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non port: science/massxpert/pkg-plist

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Sat, 9 Mar 2019
[ 23:23 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:495214
science/massxpert: Update 3.4.0 -> 3.6.1

This software seems to be abandoned by its upstream, and rescued by the Debian
I've set its source to Debian's GitLab server, where they source it from now.

Port changes:
* 3.6.1 is Qt5-based: remove the DEPRECATED lines
* USE_GCC seems to be needed due to clang error messages
* MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE isn't needed
Wed, 12 Nov 2014
[ 18:48 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:372500(Only the first 10 of 56 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Cleanup plist
Mon, 30 Jun 2014
[ 20:39 vg ] Original commit   Revision:359917
- Support staging.
Tue, 22 Oct 2013
[ 14:01 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:331274(Only the first 10 of 83 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Remove manual creation and removal of share/applications, as it's now in the
mtree (categories starting with [st])

Approved by:	portmgr (bdrewery)
Sun, 16 Dec 2012
[ 20:59 pawel ] Original commit   Revision:309044
- Update to version 3.3.0 [1]
- Add missing deps
- tab -> space in WWW: line

PR:		ports/174397 [1]
Submitted by:	Veniamin Gvozdikov <> (maintainer)
Thu, 31 Mar 2011
[ 06:51 culot ] Original commit 
- Update to 2.4.3
- LICENSE added

PR:             ports/156059
Submitted by:   Gvozdikov Veniamin <g.veniamin AT> (maintainer)
Thu, 27 May 2010
[ 06:07 wen ] Original commit 
- Fix mans

PR:             ports/146795
Submitted by:   Gvozdikov Veniamin <> (maintainer)
Thu, 20 May 2010
[ 09:43 wen ] Original commit 
The massXpert project aims at providing (bio)chemists with a software
package allowing the following:

* User-specific atom definitions and polymer chemistry definitions;
* Powerful sequence editing with user-defined glyphs for each monomer
and monomer chemical modification. Multi-region selections;
* Polymer sequence chemical/enzymatic cleavage;
* Intramolecular cross-linking, like disulfide bonds with total resolution
of the peptides generated upon enzymatic cleavage;
* Gas-phase fragmentation of oligomers;
* Mass-to-charge ratio calculations with inline change of ionization agent;
* Calculation of net electrical charge and of isoelectric point (even by
taking into account monomer modifications if polymer is a protein);
* Simulation of isotopic patterns for any chemical formula and z charge;
* A number of plugins allow 1) translation of the sequence from one format
to another (using a dictionary, like between the 1-letter code and the 3-letter
code of proteins) 2) conversion of number format according to any localized
number format 3) sort mass lists.

PR:             ports/146564
Submitted by:   Gvozdikov Veniamin <>

Number of commits found: 8