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kdeartwork Additional themes, sounds, wallpapers and window styles for KDE
2.2.2 x11-wm Deleted on this many watch lists=4 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout 2.2.2Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2001-08-20 12:21:09
Last Update: 2002-09-09 07:24:26
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  1. autoconf213 : devel/autoconf213
  2. automake14 : devel/automake14
  3. objprelink : devel/objprelink
  4. gmake : devel/gmake
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09 Sep 2002 07:24:26
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KDE2 is dead. The source is no longer available.
21 Jun 2002 02:48:48
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Distfiles have been moved on kde site to Attic.

PR:             ports/39558
Submitted by:   glewis
Reviewed by:    alane
30 Mar 2002 09:07:53
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Fix the KDE ports to not use objprelink, if OSVERSION >= 500029.  This is
not tested other than for syntax, but should DTRT from what I understand
of the problem.

Submitted by:   bento
11 Jan 2002 06:17:04
commit hash:fp1.23167@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.23167@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.23167@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Bring in a few changes to the KDE ports infrastructure, and some fixes.    -
Move all stuff specific to kde core ports to x11/kde2/Makefile.kde.      +
Default to compile optimized for speed, not debugging, in ports        builds,
not just packages.  We don't really get that many backtraces        or debugging
information, and there's a better way to provide these        things to people
willing to spend some time working on KDE.  It's        at (as announced
before):    - Remove teTeX dependency for kdegraphics2
upon request, and being unable      to find any reason not to.  Apparently,
kdegraphics still compiles      libkdvi and kdvi -- I guess dvips is merely a
runtime dependency.      Therefore to enable its use one just needs to add the
teTeX package.      Bump PORTREVISION to reflect dependency change.    - Fix
koffice port by removing PYTHON_VERSION, which is unnecessary.    
08 Jan 2002 01:24:11
commit hash:fp1.23020@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.23020@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.23020@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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If !WANT_KDE_NDEBUG and !PARALLEL_PACKAGE_BUILDING, also add   --enable-debug
and turn off stripping of binaries so we actually get all   the debugging we're
supposed to get.  :)    
05 Jan 2002 02:29:16
commit hash:fp1.22876@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.22876@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.22876@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Conditionalize use of objprelink based on whether we're running on  
MACHINE_ARCH=i386 *and* whether NO_KDE_OBJPRELINK is defined.    
07 Dec 2001 15:43:46
commit hash:fp1.21727@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.21727@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.21727@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Fix a problem with auto{conf,make}:  some build magic was introduced to   make
sure that the "autoconf" and "automake" binaries KDE looked for were   found and
were autoconf213 and automake14 (as there are issues with the   latest
versions), but the logic in setting $PATH was wrong.  This puts  
${WRKSRC}/auto-bin before the rest of the users $PATH.  This fixes KDE   auto*
problems if automake14 and automake-1.5 are both installed.    
04 Dec 2001 03:47:18
commit hash:fp1.21581@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.21581@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.21581@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Upgrade KDE to 2.2.2:    * General:           - Support for objprelink.         
 - Hack for autoconf 2.13/automake 1.4.  Note that we can't use             the
standard USE_AUTO* because they change things in work/*;             KDE has its
own way of doing that.           - Light cleanup of extra dirs in the PLISTs
provided by              my mkplistpkg[1] script.           - Speedups of both
compile and runtime through the usage of             --disable-debug and
--enable-final.  The latter did not work             with the kdemultimedia
package, unfortunately.           - Patch updates.    * audio/kdemultimedia2:   
       - Patch to fix KSCD on FreeBSD[2].  It works very well now.    *
deskutils/kdepim:           - Enable kpilot[3].  Pull in the latest pilot-link
stuff.    * devel/kdesdk,    * devel/kdevelop:           - No specific changes. 
  * devel/qt-designer:           - Make this port depend almost entirely on qt23
to make it more             maintainable, so I don't have to keep hacking the
patches to             get them to apply.    * editors/koffice,    *
games/kdegames,    * graphics/kdegraphics:           - No specific changes.    *
misc/kdeaddons:           - SDL is required now.  Cull SDL PLIST_SUB and such.  
        - Fix breakage from hardcoding "sdl-config".    * misc/kdeutils2:       
   - Fix problem with klaptopdaemon[4] where it didn't properly            
display the battery time.  This patch is untested, but applied.    *
net/kdenetwork2:           - Fix DCC for KSIRC[5].           - Remove ktalkd
from the build.  It requires some weird thing             in the configure
script that I don't have time to look at.    * sysutils/kdeadmin:           - No
specific changes.    * textproc/kdoc:           - Remove bogus requirement that
kdoc requires Perl 5.6.0; it sure             seems to operate fine with >=
5.005.  But I'll let time tell.    * www/quanta:           - No specific changes
(--disable-debug support only).    * x11/kde2:           - No specific changes. 
  * x11/kdebase2:           - Fix ksysguard compile by merging the files from
the HEAD branch             of KDE CVS that were missing at release time for
FreeBSD[6].  :\    * x11/kdelibs2:           - Recognize CUPS' spinoff[7].      
    - Add libxslt dependency since it was removed from kdelibs.           - Fix
libxml compile problems[8] (accomplished by upgrading).           - Remove
libkformula from port Makefile; this library has been             spun off into
koffice.           - Fix mode problems with DCOP[9].  This allows you to save
files             properly.  It also seems to be a FreeBSD specific problem.    
      - Fix bashisms in kdeprint/imagetops script[10].    * x11-clocks/kdetoys2:
          - No specific changes.    * x11-toolkits/qt23:           - Do NOT
upgrade to QT 2.3.2[11].           - Allow devel/qt-designer to depend on this
port entirely for the             patches by adding a perlre to accomplish this.
   * x11-wm/kdeartwork:           - No specific changes.    
27 Oct 2001 09:50:18
commit hash:fp1.20123@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.20123@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.20123@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Upgrade to 2.2.1.    
10 Sep 2001 21:22:28
commit hash:fp1.18568@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.18568@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.18568@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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01 Sep 2001 09:35:19
commit hash:fp1.18244@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.18244@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.18244@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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21 Aug 2001 18:59:02
commit hash:fp1.17594@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.17594@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.17594@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Remove three extra files.    
20 Aug 2001 16:21:09
commit hash:fp1.17537@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.17537@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit hash:fp1.17537@dev.null.freshports.orgcommit files touched by this commit
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Additional themes, sounds, wallpapers and window styles for KDE.    

Number of commits found: 13