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non port: head/games/Makefile

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Wed, 20 Feb 2013
[ 23:30 pawel ] Original commit 
312684 games/Makefile
312684 games/gigalomania
312684 games/gigalomania/Makefile
312684 games/gigalomania/distinfo
312684 games/gigalomania/pkg-descr
312684 games/gigalomania/pkg-plist
Gigalomania is a 2D real time strategy game that is a clone of Mega-Lo-Mania.
The gameplay consists of researching and developing new technology with
which to conquer your enemies, from rocks and sticks to nuclear weapons and
spaceships. You can advance through ten different ages, from the stone age
to the future. There are 28 different maps to play through.

Sun, 10 Feb 2013
[ 07:49 miwi ] Original commit 
311996 games/Makefile
311996 games/asteroid
311996 games/asteroid/Makefile
311996 games/asteroid/distinfo
311996 games/asteroid/pkg-descr
311996 games/asteroid/pkg-plist
Asteroid (just one!) is a modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids,
using OpenGL, GLUT, and optionally GTK and SDL_mixer. It features a variety
of powerups, taunting aliens, 3D textured asteroids, face-melting sound effects,
and infinite playability.

Use the left and right arrows to turn the ship, x to accelerate, and z to
shoot.  Pressing p will pause the game, f toggles fullscreen mode, and m mutes
and unmutes the audio.  There's also a right-click menu if you forget anything.

I'm not going to explain how to play Asteroids.  I will mention that the
wireframe octahedra that sometimes drift across the screen are powerups.  To
collect the powerups, run over them; or you can shoot them for bonus points
(if you don't want the benefit of the powerup).  You'll have to play the game
to figure out the different powerup types.


PR:		ports/171431
Submitted by:
[ 07:48 miwi ] Original commit 
311995 games/Makefile
311995 games/help_hannahs_horse
311995 games/help_hannahs_horse/Makefile
311995 games/help_hannahs_horse/distinfo
311995 games/help_hannahs_horse/pkg-descr
311995 games/help_hannahs_horse/pkg-plist
An arcade game best described as a cross between pacman and fastfood.
Collect the pills and carrots while avoiding the ghosts! Cute and colourful!

Basically, it's pacman with a fast food twist. You have to get the pills,
pacman style, while also collecting the carrots that move around the mazes.
There are also different styles of gates to make things trickier. These are:

* Red and White - only the ghosts can cross them
* Blue and White - only hannah can cross them
* Wooden gates - both hannah and the ghosts can cross, but only passing from
   below to above
* Red prison door things - need hannah to get the red key to open

There are some command line switches you can use:

-fullscreen will put the game in fullscreen mode
-map X will start the game on level X


PR:		ports/171486
Submitted by:
Tue, 5 Feb 2013
[ 11:32 bapt ] Original commit 
311699 MOVED
311699 games/Makefile
311699 games/freebsd-carddeck-kde4
2012-11-19 games/freebsd-carddeck-kde4: deck file format is obsolete
Sun, 3 Feb 2013
[ 20:10 makc ] Original commit 
311483 MOVED
311483 Mk/
311483 accessibility/jovie/Makefile
311483 accessibility/jovie/distinfo
311483 accessibility/kaccessible/Makefile
311483 accessibility/kaccessible/distinfo
311483 accessibility/kdeaccessibility4/Makefile
311483 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
311483 accessibility/kmag/distinfo

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KDE/FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.9.5 ports!

- kdebindings ports have been renamed to match upstream.
- kdemultimedia and kdenetwork have been split.
- New port games/pairs added.
- Trim Makefile header
- Convert to new option framework
- New USE_KDE4 components: libkcddb, libkcompactdisc
- Update:
	databases/akonadi to 1.9.0
	devel/grantlee to 0.3.0
	textproc/rasqal to 0.9.30
	textproc/redland-bindings to
	textproc/soprano to 2.9.0
	x11-toolkits/attica to 0.4.1

The area51 repository features commits by Schaich Alonso, avilla, dbn,
jhale, makc and rakuco.

- Oleg Sidorkin
- Tobias Berner
- Kurt Jaeger
Fri, 1 Feb 2013
[ 21:59 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
311403 games/Makefile
311403 games/valyriatear
311403 games/valyriatear/Makefile
311403 games/valyriatear/distinfo
311403 games/valyriatear/pkg-descr
311403 games/valyriatear/pkg-plist
Valyria Tear is an attempt at creating a free (as meant in the Gnu
Public License) J-RPG game.

