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clucene-qt5 Qt bindings for the CLucene full-text search library
5.6.1 textproc Deleted on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port
Deprecated DEPRECATED: This port will be merged with qt5-help in Qt 5.7 ports.
Expired This port expired on: 2016-08-11
Maintainer: search for ports maintained by this maintainer
Port Added: 03 Mar 2014 16:50:50
License: LGPL21
Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers
using C++ or QML, a CSS/JavaScript-like language.

With Qt, code can be reused efficiently to target multiple platforms
with one code base. The modular C++ class library and developer tools
easily enables developers to create applications for one platform and
easily build and run to deploy on another platform.

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There is no configure plist information for this port

No installation instructions: this port has been deleted.

The package name of this deleted port was:

PKGNAME: qt5-clucene


TIMESTAMP = 1467701519
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qt3d-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = ad93015165b1ab1a8b458e08503c8f4c8450c2b58024a3ac074281a1a90ea80d
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qt3d-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 19763900
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtbase-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = d01cc1ee2be9ecdb169be3aea9dc9fc019c1c6d0bb87e0c88bb95b5b3dce7264
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtbase-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 46791688
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtcanvas3d-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 191e2cde0ac8b1ef6616263aac27f12f40335fed2bd60e29987724242b872760
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtcanvas3d-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 10836280
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtconnectivity-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 5a35abf6b515091e4b181b78d0ed82249972bf93f227d52c70531417c448d919
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtconnectivity-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 2630248
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtdeclarative-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 12fcfd4bc4bad469f07f8c5404d98646f88f61200b014d4fbcb3a0d9e70942b4
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtdeclarative-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 18803076
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtgraphicaleffects-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 57e97155da33a8a4023d1b33bc6f7bdef68a64640d04f45ef3db9dec721311d8
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtgraphicaleffects-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 14751076
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtimageformats-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 74f3bce4f9df0f1a94d41877a91405560ce79e4359fc831ee97f0c8248081b08
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtimageformats-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 1909092
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtlocation-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = d3b5768cf68945cd00c9df32fb87ca3bf85f5364dc2e441780840e2bd4d15061
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtlocation-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 3046500
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtmultimedia-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = d24b5b5fc9f296cc8446c27f1306a47ce5699b65cf1b821d6a43652cd8100515
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtmultimedia-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 3485964
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtquickcontrols-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 012aa6c4a697f352a9dc1373d8c1f37e33a6d956b6d14be7d1f9e4637d46a691
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtquickcontrols-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 5952340
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtquickcontrols2-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = bba0ddcf1a66c8dec3faeb9c84119992bb1ead09a674aae475d19c35cc8eeb8f
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtquickcontrols2-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 882000
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtscript-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 1cb2ef87aeff3d8d05685279b521c332b752e4559f8e2138fd36d3eb682bf79f
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtscript-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 2587832
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtsensors-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = c724cd14efc62d935ca822147bf9771e735995032c7b3b13e2e8156d283d942e
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtsensors-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 1973308
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtserialbus-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = bf453fd114131ff64b7ff9a412ef13f6e158d1b5cbebf8fa6b5938bb671bc8c0
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtserialbus-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 233600
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtserialport-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 0b74a2e85e34163c92b076a9af2bbb2c832516839f060266f0465f881f1be6c2
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtserialport-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 256724
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtsvg-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = f12e4fd4f169123f7648e45c593b2c5a4556a9b2db3a798467aa9c67c82b8a21
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtsvg-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 1723160
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qttools-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 77a38895ee2d3fe2d0df4a5e1bbef4d3f8870fe20cd3b2cea27bd2d380c17f71
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qttools-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 9819124
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qttranslations-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 69d52da2691e4c2be7bd5d5a39bdd948bc9dd1c118d417af09e1e30ac0f41c01
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qttranslations-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 1202688
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtwebchannel-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = f82cb5d1bc7af79453da8327464d800469dc40d92446051b4404047542020807
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtwebchannel-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 98196
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtwebsockets-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 551e3a6b8d945a3b1d707755c3d4d5fd6a86808ced492709aecf444fa228723a
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtwebsockets-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 170968
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtx11extras-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = e8eb1bd1b963576b1d360341903cb4065e4d361ce6f76304b4b929f42336e350
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtx11extras-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 33648
SHA256 (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 64f46e22aa17f26fe0542069932efdef84ce5d846a5db40ad8e7ad3eb6148160
SIZE (KDE/Qt/5.6.1/qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src-5.6.1.tar.xz) = 1324348

