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Why was the website so slow for so long?

The cause of the slowdown was a change to the ZFS dataset. In conjunction with the database server, very little caching was being done. This combination resulted in increased disk I/O as the system churned through the database. Details in the blog post which outlines the various things which changed. Many graphs.

non port: sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile

Number of commits found: 68

Tue, 11 Mar 2014
[ 19:33 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:347907
347907 deskutils/nautilus-actions/Makefile
347907 deskutils/nautilus-locked-folder/Makefile
347907 deskutils/nautilus-open-terminal/Makefile
347907 deskutils/nautilus-sendto/Makefile
347907 sysutils/eiciel/Makefile
347907 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
347907 x11-fm/py-nautilus/Makefile
nautilus will be updated to the 3.x version when GNOME 3 will merged.
Deprecate the ports that are incompatible with the new 3.x version.
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 23:06 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:327772
327772 sysutils/3dm/Makefile
327772 sysutils/44bsd-more/Makefile
327772 sysutils/915resolution/Makefile
327772 sysutils/DTraceToolkit/Makefile
327772 sysutils/LPRng/Makefile
327772 sysutils/LPRngTool/Makefile
327772 sysutils/abck/Makefile
327772 sysutils/abgx360/Makefile
327772 sysutils/abgx360gui/Makefile
327772 sysutils/acpi_call/Makefile

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Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
Tue, 3 Sep 2013
[ 12:13 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:326137
326137 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
326137 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
326137 accessibility/gok/Makefile
326137 archivers/file-roller/Makefile
326137 audio/glame/Makefile
326137 audio/jack-rack/Makefile
326137 audio/liteamp/Makefile
326137 comms/ge-x2212/Makefile
326137 deskutils/glabels/Makefile
326137 deskutils/gnotime/Makefile

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Add an explicit dependency on pkgconf
Fri, 26 Apr 2013
[ 12:35 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:316600
316600 CHANGES
316600 Mk/
316600 audio/abcde/Makefile
316600 audio/atunes/Makefile
316600 audio/cripple/Makefile
316600 audio/gnormalize/Makefile
316600 audio/grip/Makefile
316600 audio/mp3burn/Makefile
316600 audio/mp3c/Makefile
316600 audio/prokyon3/Makefile

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Remove USE_CDRTOOLS from

This macros has been useless since cdrtools-cjk port has gone.
This macros also lead to badly handled dependencies assuming that the dependency
on cdrtools was most BUILD and RUN dependency. While most of the time it is
simply a RUN dependency and sometime a build one.

While here:
- Trim some headers
- Convert some ports to optionsng
- Convert some ports to USES= gettext
Wed, 24 Apr 2013
[ 18:10 ak ] Original commit   Revision:316464
316464 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
316464 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
316464 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
316464 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
316464 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
316464 accessibility/gok/Makefile
316464 accessibility/mousetweaks/Makefile
316464 accessibility/orca/Makefile
316464 accessibility/py-atspi/Makefile
316464 accessibility/redshift/Makefile

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- Convert USE_GETTEXT to USES (part 3)

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
Fri, 8 Mar 2013
[ 10:51 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:313633
313633 Mk/
313633 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/Makefile
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/distinfo
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/files
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/files/patch-atk-adaptor_accessible-cache.c
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/pkg-plist
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-core/Makefile
313633 accessibility/at-spi2-core/distinfo

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* Update the glib to 2.34.3 and gtk20 to 2.24.17 and gtk30 to 3.6.4 which
  are the latest stable releases.
* Update vala to the newest stable release 0.18.1, also update a few ports
  in the gtk/gnome stack.
* The c++ bindings ports for glib, atk, gconf, etc, have now USE_GNOME toggles.
* Remove pkg-config run depends from glib20 and freetype2. This doesn't
  eliminate pkg-config run dependency completely, a second phase is needed
  and is planned.
* Support for .:run. and .:build. for USE_GNOME components was added.
  Currently only libxml2 and libxslt support this mechanism.
* Updates of the telepathy stack and empathy.
* Trim makefile headers, convert ports to new options, trim off library
  versions for some ports.
* Fix other ports so they build with the new glib version.