The game engine has already got a lot of features, among some were
taken from its great predecessor: the Hero of Allacrost engine.

Wed, 30 Jan 2013
[ 21:54 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
311277 games/Makefile
311277 games/minetest_game
311277 games/minetest_game/Makefile
311277 games/minetest_game/distinfo
311277 games/minetest_game/pkg-descr
311277 games/minetest_game/pkg-plist
The main game for the Minetest game engine.

Tue, 29 Jan 2013
[ 22:58 jgh ] Original commit 
311190 games/Makefile
311190 games/chocolate-doom
311190 games/chocolate-doom/Makefile
311190 games/chocolate-doom/distinfo
311190 games/chocolate-doom/files
311190 games/chocolate-doom/files/patch-d__iwad.c
311190 games/chocolate-doom/pkg-descr
311190 games/chocolate-doom/pkg-message
311190 games/chocolate-doom/pkg-plist
- add new port: games/chocolate-doom

Chocolate Doom is a port of ID Software's Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom to
modern operating systems that aims to be as compatible with the original DOS
executable as possible. This includes emulating all the different versions,
playing demos perfectly accurately, playing "vanilla-only" PWADS, and netcode
that works on newer operating systems while still behaving the same as
"vanilla" Doom.


PR:		161701
Submitted by:
Wed, 16 Jan 2013
[ 08:12 araujo ] Original commit 
310481 MOVED
310481 games/Makefile
310481 games/py-anki
- Project games/py-anki was merged with games/anki.
- Update UPDATING and MOVED files.
Mon, 14 Jan 2013
[ 01:29 ak ] Original commit 
310353 games/Makefile
310353 games/epiar
310353 games/epiar/Makefile
310353 games/epiar/distinfo
310353 games/epiar/pkg-descr
310353 games/epiar/pkg-plist
Epiar (ep-ee-are) is an open source computer game, in which the player
navigates space from planet to planet, saving money to buy ship upgrades
and new ships. The player can also join mercenary missions, attack other
ships to steal their money and technology, and explore the universe.
The game combines the action/arcade elements of aircraft dogfighting and
the openness of role playing games to create this experience.

Epiar is a space exploration/combat/trading game. The Escape Velocity (EV)
series for the Mac was the major point of inspiration for this game.
Other notable games of this genre include:

- Elite (the original game EV was based on)
- Star control 1/2 (and it's now open source successor Ur-Quan masters)
- Star Flight
- Solar Winds


PR:		ports/174919
Submitted by:
Thu, 10 Jan 2013
[ 17:03 makc ] Original commit 
310190 games/Makefile
310190 games/golly
310190 games/golly/Makefile
310190 games/golly/distinfo
310190 games/golly/files
310190 games/golly/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
310190 games/golly/files/patch-wxhelp.cpp
310190 games/golly/files/patch-wxmain.cpp
310190 games/golly/files/patch-wxprefs.cpp
310190 games/golly/files/patch-wxpython.cpp

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Add new port games/golly:

Golly is an open source, cross-platform application for exploring
Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata.

Wed, 5 Dec 2012
[ 00:53 jgh ] Original commit 
308293 games/Makefile
308293 games/magicmaze
308293 games/magicmaze/Makefile
308293 games/magicmaze/distinfo
308293 games/magicmaze/files
308293 games/magicmaze/files/
308293 games/magicmaze/pkg-descr
- add new port: games/magicmaze

Magic Maze is a simple and low-tech monster-bashing maze game.

It was originally inspired by playing Gauntlet II on the Atari ST.


PR:		170774
Submitted by:
Feature safe:	yes
Tue, 4 Dec 2012
[ 22:42 pawel ] Original commit 
308284 games/Makefile
308284 games/tong
308284 games/tong/Makefile
308284 games/tong/distinfo
308284 games/tong/files
308284 games/tong/files/patch-tong.cpp
308284 games/tong/pkg-descr
308284 games/tong/pkg-plist
Tetris meets Pong, with more twists than a contortionist club's
secret handshake. Sometimes, the total is greater than the sum of the parts.
Tetris and Pong are classics, addictive and unshakable from their places in
gaming history. TONG is the result of mixing the two, capitalizing on the
essential qualities of each classic and adding new twists of its own to make
an explosive chemical reaction out of it all.


