: MGR devices 8-bit gray scale"
     GS_mgr4=on (default) "D: MGR devices 4-bit (VGA) color"
     GS_mgr8=on (default) "D: MGR devices 8-bit color"
     GS_pcxmono=on (default) "D: PCX, 1-bit monochrome"
     GS_pcxgray=on (default) "D: PCX, 8-bit gray scale"
     GS_pcx16=on (default) "D: PCX, 4-bit planar EGA/VGA color"
     GS_pcx256=on (default) "D: PCX, 8-bit chunky color"
     GS_pcx24b=on (default) "D: PCX, 24-bit color 3x8-bit planes"
     GS_pcxcmyk=on (default) "D: PCX, 4-bit chunky CMYK color"
     GS_pdfwrite=on (default) "D: Portable Document Format"
     GS_psdrgb=on (default) "D: PhotoShop PSD, RGB"
     GS_psdcmyk=on (default) "D: PhotoShop PSD, CMYK"
     GS_bit=on (default) "D: Plain bits, monochrome"
     GS_bitrgb=on (default) "D: Plain bits, RGB"
     GS_bitcmyk=on (default) "D: Plain bits, CMYK"
     GS_plan9bm=on (default) "D: Plan 9 bitmap format"
     GS_pam=on (default) "D: Portable Arbitrary Map file"
     GS_pbm=on (default) "D: Portable Bitmap, plain"
     GS_pbmraw=on (default) "D: Portable Bitmap, raw"
     GS_pgm=on (default) "D: Portable Graymap, plain"
     GS_pgmraw=on (default) "D: Portable Graymap, raw"
     GS_pgnm=on (default) "D: Portable Graymap, plain (PBM opt)"
     GS_pgnmraw=on (default) "D: Portable Graymap, raw (PBM opt)"
     GS_pnm=on (default) "D: Portable Pixmap, plain RGB (PGM/PBM opt)"
     GS_pnmraw=on (default) "D: Portable Pixmap, raw RGB, (PGM/PBM opt)"
     GS_ppm=on (default) "D: Portable Pixmap, plain RGB"
     GS_ppmraw=on (default) "D: Portable Pixmap,  raw format RGB"
     GS_pkm=on (default) "D: Portable inKmap, plain (4b CMYK=>RGB)"
     GS_pkmraw=on (default) "D: Portable inKmap, raw (4b CMYK=>RGB)"
     GS_pksm=on (default) "D: Portable Separated map, plain (4b CMYK=>4p)"
     GS_pksmraw=on (default) "D: Portable Separated map, raw (4b CMYK=>4p)"
     GS_pngmono=on (default) "D: PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Mono"
     GS_pnggray=on (default) "D: PNG 8-bit Gray"
     GS_png16=on (default) "D: PNG 4-bit Color"
     GS_png256=on (default) "D: PNG 8-bit Color"
     GS_png16m=on (default) "D: PNG 24-bit Color"
     GS_pngalpha=on (default) "D: PNG 32-bit RGBA Color"
     GS_psmono=on (default) "D: PostScript (Level 1) monochrome image"
     GS_psgray=on (default) "D: PostScript (Level 1) 8-bit gray image"
     GS_psrgb=on (default) "D: PostScript (Level 2) 24-bit color image"
     GS_pswrite=on (default) "D: PostScript (like PostScript Distiller)"
     GS_ps2write=on (default) "D: PostScript (Level 2) output"
     GS_epswrite=on (default) "D: Encapsulated PostScript"
     GS_cfax=on (default) "D: SFF format for CAPI FAX interface"
     GS_sgirgb=on (default) "D: SGI RGB pixmap format"
     GS_sunhmono=on (default) "D: Harlequin variant of 1-bit Sun raster file"
     GS_tiffcrle=on (default) "D: TIFF CCITT RLE 1 dim (G3 FAX with no EOL)"
     GS_tiffg3=on (default) "D: TIFF Group 3 FAX (with EOL)"
     GS_tiffg32d=on (default) "D: TIFF Group 3 2-D FAX"
     GS_tiffg4=on (default) "D: TIFF Group 4 FAX"
     GS_tiffgray=on (default) "D: TIFF 8-bit gray, no compress"
     GS_tiff12nc=on (default) "D: TIFF 12-bit RGB, no compress"
     GS_tiff24nc=on (default) "D: TIFF 24-bit RGB, no compress, NeXT format"
     GS_tiff32nc=on (default) "D: TIFF 32-bit CMYK"
     GS_tiffsep=on (default) "D: TIFF gray + CMYK composite"
     GS_tifflzw=on (default) "D: TIFF LZW,      tag = 5,     mono"
     GS_tiffpack=on (default) "D: TIFF PackBits, tag = 32773, mono"
     GS_bbox=on (default) "D: Bounding box output"
     GS_devicen=on (default) "D: DeviceN process color model device"
     GS_perm=on (default) "D: DeviceN which permutes color components"
     GS_spotcmyk=on (default) "D: DeviceN with CMYK and spot color support"
     GS_imdi=on (default) "D: IMDI color converting device"
     GS_wtsimdi=on (default) "D: WTS halftoning device"
     GS_wtscmyk=on (default) "D: WTS halftoning CMYK device"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

Master Sites:
Port Moves

Number of commits found: 2

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
This is a slave port. You may also want to view the commits to the master port: print/ghostscript-gpl
05 Sep 2008 19:41:49
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.62_3
hrs search for other commits by this committer
* print/ghostscript-* and related ports have been renamed in the
  following way:

        print/ghostscript-gnu -> print/ghostscript7
        print/ghostscript-gnu-nox11 -> print/ghostscript7-nox11
        print/ghostscript-gnu-commfont -> print/ghostscript7-commfont
        print/ghostscript-gpl -> print/ghostscript8
        print/ghostscript-gpl-nox11 -> print/ghostscript8-nox11
        japanese/ghostscript-gnu-jpnfont -> print/ghostscript7-jpnfont
        korean/ghostscript-gnu-korfont -> print/ghostscript7-korfont

* USE_GHOSTSCRIPT now supports a version number which the port
  requires.  The valid value is "7" or "8".  If other value is
  specified, value of WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_VER is used.

* WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GNU has been removed in favor of
  "7" or "8", and the default value is "8".

Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
16 Oct 2004 07:28:34
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.15
 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
krion search for other commits by this committer
Announce the release of GPL Ghostscript. This release is based on
the AFPL Ghostscript 8.00 release of 14 months ago. The most
significant new feature since 7.0x is support for DeviceN
colorspaces, up to 8 colorants total at 8 bits per component. Also,
pdfwrite has seen considerable improvement in font handling, and
many other bug fixes.

PR:             ports/72326
Submitted by:   Ports Fury

Number of commits found: 2

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