Thanks to miwi and crees for helping out with some exp-runs.
Approved by:	portmgr (miwi & bapt)
Obtained from:	gnome team repo
Fri, 1 Jun 2012
[ 05:26 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.59 Mk/
1.18 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.12 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.77 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.5 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/Makefile
1.54 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.60 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.45 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.51 accessibility/gok/Makefile

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- update png to 1.5.10
Fri, 23 Sep 2011
[ 22:26 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.11 Mk/
1.65 Mk/
1.5 Mk/
1.66 Mk/
1.82 Mk/
1.2 Mk/
1.46 Mk/
1.696 Mk/
1.28 Mk/
1.17 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 2369 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Add LDFLAGS to CONFIGURE_ENV and MAKE_ENV (as it was done with LDFLAGS)
- Fix all ports that add {CPP,LD}FLAGS to *_ENV to modify flags instead

PR:             157936
Submitted by:   myself
Exp-runs by:    pav
Approved by:    pav
Sat, 4 Dec 2010
[ 07:34 ade ] Original commit 
1.164 Mk/
1.63 Mk/
1.660 Mk/
1.63 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.58 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.33 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
1.34 archivers/arj/Makefile
1.17 archivers/kbackup/Makefile
1.10 archivers/kio_p7zip/Makefile

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Sync to new
Fri, 17 Sep 2010
[ 08:09 pav ] Original commit 
1.2259 MOVED
1.1229 sysutils/Makefile
1.8 sysutils/cdrtools-cjk/Makefile
1.4 sysutils/cdrtools-cjk/distinfo
1.3 sysutils/cdrtools-cjk/pkg-descr
1.59 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
- Remove sysutils/cdrtools-cjk port, please use sysutils/cdrtools now
Tue, 27 Jul 2010
[ 19:56 olgeni ] Original commit 
1.77 databases/evolution-data-server/Makefile
1.58 devel/bug-buddy/Makefile
1.30 devel/gvfs/Makefile
1.79 devel/libsoup/Makefile
1.59 graphics/evince/Makefile
1.234 multimedia/vlc/Makefile
1.20 net/libgweather/Makefile
1.41 net/vino/Makefile
1.29 print/libgnomecups/Makefile
1.120 print/libgnomeprint/Makefile

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Bump PORTREVISION in a few more ports affected by the libgcrypt
upgrade (they have references to
Mon, 31 May 2010
[ 02:01 ade ] Original commit 
1.14 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.74 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.2 accessibility/at-spi2-atk/Makefile
1.2 accessibility/at-spi2-core/Makefile
1.61 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.52 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.56 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.43 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.48 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.17 accessibility/mousetweaks/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1416 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bounce PORTREVISION for gettext-related ports.  Have fun, ya'll.
Sun, 28 Mar 2010
[ 06:47 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.20 Mk/
1.12 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.10 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.72 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.51 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.54 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.42 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.46 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.11 accessibility/java-access-bridge/Makefile
1.32 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile

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- update to 1.4.1
Reviewed by:    exp8 run on pointyhat
Supported by:   miwi
Fri, 5 Feb 2010
[ 11:46 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.19 Mk/
1.11 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.9 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.71 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.50 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.53 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.41 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.45 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.10 accessibility/java-access-bridge/Makefile
1.31 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 4271 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- update to jpeg-8
Sat, 28 Nov 2009
[ 20:06 marcus ] Original commit 
1.2034 MOVED
1.158 Mk/
1.25 accessibility/Makefile
1.10 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.6 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.5 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.70 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.39 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.34 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.59 accessibility/atk/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 823 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.28.1 for FreeBSD.  The official release notes for this
release can be found at .
Officially, this is mostly a polishing release in preparation for GNOME 3.0
due in about a year.

On the FreeBSD front, though, a lot went into this release.  Major thanks
goes to kwm and avl who did a lot of the porting work for this release.
In particular, kwm brought in Evolution MAPI support for better Microsoft
Exchange integration.  Avl made sure that the new gobject introspection
repository ports were nicely compartmentalized so that large dependencies
aren't brought in wholesale.

But, every GNOME team member (ahze, avl, bland, kwm, mezz, and myself)
contributed to this release.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 2 Aug 2009
[ 19:36 mezz ] Original commit 
1.1958 MOVED
1.31 Mk/
1.58 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.51 accessibility/gnome-mag/Makefile
1.30 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
1.12 archivers/kbackup/Makefile
1.7 archivers/kio_p7zip/Makefile
1.33 archivers/libcomprex/Makefile
1.2 archivers/libcomprex/files/

(Only the first 10 of 1514 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
-Repocopy devel/libtool15 -> libtool22 and libltdl15 -> libltdl22.
-Update libtool and libltdl to 2.2.6a.
-Remove devel/libtool15 and devel/libltdl15.
-Fix ports build with libtool22/libltdl22.
-Bump ports that depend on libltdl22 due to shared library version change.
-Explain what to do update in the UPDATING.