PR:		ports/173878
Submitted by:
Feature safe:	yes
Sun, 2 Dec 2012
[ 00:10 jgh ] Original commit 
308082 games/Makefile
308082 games/tuxfighter
308082 games/tuxfighter/Makefile
308082 games/tuxfighter/distinfo
308082 games/tuxfighter/files
308082 games/tuxfighter/files/
308082 games/tuxfighter/pkg-descr
308082 games/tuxfighter/pkg-message
308082 games/tuxfighter/pkg-plist
add new port: games/tuxfighter

Was the first visible part of The Python Game Book project.
TuxFighter is a little Asteroids-like Shooter game, written around 2006.
The game support modding. You control Tux, the penguin (with mouse or keyboard)
and shoot down rectangular enemies (to make points).
Shots may reflect from the screen border, and self-shooting result
in negative points.

In the game, you can pick up one of those power-up's and enjoy
different effects.


PR:		169893
Submitted by:
Feature safe:	yes
Fri, 30 Nov 2012
[ 19:07 jgh ] Original commit 
308023 games/Makefile
308023 games/megamario
308023 games/megamario/Makefile
308023 games/megamario/distinfo
308023 games/megamario/files
308023 games/megamario/files/patch-Makefile
308023 games/megamario/files/patch-src-functions.cpp
308023 games/megamario/files/patch-src-global.cpp
308023 games/megamario/files/patch-src-levels.h
308023 games/megamario/files/patch-src-main.cpp

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- add new port: games/megamario

Mega Mario is a Super Mario Bros. 1 clone.
It features everything the original features - with better graphics,
higher resolution, smoother movement and new levels.
The story of mario and Luigi continues in old-school style.


PR:		167893
Submitted by:
Feature safe:	yes
Thu, 29 Nov 2012
[ 07:45 bapt ] Original commit 
307956 MOVED
307956 games/Makefile
307956 games/kmquake2
307956 net/Makefile
307956 net/amqp08
2012-11-29 net/amqp08: No more public distfiles
2012-11-29 games/kmquake2: No more public distfiles

Feature safe:	yes
Wed, 28 Nov 2012
[ 15:08 bapt ] Original commit 
307908 MOVED
307908 deskutils/Makefile
307908 deskutils/ktagebuch
307908 editors/Makefile
307908 editors/jedit-devel
307908 emulators/Makefile
307908 emulators/gcube
307908 games/Makefile
307908 games/jetpack
307908 games/stepbill

(Only the first 10 of 21 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
2012-11-26 emulators/gcube: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/stepbill: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 deskutils/ktagebuch: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/jetpack: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/tremor: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 graphics/jpeg2pdf: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 java/westhawksnmp: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 japanese/tcl76: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 math/stepulator: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 editors/jedit-devel: Stable version is more recent than devel
2012-11-26 www/trac-wikirename: Functionality of this plugin is included in the
Trac core since 0.12

Feature safe:	yes
[ 11:17 bapt ] Original commit 
307900 MOVED
307900 comms/Makefile
307900 comms/garmin-utils
307900 comms/snooper
307900 databases/Makefile
307900 databases/php-sqlrelay
307900 devel/Makefile
307900 devel/fastdep
307900 ftp/Makefile
307900 ftp/mget

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2012-11-26 ftp/mget: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 graphics/yap: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/demonquake: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 databases/php-sqlrelay: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 devel/fastdep: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 graphics/svgviewer: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 comms/garmin-utils: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 comms/snooper: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 graphics/xfig-devel: Stable version is more recent than devel version
2012-11-26 irc/irchat-jp: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/xcogitate: No more public distfiles

Feature safe:	yes
[ 10:32 bapt ] Original commit 
307898 LEGAL
307898 MOVED
307898 dns/Makefile
307898 dns/sqldjbdns
307898 finance/Makefile
307898 finance/gfp
307898 games/44bsd-hunt
307898 games/Makefile
307898 games/six
307898 games/xbloody