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Build dependencies:
  1. moc : devel/qt5-buildtools
  2. : devel/qt5-core
  3. qmake : devel/qmake5
Runtime dependencies:
  1. : devel/qt5-core
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options
     No options to configure

qmake tar:xz qmake:_env

Master Sites:
Port Moves
  • port deleted on 2016-11-25
    REASON: Reintegrated into devel/qt5-help

Number of commits found: 9

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
25 Nov 2016 20:28:53
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.6.1
tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Reintegrate textproc/clucene-qt5 into devel/qt5-help

As devel/qt5-help is the only consumer of textproc/clucene-qt5 and the latter
it is part of the same distfile we can simplify it, and get rid of clucene-qt5.

This was spotted by Marie Loise Nolden <> -- thanks :)

Reviewed by:	rakuco
Approved by:	rakuco (mentor)
Sponsored by:
17 Sep 2016 09:46:54
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.6.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update the Qt5 ports to 5.6.1.

This took longer than expected, but there are quite a few changes to the
existing ports and a few new ones.

General upstream changes:
- Starting with Qt 5.6.2, Qt will fail at configuration time if LibreSSL is
  being used. According to the discussion here:
  The Qt project is not opposed to LibreSSL, but does not want to mix
  support for it into the OpenSSL backend code, especially as they move
  towards supporting OpenSSL 1.1.
  People interested in LibreSSL support are welcome to submit a separate
  backend upstream, but are expected to maintain it. We (kde@) are not
  opposed to carrying some patches authored by others in the future, as long
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
12 Jun 2016 06:37:59
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1
pi search for other commits by this committer
textproc/clucene-qt5: deprecate, removal on 2016-08-11

We will merge the clucene-qt5 (package: qt5-clucene) with the
qt5-help port in order to simplify building Qt 5 and its dependencies.
clucene-qt5 is only required by qt5-help anyway, so there is no
real need to keep it split off.

Qt 5.7 ports will have those two ports merged and the clucene-qt5
port will expire with Qt 5.7 ports.

PR:		210202
Submitted by:	Ralf Nolden <> (kde)
24 Jan 2016 18:10:14
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.5.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.5.1.

This is the latest stable release at time of writing.

Release announcement:
New features in Qt 5.5:

As usual, huge thanks to Tobias Berner ( for all his work
on these ports in kde@'s experimental area51 repository. He's the one who
started the update and did a lot of the initial work on Qt 5.5. Ralf Nolden
( has contributed the initial version of most of our new Qt5

Also thanks to Yuri Victorovich ( for contributing PR 205805
with his own patch for the 5.5.1 update. Some of his changes there prompted
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
18 Mar 2015 09:37:43
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.4.1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.4.1.

This is probably the first time our Qt 5 ports are tracking the latest
upstream release :-)

There isn't much to report in this update, thanks to the effort spent in the
5.2->5.3 update: a lot of the work is just small plist and patch updates.
Thankfully, several patches have been upstreamed and are not needed on our
side anymore.

I would like to thank Alex Richardson <> and Tobias
Berner <> for their help with the plist updates and
general testing.

PR:		198585
05 Nov 2014 09:39:22
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.3.2
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 ports to 5.3.2.

Proudly presented by the KDE on FreeBSD team, with several guest stars.

This update took way longer than initially expected due to us previously
accumulating assumptions and changes to Qt's build system that finally bit
us back with the 5.3 release series, so we had to do a fair amount of

New ports:
- comms/qt5-serialport: Qt functions to access serial ports, originally
                        based on work by Fernando Apesteguia. [1]
- devel/qt5-qdoc: Qt documentation generator, the Qt5 equivalent of
                  devel/qt4-qdoc3. Originally worked on by Tobias Berner.
                  It had already been half-split from devel/qt5-buildtools,
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
23 Oct 2014 21:35:15
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
rakuco search for other commits by this committer
Remove @dirrm and @dirrmtry entries from the Qt ports.
19 Jul 2014 11:09:00
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1_1
tijl search for other commits by this committer
Remove libtool .la files from all Qt ports

Approvedy by:	kde (makc)
03 Mar 2014 16:50:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  5.2.1
makc search for other commits by this committer
KDE/FreeBSD team is happy to present Qt 5 in ports!

Alberto Villa (avilla@) has done all the hard work to create Qt 5 ports.
Trivial update from 5.2.0-beta1 to 5.2.1 by me.

Special thanks for Adriaan de Groot <> for his assistance for
Qt-5.2.0 update.

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt) (for Mk/

Number of commits found: 9

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