It has been tested with GNOME2, XFCE4, KDE3, KDE4 and other many wm/desktop
and applications in the runtime.

With help:      marcus and kwm
Pointyhat-exp:  a few times by pav
Tested by:      pgollucci, "Romain Tartière" <>, and
                a few MarcusCom CVS users. Also, I might have missed a few.
Repocopy by:    marcus
Approved by:    portmgr
Fri, 31 Jul 2009
[ 13:57 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.9 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.8 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.69 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.49 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.40 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.43 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.8 accessibility/java-access-bridge/Makefile
1.29 accessibility/kdeaccessibility/Makefile
1.35 accessibility/kdeaccessibility4/Makefile
1.11 accessibility/mousetweaks/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 3009 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- bump all port that indirectly depends on libjpeg and have not yet been bumped
or updated
Requested by:   edwin
Fri, 10 Apr 2009
[ 05:56 marcus ] Original commit 
1.1845 MOVED
1.9 Mk/
1.154 Mk/
1.7 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.4 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.4 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.68 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.38 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.33 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.57 accessibility/atk/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 480 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.26 for FreeBSD.  See for a list of what's new.
On the FreeBSD front, we introduced a port of libxul 1.9 as an alternative
for Firefox 2.0 as a Gecko provider.  Almost all of the Gecko consumers
can make use of this provider by setting:


The GNOME 2.26 port was done by ahze, kwm, marcus, and mezz with
contributions by Joseph S. Atkinson, Peter Wemm, Eric L. Chen,
Martin Matuska, Craig Butler, and Pawel Worach.
Sat, 10 Jan 2009
[ 05:22 marcus ] Original commit 
1.152 Mk/
1.6 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.3 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.3 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.66 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.37 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.32 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.55 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.30 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.29 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 718 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.24 for FreeBSD.

See for the general
release notes.  On the FreeBSD front, this release introduces Fuse support
in HAL, adds multi-CPU support to libgtop, WebKit updates, and fixes some
long-standing seahorse and gnome-keyring bugs.  The documentation updates
to the website are forthcoming.

This release features commits by adamw, ahze, kwm, mezz, and myself.  It would
not have been possible without are contributors and testers:

Alexander Loginov
Craig Butler [1]
Dmitry Marakasov [6]
Eric L. Chen
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Fri, 6 Jun 2008
[ 14:03 edwin ] Original commit 
1.44 sysutils/LPRng/Makefile
1.10 sysutils/acidlaunch/Makefile
1.6 sysutils/apt/Makefile
1.27 sysutils/bacula-server-devel/Makefile
1.104 sysutils/bacula-server/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/bashburn/Makefile
1.5 sysutils/batmon/Makefile
1.14 sysutils/battfink/Makefile
1.23 sysutils/bbapm/Makefile
1.11 sysutils/brasero/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 198 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump portrevision due to upgrade of devel/gettext.

The affected ports are the ones with gettext as a run-dependency
according to ports/INDEX-7 (5007 of them) and the ones with USE_GETTEXT
in Makefile (29 of them).

PR:             ports/124340
Submitted by:   edwin@
Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Sat, 19 Apr 2008
[ 17:56 miwi ] Original commit 
1.3 Mk/
1.46 Mk/
1.76 Mk/
1.2 Mk/
1.10 Mk/
1.13 Mk/
1.7 Mk/
1.64 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.43 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.65 accessibility/gail/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 2842 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Remove unneeded dependency from gtk12/gtk20 [1]
- Remove X11BASE support in favor of LOCALBASE or PREFIX
- Remove unneeded USE_GCC 3.4+

Thanks to all Helpers:
        Dmitry Marakasov, Chess Griffin, beech@, dinoex, rafan, gahr,
        ehaupt, nox, itetcu, flz, pav

PR:             116263
Tested on:      pointyhat
Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Tue, 8 Apr 2008
[ 04:34 marcus ] Original commit 
1.47 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.26 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
Update to 2.22.1.
Thu, 3 Apr 2008
[ 04:58 marcus ] Original commit 
1.46 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive-selection.c
1.4 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-cd-burner.c
Remove some patches which provide the wrong CD device name to apps such
as sound-juicer.