(Only the first 10 of 22 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
2012-11-27 java/jmp: Java 1.5 is EOLed
2012-11-26 irc/tr-ircd: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 lang/imp-interpreter: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/xquarto: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/six: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 finance/gfp: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/44bsd-hunt: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 graphics/ale: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 german/digibux: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 java/eclipse-clay-core: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 games/xbloody: No more public distfiles
2012-11-26 dns/sqldjbdns: No more public distfiles

Feature safe:	yes
[ 03:23 swills ] Original commit 
307877 games/Makefile
307877 games/gtkevemon
307877 games/gtkevemon/Makefile
307877 games/gtkevemon/distinfo
307877 games/gtkevemon/pkg-descr
307877 games/gtkevemon/pkg-plist
An EVE Online skill monitoring standalone application.


PR:		ports/173909
Feature safe:	yes
Tue, 20 Nov 2012
[ 22:05 pawel ] Original commit 
307601 games/Makefile
307601 games/capitalism
307601 games/capitalism/Makefile
307601 games/capitalism/distinfo
307601 games/capitalism/pkg-descr
307601 games/capitalism/pkg-plist
Capitalism is a Client for the Monopd server.
You can play Monopoly like games with it.


PR:		ports/173365
Submitted by:
Feature safe:	yes
Sat, 17 Nov 2012
[ 09:52 pawel ] Original commit 
307500 MOVED
307500 games/Makefile
307500 games/starfighter
307500 games/starfighter/Makefile
307500 games/starfighter/distinfo
307500 games/starfighter/files
307500 games/starfighter/pkg-descr
307500 games/starfighter/pkg-plist
(Readdition of games/starfighter which was removed on 218872)

Project: Starfighter is an old school 2D shoot 'em up. In the game you take on
the role of a rebel pilot called Chris, who is attempting to overthrow a
military corporation called Weapco. Weapco has seized control of the known
universe and currently rules it with an iron fist. Chris can no longer stand
back and watch as millions of people suffer and die. He steals an experimental
craft known as "Firefly" and begins his mission to fight his way to Sol,
freeing key systems along the way. The game opens with Chris attempting to
escape a Weapco patrol that has intercepted him.


PR:		ports/173494
Submitted by:	nemysis <>
Feature safe:	yes
Thu, 25 Oct 2012
[ 22:57 bapt ] Original commit 
306410 LEGAL
306410 MOVED
306410 devel/Makefile
306410 devel/datadesigner
306410 devel/ecos-tools
306410 devel/klassmodeler
306410 devel/libsigc++
306410 devel/vb2c
306410 dns/Makefile
306410 dns/gresolver

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2012-10-20 games/yace: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 games/xripple: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 games/wolf3d: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 games/pets: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 games/linux-enemyterritory-fortress: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 games/linux-enemyterritory-etpub: No more public distfiles (for the
2012-10-20 games/freesci: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 dns/gresolver: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 devel/vb2c: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 devel/portlet-api: No more public distfiles
2012-10-20 devel/libsigc++: Abandoned upstream, no more depending ports
2012-10-20 devel/klassmodeler: Abandonware, depends on the deprecated wxGTK 2.4
2012-10-20 devel/ecos-tools: Depends on an obsolete version of wx, broken with
gcc4.2 for long
2012-10-20 devel/datadesigner: Abandonware, depends on the deprecated wxGTK 2.4

Feature safe:	yes
Tue, 16 Oct 2012
[ 16:13 ak ] Original commit 
305980 MOVED
305980 games/8kingdoms
305980 games/Makefile
305980 games/freeorion
305980 games/rigsofrods
Remove expired ports:
2012-05-10 games/8kingdoms: BROKEN for more than 6 month
2012-05-10 games/freeorion: BROKEN for more than 6 month
2012-05-10 games/rigsofrods: BROKEN for more than 6 month

Feature safe:	yes
Fri, 12 Oct 2012
[ 17:26 pawel ] Original commit 
305790 games/Makefile
305790 games/rescue
305790 games/rescue/Makefile
305790 games/rescue/distinfo
305790 games/rescue/files
305790 games/rescue/files/
305790 games/rescue/pkg-descr
Rescue Max is a Action Adventure in Space written in java.
It is based on a old mac game called Rescue! by Tom Spreen.

A 2D space real-time, action/strategy game. You are in control of a ship that
you fly around space fighting enemies and making friends on your way.
The main objective is to rescue people from planets and take them to star bases.


