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Port Added: 06 Jan 2017 20:01:17
License: ISCL
s6-rc is a service manager for s6-based systems, i.e. a suite of programs
that can start and stop services, both long-running daemons and one-time
initialization scripts, in the proper order according to a dependency tree.

It ensures that long-running daemons are supervised by the s6 infrastructure,
and that one-time scripts are also run in a controlled environment.

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    Pseudo-pkg-plist information, but much better, from make generate-plist
    Expand this list (42 items)
  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/s6-rc-
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/s6-rc-
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/s6-rc-
  4. bin/s6-rc-bundle
  5. bin/s6-rc-compile
  6. bin/s6-rc-db
  7. bin/s6-rc-dryrun
  8. include/s6-rc/config.h
  9. include/s6-rc/s6rc-constants.h
  10. include/s6-rc/s6rc-db.h
  11. include/s6-rc/s6rc-servicedir.h
  12. include/s6-rc/s6rc-utils.h
  13. include/s6-rc/s6rc.h
  14. lib/
  15. lib/
  16. lib/
  17. lib/
  18. lib/s6-rc/libs6rc.a
  19. libexec/s6-rc-fdholder-filler
  20. libexec/s6-rc-oneshot-run
  21. sbin/s6-rc
  22. sbin/s6-rc-init
  23. sbin/s6-rc-update
  24. share/doc/s6-rc/AUTHORS
  25. share/doc/s6-rc/COPYING
  26. share/doc/s6-rc/INSTALL
  27. share/doc/s6-rc/README
  28. share/doc/s6-rc/faq.html
  29. share/doc/s6-rc/index.html
  30. share/doc/s6-rc/overview.html
  31. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-bundle.html
  32. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-compile.html
  33. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-db.html
  34. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-dryrun.html
  35. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-init.html
  36. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-oneshot-run.html
  37. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc-update.html
  38. share/doc/s6-rc/s6-rc.html
  39. share/doc/s6-rc/upgrade.html
  40. share/doc/s6-rc/why.html
  41. @postexec /sbin/ldconfig -m /usr/local/lib
  42. @postunexec /sbin/ldconfig -R
  43. Collapse this list.

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/s6-rc/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install s6-rc

PKGNAME: s6-rc


TIMESTAMP = 1483732806
SHA256 (s6-rc- = 93f30557e2e2e5c507b5becef2bd26f377be6b6c542fb4627c3122e1c2d83ef9
SIZE (s6-rc- = 85549

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Build dependencies:
  1. execline>= : lang/execline
  2. gmake : devel/gmake
Runtime dependencies:
  1. execlineb : lang/execline
Library dependencies:
  1. : sysutils/s6
  2. : devel/skalibs
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options
===> The following configuration options are available for s6-rc-
     DOCS=on: Build and/or install documentation
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings


Master Sites:

Number of commits found: 1

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
06 Jan 2017 20:01:09
Original commit files touched by this commit
lifanov search for other commits by this committer
add sysutils/s6-rc - service manager for s6-based systems

PR:		208655
Submitted by:	Andris Raugulis <>
Reviewed by:	matthew
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:

Number of commits found: 1

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