Reported by:    Scott Nicholson <>
Mon, 24 Mar 2008
[ 03:50 marcus ] Original commit 
1.1564 MOVED
1.145 Mk/
1.40 Mk/
1.20 accessibility/Makefile
1.3 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.2 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.2 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.62 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.35 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo

(Only the first 10 of 712 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
The FreeBSD GNOME team is proud to annunce the release of GNOME 2.22.0 for
FreeBSD.  The official GNOME 2.22 release notes can be found at .  On the FreeBSD front,
this release features an updated hal port with support for video4linux
devices, DRM (Direct Rendering), and better support of removable media.  Work
is also underway to tie webkit more closely into GNOME.  As part of the
GNOME 2.22 upgrade, GStreamer received a rather large upgrade as well.
Be sure to consult UPDATING on the proper steps to upgrade all of your
GNOME ports.

This release would not have been possible without the contributions and
testing efforts of the following people:

Pawel Worach
Peter Ulrich Kruppa
J. W. Ballantine
Yasuda Keisuke
Andriy Gapon
Sun, 6 Jan 2008
[ 04:27 marcus ] Original commit 
1.44 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive-monitor.c
Fix a warning seen trying to restore the previous used drive setting.

Reported by:    mezz
Wed, 24 Oct 2007
[ 23:37 marcus ] Original commit 
1.144 Mk/
1.17 accessibility/Makefile
1.1 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
1.1 accessibility/accerciser/distinfo
1.1 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-descr
1.1 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
1.3 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.2 accessibility/at-poke/pkg-plist
1.61 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1479 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.20.1 and all related works for FreeBSD.  The official
GNOME 2.20 release notes can be found at .  Beyond that, this update
includes the new GIMP 2.4 (courtesy of ahze).

The GNOME 2.20 update also includes a huge change in the FreeBSD GNOME
hierarchy.  We are now using the more standard DATADIR of ${PREFIX}/share
rather than ${PREFIX}/share/gnome. The result is that fewer patches and
hacks are needed to port GNOME components to FreeBSD.  This will mean some
user changes may be required, so be sure to read /usr/ports/UPDATING for
more details.

This release and the things we accomplished in it would not have been
possible without mezz's crazy idea to collapse DATADIR, and his persistence
to make it happen successfully.  Ahze and pav also deserve thanks for
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 29 May 2007
[ 04:07 mezz ] Original commit 
1.42 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.23 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.19 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.18.2.
Sat, 19 May 2007
[ 20:32 flz ] Original commit 
1.1364 MOVED
1.566 Mk/
1.1 Mk/
1.1 Tools/scripts/
1.2 accessibility/at-poke/Makefile
1.60 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.29 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.51 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.27 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 7868 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Welcome 7.2 \o/.
- Set X11BASE to ${LOCALBASE} for recent ${OSVERSION}.
- Bump PORTREVISION for ports intalling files in ${X11BASE}.
Wed, 11 Apr 2007
[ 05:11 marcus ] Original commit 
1.40 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.22 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
Update to 2.18.1.
Mon, 19 Mar 2007
[ 05:14 marcus ] Original commit 
1.16 accessibility/Makefile
1.58 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.32 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.28 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.50 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.27 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.26 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.35 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.20 accessibility/dasher/distinfo
1.1 accessibility/dasher/files/patch-Src_DasherCore_BasicLog.cpp

(Only the first 10 of 461 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.18 for FreeBSD.  GNOME 2.18 is a departure from recent GNOME
releases in that it focuses more on stability and functionality than on
new features.  Not that it doesn't have its share of new and exciting
items.  See for all the goodies in
this release.