PR:		ports/172123
Submitted by:
Feature safe:	yes
Thu, 11 Oct 2012
[ 05:33 jgh ] Original commit 
305698 games/Makefile
305698 games/smashbattle
305698 games/smashbattle/Makefile
305698 games/smashbattle/distinfo
305698 games/smashbattle/files
305698 games/smashbattle/files/patch-Makefile
305698 games/smashbattle/files/
305698 games/smashbattle/pkg-descr
add new port: games/smashbattle

Smash Battle is a cross platform, 8-bit style game where two,
three or four player face off against each other.
The game was inspired by the mario battle minigame from mario 3
when we started developing, but changed a lot over time.


PR:		167855
Submitted by:
Feature safe: 	yes
Tue, 9 Oct 2012
[ 23:56 jgh ] Original commit 
305624 games/Makefile
305624 games/bombherman
305624 games/bombherman/Makefile
305624 games/bombherman/distinfo
305624 games/bombherman/pkg-descr
305624 games/bombherman/pkg-plist
- add new port: games/bombherman

A Bomberman clone written in C++, student project for SUPINFO, France


PR:		167973
Submitted by:
[ 23:16 jgh ] Original commit 
305620 games/Makefile
305620 games/barbie_seahorse_adventures
305620 games/barbie_seahorse_adventures/Makefile
305620 games/barbie_seahorse_adventures/distinfo
305620 games/barbie_seahorse_adventures/files
305620 games/barbie_seahorse_adventures/files/
305620 games/barbie_seahorse_adventures/pkg-descr
- add new port: games/barbie_seahorse_adventures

You are a seahorse and you want to go to the moon!


PR:		167854
Submitted by:
Thu, 4 Oct 2012
[ 19:40 pawel ] Original commit 
305276 games/Makefile
305276 games/domination
305276 games/domination/Makefile
305276 games/domination/distinfo
305276 games/domination/files
305276 games/domination/files/
305276 games/domination/files/
305276 games/domination/files/
305276 games/domination/files/
305276 games/domination/pkg-descr
Domination is a board game that is a bit like the well known game Risk.

Domination is a game that is a bit like the well known board game of Risk
or RisiKo. It has many game options and includes many maps.

Written in java it includes a map editor, a simple map format, multiplayer
network play, single player, hotseat, 5 user interfaces and many more features,
it works in all OSs that run java.


PR:		ports/172167
Submitted by:	nemysis <>
[ 16:57 jgh ] Original commit 
305268 games/Makefile
305268 games/castlevox
305268 games/castlevox/Makefile
305268 games/castlevox/distinfo
305268 games/castlevox/files
305268 games/castlevox/files/
305268 games/castlevox/pkg-descr
305268 games/castlevox/pkg-plist
add new port: games/castlevox

Castle Vox is a next generation computer strategy board game.
Capture all the enemy Castles to win!


 - Fast world domination.
 - Plan attacks simultaneously.
 - Collaborate with teammates.

 - Maps from history and fantasy.
 - Giant maps with many players.
 - Map editor included.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
[ 11:16 arved ] Original commit 
305252 games/Makefile
305252 games/lolcat
305252 games/lolcat/Makefile
305252 games/lolcat/distinfo
305252 games/lolcat/pkg-descr
Add lolcat, brings rainbows and unicorns to your terminal
Wed, 3 Oct 2012
[ 19:51 pawel ] Original commit 
305220 games/Makefile
305220 games/netwalk
305220 games/netwalk/Makefile
305220 games/netwalk/distinfo
305220 games/netwalk/pkg-descr
NetWalk is a puzzle game where the object is to connect every terminal to the
main server. (These are represented by coloured boxes, so you could
also imagine them to be water mains, electricity cables, phone lines, etc.)

In this version, not only must every terminal be connected, but every piece of
cable must also be connected to the main server somehow.


PR:		ports/172173
Submitted by:	nemysis <>
Sat, 22 Sep 2012
[ 16:22 bsam ] Original commit 
304694 games/Makefile
304694 games/patapizza-tetris
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/Makefile
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/distinfo
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/files
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/files/
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/files/patch-Makefile
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/files/patch-tetris.c
304694 games/patapizza-tetris/pkg-descr
Add patapizza-tetris 1.0, unofficial clone of the original Tetris game.