GNOME 2.18 for FreeBSD would not have been possible without the hard work
of the FreeBSD GNOME Team and our intrepid band of testers including
J. W. Ballantine, Pawel Worach, Yasuda Keisuke, Pascal Hofstee, miwi,
Yoshihiro Ota, Vladimir Grebenschikov, Jukka A. Ukkonen,
Phillip Neumann, Franz Klammer, and Neal Delmonico.
Wed, 31 Jan 2007
[ 14:07 pav ] Original commit 
1.30 audio/abcde/Makefile
1.76 audio/grip/Makefile
1.6 audio/mp3burn/Makefile
1.12 audio/prokyon3/Makefile
1.15 graphics/lphoto/Makefile
1.4 misc/lesspipe/Makefile
1.9 multimedia/dvd-slideshow/Makefile
1.32 multimedia/dvdrip/Makefile
1.17 multimedia/ldvd/Makefile
1.15 multimedia/qdvdauthor/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 24 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Use new USE_CDRTOOLS variable

Tested on:      pointyhat
Tue, 30 Jan 2007
[ 05:41 mezz ] Original commit 
1.37 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.20 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.16 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.16.3.
Tue, 21 Nov 2006
[ 06:52 marcus ] Original commit 
1.36 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.19 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
Update to 2.16.2.
Mon, 20 Nov 2006
[ 23:16 marcus ] Original commit 
1.35 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-recorder.c
Fix arguments to growisofs and dvd+rw-format.  These commands can open device
Sun, 19 Nov 2006
[ 19:07 marcus ] Original commit 
1.34 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_list_cddrives.c
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_make-iso.c
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive-monitor.c
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive-private.h
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive-selection.c
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive.c
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive.h
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-recorder.c
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-cd-burner.c
To fix other applications that make use of n-c-b (e.g. sound-juicer)
break out the x,x,x device notation needed for tools like cdrecord from
the standard /dev/X device name specification.  While here, add a
RUN_DEPENDS on cdrdao which is needed for some of n-c-b's features.
Thu, 2 Nov 2006
[ 22:57 marcus ] Original commit 
1.33 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-src_nautilus-burn-drive-monitor.c
Add the small bit of code needed to make n-c-b work with HAL on FreeBSD.
Sat, 14 Oct 2006
[ 08:35 marcus ] Original commit 
1.133 Mk/
1.23 Mk/
1.54 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.28 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.27 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.48 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.25 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.2 accessibility/atk/files/
1.25 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.33 accessibility/dasher/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 577 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.16.1 for FreeBSD.  This release represents a massive
amount of work by the FreeBSD GNOME Team and our testers.

On top of the usual GNOME update, we have taken this opportunity to move
GNOME from X11BASE to LOCALBASE.  This means roughly 600 ports NOT part of
the GNOME Desktop also need to be changed.  The bulk of the move was carried
out by ahze, mezz, and pav, but it would not have been possible without
cooperation from the FreeBSD KDE team who worked with us to make sure
GNOME and KDE can still coexist happily.  We would also like to send a
shout out to kris and pointyhat for putting up with multiple test runs
until we got something that was solid.

Back to GNOME 2.16.  This release brings a huge amount of new functionality
to FreeBSD.  The standard release notes can be read at .  But on top of what you will read there,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 1 Aug 2006
[ 03:41 marcus ] Original commit 
1.31 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.17 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
Update to 2.14.3.
Fri, 14 Jul 2006
[ 03:52 mezz ] Original commit 
1.30 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.4 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-nautilus-burn-drive.c
Sync w/ MC port:

marcus      2006-07-14 02:52:17 UTC

  MarcusCom CVS repository
  Try and make the Eject button work even if gnome-mount is not installed.

  Reported by:    mezz
Mon, 29 May 2006
[ 23:48 mezz ] Original commit 
1.29 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.16 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.14 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.14.2.
Sun, 30 Apr 2006
[ 00:47 marcus ] Original commit 
1.50 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.27 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.1 accessibility/at-spi/files/
1.2 accessibility/at-spi/files/
1.2 accessibility/at-spi/files/
1.24 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.45 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.24 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.23 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.30 accessibility/dasher/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 431 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.14.1 for FreeBSD!  Checkout for the official release notes, and a list
of all the gooides in this new release.  In particular, GNOME 2.14 focused
on performance, and they did not miss the mark.  There's some new eye candy,
but most of the big things are waiting until GNOME 2.16.  On the FreeBSD
side, we tried to clean up all the crashers we could.  In particular, we
really improved GNOME's 64-bit support.

The good news is that this release does not bring any big shared library
version bumps, so you can almost do a simple portupgrade to get to 2.14.
There are a few minor gotchas that will be documented in UPDATING shortly.

The FreeBSD GNOME Team would like th thank the following users for their
patches, feedback, and sometimes incessant complaing about crashes (you
know who you are).
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Thu, 23 Feb 2006
[ 10:40 ade ] Original commit 
1.49 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.23 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.44 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.22 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.29 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.52 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.30 accessibility/gail/pkg-plist
1.31 accessibility/gnomemag/Makefile
1.17 accessibility/gnomemag/pkg-plist
1.17 accessibility/gnomespeech/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 2514 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Conversion to a single libtool environment.

Approved by:    portmgr (kris)
Mon, 6 Feb 2006
[ 19:57 marcus ] Original commit 
1.26 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.14 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.11 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.12.3.
Mon, 28 Nov 2005
[ 19:21 marcus ] Original commit 
1.25 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.13 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
Update to 2.12.2.
Sat, 5 Nov 2005
[ 04:53 marcus ] Original commit 
1.43 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.22 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.3 accessibility/atk/files/
1.20 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.25 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.13 accessibility/dasher/distinfo
1.13 accessibility/dasher/pkg-plist
1.25 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.17 accessibility/gnopernicus/distinfo
1.2 accessibility/gnopernicus/files/patch-braille_libbrl_brlxml.c

(Only the first 10 of 369 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.12 for FreeBSD.  The release is chock full of bug fixes
and new features.  Don't believe me?  Then see for yourself at

DO NOT USE portupgrade by itself to upgrade to GNOME 2.12.  Instead, use
the script from  This script will
circumvent some potential pitfalls users can see if they use portupgrade
by itself.

In keeping with tradition, GNOME 2.12 for FreeBSD comes with a special
splash screen.  The winner of this release's contest is
Dominique Goncalves <>.  His splash screen
was inspired by
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Thu, 23 Jun 2005
[ 11:55 kwm ] Original commit 
1.23 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.10 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.8 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.10.2.
Mon, 11 Apr 2005
[ 21:48 adamw ] Original commit 
1.22 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.9 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-nautilus-burn-drive.c
1.7 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.10.1, now with FreeBSD support included! Please test this!
Sat, 12 Mar 2005
[ 10:39 marcus ] Original commit 
1.42 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.21 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.18 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.20 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.9 accessibility/dasher/distinfo
1.3 accessibility/dasher/files/
1.9 accessibility/dasher/pkg-plist
1.20 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.12 accessibility/gnopernicus/distinfo
1.1 accessibility/gnopernicus/files/patch-srlow_libsrlow_SRObject.c

(Only the first 10 of 436 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.10 for FreeBSD!

The release notes can be found at, and will give you a
good idea of what has gone into this release overall.  However, a lot of
FreeBSD specific additions and fixes have been made.  For example, this
release offers fixed ACPI support as well as new CPU freqeuncy monitoring
support.  See the FreeBSD GNOME 2.10 upgrade page at for the entire list as well
as a list of known issues and upgrade instructions.

GNOME 2.10, as well as all of our releases, would not be possible without
the great team that goes into porting and testign each and every component.
Thanks definitely goes out to ahze, adamw, bland, kwm, mezz, and pav for all
their work.  We would also like to thank our adventurous users that chose to
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 15 Feb 2005
[ 08:39 marcus ] Original commit 
1.20 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.7 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.8 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-drive.c
Update to 2.8.7.
Wed, 12 Jan 2005
[ 02:27 marcus ] Original commit 
1.19 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
Remove default DVD support when package building as dvd+rw-tools depends
on cdrtools.

Reported by:    pointyhat via kris
Mon, 10 Jan 2005
[ 18:05 marcus ] Original commit 
1.18 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
Nautilus-cd-burner now tries to use UTF-8 encoding when creating ISO images.
This character set is only available in the cdrtools-cjk slave port, so
depend on that now.

This is not an ideal solution since users of cdrtools will see an infinite
loop when trying to use nautilus-cd-burner, and portupgrade will not handle
this transition smoothly.  I'll try to see if marius would be willing to
install the cdrtools-cjk binaries with a different name so that the two
ports will not conflict.
Tue, 7 Dec 2004
[ 04:05 marcus ] Original commit 
1.17 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.6 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
Update to 2.8.6.
Wed, 10 Nov 2004
[ 03:19 mezz ] Original commit 
1.14 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.14 accessibility/gok/Makefile
1.38 archivers/fileroller/Makefile
1.59 audio/gnomemedia2/Makefile
1.78 deskutils/gnomeutils2/Makefile
1.89 devel/gnomevfs2/Makefile
1.74 editors/gedit2/Makefile
1.37 editors/ghex2/Makefile
1.85 games/gnomegames2/Makefile
1.52 graphics/eog2/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 29 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump 29 ports that use GCONF_SCHEMAS. Somehow, the diff of GNOME 2.8.x has
lost the small part. The small part was GCONF_SCHEMAS in that is
taking care of gconf key and schemas files for pkg-plist. Pav has committed by
re-add GCONF_SCHEMAS back in this afternoon. Therefore, must bump
PORTREVISION to correct our pkg-plist database installed.
Sun, 7 Nov 2004
[ 22:24 marcus ] Original commit 
1.79 Mk/
1.39 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.19 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.18 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-plist
1.40 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.20 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.16 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.36 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.22 accessibility/gail/distinfo
1.6 accessibility/gail/files/