PR:		ports/170704
Submitted by:
Fri, 21 Sep 2012
[ 22:51 jhale ] Original commit 
304644 LEGAL
304644 games/Makefile
304644 games/speakinghangman
304644 games/speakinghangman/Makefile
304644 games/speakinghangman/distinfo
304644 games/speakinghangman/files
304644 games/speakinghangman/files/
304644 games/speakinghangman/pkg-descr
304644 games/speakinghangman/pkg-plist
Add new port games/speakinghangman

Educational game to practice and expand English and Spanish

PR:		ports/171854
Submitted by:	nemysis <nemysis at>
Approved by:	makc (mentor)
[ 13:13 bsam ] Original commit 
304631 games/Makefile
304631 games/puckman
304631 games/puckman/Makefile
304631 games/puckman/distinfo
304631 games/puckman/files
304631 games/puckman/files/patch-Makefile
304631 games/puckman/files/patch-puckman.c
304631 games/puckman/pkg-descr
Add puckman 1.0, an unofficial clone of the original Pac-Man game.

PR:		ports/170682
Submitted by:
Tue, 11 Sep 2012
[ 13:18 makc ] Original commit 
304094 games/Makefile
Connect supertux-devel
Sat, 1 Sep 2012
[ 15:55 gjb ] Original commit 
303486 games/Makefile
303486 games/iceicepenguin
303486 games/iceicepenguin/Makefile
303486 games/iceicepenguin/distinfo
303486 games/iceicepenguin/files
303486 games/iceicepenguin/files/
303486 games/iceicepenguin/pkg-descr
Ice Ice Penguin is a remake of an old SEGA Dreamcast game called Chu Chu

PR:		ports/171097
Submitted by:	nemysis <> (maintainer)
Approved by:	crees (mentor)
[ 15:14 gjb ] Original commit 
303482 games/Makefile
303482 games/pacmanarena
303482 games/pacmanarena/Makefile
303482 games/pacmanarena/distinfo
303482 games/pacmanarena/pkg-descr
Pacman Arena is a Pacman clone in full 3D with a few surprises.
Rockets, bombs and explosions abound.

A Pacman clone gone mad

Yes, it's Pacman. With rockets. And bombs. And spoiled gameplay.
And in full 3D.  Finally, a version of Pacman which will bring
your shiny new machine down to it's knees.

PR:		ports/171184
Submitted by:	nemysis <> (maintainer)
Approved by:	eadler (mentor)
Fri, 17 Aug 2012
[ 13:25 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
302683 games/Makefile
302683 games/xgalaga++
302683 games/xgalaga++/Makefile
302683 games/xgalaga++/distinfo
302683 games/xgalaga++/files
302683 games/xgalaga++/files/
302683 games/xgalaga++/pkg-descr
XGalaga++ is a classic vertical scrolling shoot em up.
It requires no X Window extension and its window is freely resizable.
It is inspired by XGalaga, but rewritten from scratch,
except for the graphics.


PR:		ports/167240
Submitted by:	nemysis <>
[ 13:24 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
302682 games/Makefile
302682 games/gottet
302682 games/gottet/Makefile
302682 games/gottet/distinfo
302682 games/gottet/pkg-descr
Gottet is a tetris clone.


PR:		ports/167235
Submitted by:	nemysis <>
Thu, 16 Aug 2012
[ 08:06 tota ] Original commit 
302618 games/Makefile
302618 games/gti
302618 games/gti/Makefile
302618 games/gti/distinfo
302618 games/gti/pkg-descr
- Add a new port: games/gti

  It's a program that displays a badly made ASCII-art animation to
  punish you for your typing error - and after that magically launches
  the command you meant to launch.

  The code is available under an MIT-like license on github - though
  of course anybody can write his or her own version in a couple of

  This whole thing is heavily inspired by sl, which displays a steam
  locomotive. However, gti is actually nicer than sl as it at least
  executes git after the animation. :-)

Tue, 14 Aug 2012
[ 05:51 jgh ] Original commit 
302490 games/Makefile
302490 games/connectagram
302490 games/connectagram/Makefile
302490 games/connectagram/distinfo
302490 games/connectagram/pkg-descr
Connectagram is a word unscrambling game. The board consists
of several scrambled words that are joined together.
You can choose the length of the words, the amount of words,
and the pattern that the words are arranged in.
The game provides a hint option for times when you are stuck,
and features an online word lookup that fetches the definitions
of each word from Your current progress is automatically saved.