(Only the first 10 of 369 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.8 for FreeBSD (2.8.1 to be exact).

This release notes detailing all of the new goodies in GNOME 2.8 can
be found at, and the list of what
was fixed in GNOME 2.8.1 can be found at

This release, as well as all of our others, would not have been possible
without the great efforts of our FreeBSD GNOME Team.  The list of
current members can be found at
(including our newest member, Michael Johnson <>).

Special thanks also goes out to all of the loyal FreeBSD GNOME users that
put up with crashes and hangs to test and debug GNOME on FreeBSD.  We would
especially like to thank those users that provided patches for GNOME 2.7 and
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Fri, 9 Jul 2004
[ 17:43 marcus ] Original commit 
1.6 Mk/
1.38 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.39 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.35 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.17 accessibility/gnomemag/Makefile
1.8 arabic/katoob/Makefile
1.36 archivers/fileroller/Makefile
1.26 archivers/lzo/Makefile
1.51 archivers/rpm/Makefile
1.12 archivers/ucl/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 489 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Apply a big libtool patch to allow porters to use the libtool installed by
the libtoolX ports instead of the one included with each port.  Ports that
set USE_LIBTOOL_VER=X will now use the ports version of libtool instead of
the included version.  To restore previous behavior, use the new macro,
USE_INC_LIBTOOL_VER.  Both macros accept the same argument: a libtool version.

For example, to use the ports version of libtool-1.5, add the following to
your Makefile:

USE_LIBTOOL_VER=        15

To use the included version of libtool with extra hacks provided by
libtool-1.5, add the following to your Makefile:


With this change, ports that had to add additional libtool hacks to prevent
.la files from being installed or to fix certain threading issues can now
delete those hacks (after appropriate testing, of course).

PR:             63944
Based on work by:eik and marcus
Approved by:    ade (autotools maintainer)
Tested by:      kris on pointyhat
Bound to be hidden problems:    You bet
Wed, 2 Jun 2004
[ 17:17 netchild ] Original commit 
1.20 misc/instant-workstation/Makefile
1.18 multimedia/dvdrip/Makefile
1.9 sysutils/cdbakeoven/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/cdbkup/Makefile
1.13 sysutils/dvd+rw-tools/Makefile
1.5 sysutils/eroaster/Makefile
1.7 sysutils/freesbie/Makefile
1.42 sysutils/gcombust/Makefile
1.18 sysutils/gtoaster/Makefile
1.9 sysutils/k3b/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Chase the merge of sysutils/mkisofs into sysutils/cdrtools.

Submitted by:   marius
Mon, 19 Apr 2004
[ 22:05 marcus ] Original commit 
1.12 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.4 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.3 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Update to 2.6.1.
Mon, 5 Apr 2004
[ 03:11 marcus ] Original commit 
1.36 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.17 accessibility/at-spi/distinfo
1.2 accessibility/at-spi/pkg-descr
1.37 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.18 accessibility/atk/distinfo
1.4 accessibility/atk/files/patch-configure
1.4 accessibility/atk/pkg-descr
1.14 accessibility/atk/pkg-plist
1.13 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.6 accessibility/dasher/distinfo

(Only the first 10 of 426 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Presenting GNOME 2.6.0.  The FreeBSD GNOME Team feels this our best release
ever.  It fixes many bugs, and adds some features missing in previous
FreeBSD ports.  To help users upgrade from GNOME 2.4, we have constructed an
upgrade FAQ at:

Please read it carefully.  GNOME 2.6 packages are also available for all
supported i386 versions of FreeBSD at:

The FreeBSD GNOME Team would like the thank the following users for their
wonderful testing and patching efforts.  We would especially like to thank
Franz Klammer <> for his wonderful new splash screen.
Without these people, our team, and our team alumni, GNOME on FreeBSD would
not be possible.

Jeremy Messenger <>
Khairil Yusof <>
Koop Mast <>
Simon Barner <>
Tom McLaughlin <>
Scott Dodson <>
Vladimir Grebenschikov <>
Sun, 14 Mar 2004
[ 06:17 ade ] Original commit 
1.34 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
1.36 accessibility/atk/Makefile
1.12 accessibility/dasher/Makefile
1.27 accessibility/gail/Makefile
1.12 accessibility/gnomemag/Makefile
1.7 accessibility/gnopernicus/Makefile
1.3 arabic/katoob/Makefile
1.6 archivers/dpkg/Makefile
1.30 archivers/fileroller/Makefile
1.18 archivers/libcomprex/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 945 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Whoa there, boy, that's a mighty big commit y'all have there...

Begin autotools sanitization sequence by requiring ports to explicitly
specify which version of {libtool,autoconf,automake} they need, erasing
the concept of a "system default".

For ports-in-waiting:

        USE_LIBTOOL=YES         ->      USE_LIBTOOL_VER=13
        USE_AUTOCONF=YES        ->      USE_AUTOCONF_VER=213
        USE_AUTOMAKE=YES        ->      USE_AUTOMAKE_VER=14

Ports attempting to use the old style system after June 1st 2004 will be
sorely disappointed.
Wed, 4 Feb 2004
[ 05:10 marcus ] Original commit 
1.6 mail/hotwayd/Makefile
1.12 mail/ifile/Makefile
1.30 mail/imp3/Makefile
1.5 mail/isoqlog/Makefile
1.16 mail/kiltdown/Makefile
1.4 mail/kshowmail/Makefile
1.3 mail/ksig/Makefile
1.18 mail/lbdb/Makefile
1.9 mail/liamail/Makefile
1.26 mail/libesmtp/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 1422 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump PORTREVISION on all ports that depend on gettext to aid with upgrading.

(Part 1)
Tue, 30 Dec 2003
[ 18:02 marcus ] Original commit 
1.8 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.5 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-drive.c
Correct the order in which we obtain read and write speeds so as not to
tokenize out the write speed before we process it.
[ 02:08 marcus ] Original commit 
1.7 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.4 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-drive.c
Correct a typo that could prevent obtaining the correct write speed.
Sun, 21 Dec 2003
[ 18:15 marcus ] Original commit 
1.6 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-drive.c
Fix the CD detection code so that SCSI CDs burners are properly detected,
as well as DVD burners.  With this patch, the correct CD write speed
should also be presented.

Tested by:      Jeremy Messenger <>
Mon, 17 Nov 2003
[ 12:29 trevor ] Original commit 
1.7 archivers/lbrate/Makefile
1.9 archivers/nomarch/Makefile
1.13 audio/arts/Makefile
1.2 audio/gnomespeech/Makefile
1.9 audio/snowstar/Makefile
1.5 benchmarks/pipebench/Makefile
1.7 chinese/mplayer-fonts/Makefile
1.28 converters/recode/Makefile
1.53 databases/libgda2/Makefile
1.26 databases/libgnomedb/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 151 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
USE_REINPLACE need be defined only when REINPLACE_CMD is used.
Thu, 2 Oct 2003
[ 19:22 marcus ] Original commit 
1.4 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-make-iso.c
Add Joliet support for long filenames.

Submitted by:   Pav Lucistnik <>
[ 17:13 marcus ] Original commit 
1.3 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-drive.c
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-record.c
* Treat all CD burners as RW to allow for blanking disks
* Burn all disks in DAO mode since n-c-b doesn't support multi-session, and
  adding this allows one to burn DVD.

Submitted by:   Pav Lucistnik <>
Thu, 25 Sep 2003
[ 05:37 adamw ] Original commit 
1.2 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-cd-drive.c
Fix on -CURRENT where 'c' node entries for CD devices don't exist.

Obtained from:  marcus
Thu, 18 Sep 2003
[ 07:03 marcus ] Original commit 
1.409 sysutils/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/distinfo
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/files/patch-configure
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-descr
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-message
1.1 sysutils/nautilus-cd-burner/pkg-plist
Add nautilus-cd-burner, a drag 'n' drop CD burner component for Nautilus.

Number of commits found: 68

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