Note that this game involves a large and varied word list,
some of which may be considered inappropriate for children.
You can edit the file containing the word list if you wish
to remove words from your game. The location of this file varies by platform.


PR:		ports/167849
Submitted by:
Fri, 10 Aug 2012
[ 03:20 jgh ] Original commit 
302374 games/Makefile
302374 games/nelly
302374 games/nelly/Makefile
302374 games/nelly/distinfo
302374 games/nelly/files
302374 games/nelly/files/
302374 games/nelly/pkg-descr
add new port: games/nelly

A physics-based puzzle game written in Python for PyWeek 2.
Features over 15 levels, a free-play mode and an integrated level editor.


PR:	170057
Submitted by:
Wed, 8 Aug 2012
[ 20:09 jgh ] Original commit 
302306 games/Makefile
302306 games/moagg
302306 games/moagg/Makefile
302306 games/moagg/distinfo
302306 games/moagg/files
302306 games/moagg/files/
302306 games/moagg/pkg-descr
add new port: games/moagg

Moagg stands for "Mother of all gravity games".
In this game you are pilot of a small space ship and have to navigate it
through different caves by using the thrusters and rotating the ship.
But besides gravity there are many other difficulties you have to master.

The game is strongly influenced by some classical cave flyers from
the C64 and Amiga era such as "Space Taxi" or "Gravity Force".
But Moagg is supposed to be more than just a clone of these games.


PR:	170459
Submitted by:
Mon, 6 Aug 2012
[ 06:05 dinoex ] Original commit 
302146 MOVED
302146 games/Makefile
302146 games/gomoku
302146 games/
- drop .app suffix in portname
Sat, 4 Aug 2012
[ 22:01 jgh ] Original commit 
302036 games/Makefile
302036 games/kye-data
302036 games/kye-data/Makefile
302036 games/kye-data/distinfo
302036 games/kye-data/pkg-descr
302036 games/kye-data/pkg-plist
add new port: games/kye-data

Original extra Levels for Python Kye.

This is a clone of the game Kye for Windows, originally by Colin Garbutt. It
is a puzzle game, which is a little like the old falling-rocks puzzle games,
and perhaps also inspired a little by Sokoban. But Kye has more variety of
objects, and so is capable of posing quite complex puzzles.

This clone is written by Colin Phipps <> in Python and uses
gtk. So it will run on modern Linux systems easily enough, and indeed should
work on any system with working Python and pygtk. It works on Windows as well,
for instance.


PR:	ports/170312
Submitted by:
[ 21:59 jgh ] Original commit 
302035 games/Makefile
302035 games/kye
302035 games/kye/Makefile
302035 games/kye/distinfo
302035 games/kye/files
302035 games/kye/files/
302035 games/kye/pkg-descr
302035 games/kye/pkg-plist
add new port: games/kye

This is a clone of the game Kye for Windows, originally by Colin Garbutt. It
is a puzzle game, which is a little like the old falling-rocks puzzle games,
and perhaps also inspired a little by Sokoban. But Kye has more variety of
objects, and so is capable of posing quite complex puzzles.

This clone is written by Colin Phipps <> in Python and uses
gtk. So it will run on modern Linux systems easily enough, and indeed should
work on any system with working Python and pygtk. It works on Windows as well,
for instance.


PR:	ports/170311
Submitted by:
Thu, 19 Jul 2012
[ 19:56 cs ] Original commit 
301186 games/Makefile
301186 games/pycadia
301186 games/pycadia/Makefile
301186 games/pycadia/distinfo
301186 games/pycadia/files
301186 games/pycadia/files/pycadia.conf
301186 games/pycadia/pkg-descr
The Pycadia project is a collection of vector arcade games written in Python
using the excellent pygame libraries.

Current games are:

SpaceWarpy is a conversion of the original classic game Spacewar!.
Vektoroids is loosely based on the arcade classic Asteroids.


PR:		ports/168113
Submitted by:
Wed, 18 Jul 2012
[ 12:39 cs ] Original commit 
301090 games/Makefile
301090 games/mopesnake
301090 games/mopesnake/Makefile
301090 games/mopesnake/distinfo
301090 games/mopesnake/pkg-descr
Master Of Pain (Eating) - Snake
Is a classic snake game in which you attempt to eat all the pain in the world,
bravely accepting the inevitable consequences for your waistline.  mop(e)snake
features an innovative single-finger control method, as well as the normal
four-directional control system familiar to fans of snake.  The game doesn't
feature any of the extra features, bonuses, wrap-around levels and other
featuritis that ruins most versions of snake.


PR:		ports/167974
Submitted by:
[ 11:27 madpilot ] Original commit 
301078 games/Makefile
301078 games/asteroids3d
301078 games/asteroids3d/Makefile
301078 games/asteroids3d/distinfo
301078 games/asteroids3d/files
301078 games/asteroids3d/files/patch-src-texture.c
301078 games/asteroids3d/pkg-descr
A simple first person shooter of blowing up asteroids in 3D space.
The codebase also serves as an introduction to trigonometry and OpenGL.


PR:		ports/168177
Submitted by:
Approved by:	tabthorpe (mentor)
Wed, 13 Jun 2012
[ 11:57 ak ] Original commit 
1.2879 MOVED
1.1441 games/Makefile
1.102 games/wesnoth-devel/Makefile
1.62 games/wesnoth-devel/distinfo
1.3 games/wesnoth-devel/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
1.2 games/wesnoth-devel/files/patch-doc-CMakeLists.txt
1.2 games/wesnoth-devel/files/patch-po-CMakeLists.txt
1.2 games/wesnoth-devel/files/patch-src-CMakeLists.txt
1.3 games/wesnoth-devel/files/patch-src-ana-src-CMakeLists.txt
1.2 games/wesnoth-devel/files/patch-src-gettext.cpp

(Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove expired port:
2012-05-10 games/wesnoth-devel BROKEN for more than 6 month

Approved by:    eadler (mentor)
Tue, 12 Jun 2012
[ 21:58 bapt ] Original commit 
1.703 LEGAL
1.2875 MOVED
1.454 deskutils/Makefile
1.14 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/Makefile
1.7 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/distinfo
1.2 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/files/
1.2 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/files/sciplore-mindmapping.xml
1.2 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/files/splmm48.png
1.2 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/pkg-descr
1.6 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 44 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
2012-05-31 deskutils/sciplore-mindmapping: Discontinued, use deskutils/docear
2012-06-07 devel/libtool-fixed: libtool has been fixed, no more need of this
2012-05-23 devel/p5-Devel-ObjectTracker: removed from CPAN
2012-05-10 devel/rubygem-vmc: BROKEN for more than 6 month
2012-06-01 games/antrix: no more public distfiles, abandoned upstream
2012-05-10 games/sfbol: BROKEN for more than 6 month
2012-06-01 java/eclipseme: depends on java/sun-wtk
2012-05-10 mail/lmtpd: BROKEN for more than 6 month
[ 06:15 martymac ] Original commit 
1.2874 MOVED
1.1439 games/Makefile
1.34 games/flightgear-atlas/Makefile
1.6 games/flightgear-atlas/distinfo
1.3 games/flightgear-atlas/pkg-descr
1.2 games/flightgear-atlas/pkg-message
1.6 games/flightgear-atlas/pkg-plist
Remove games/flightgear-atlas, unmaintained upstream
Sat, 2 Jun 2012
[ 11:01 sperber ] Original commit 
1.1438 games/Makefile
1.1 games/unknown-horizons/Makefile
1.1 games/unknown-horizons/distinfo
1.1 games/unknown-horizons/files/
1.1 games/unknown-horizons/files/
1.1 games/unknown-horizons/pkg-descr
1.1 games/unknown-horizons/pkg-plist
Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis
on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and
wealthy colony, collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods.
Increase your power with a well balanced economy and with strategic trade and


PR:           ports/168409
Submitted by: Green Dog <fiziologus _at_> (maintainer)
Approved by:  decke (mentor)
Fri, 25 May 2012
[ 20:49 madpilot ] Original commit 
1.701 LEGAL
1.1437 games/Makefile
1.1 games/rftg/Makefile
1.1 games/rftg/distinfo
1.1 games/rftg/pkg-descr
1.1 games/rftg/pkg-plist
Race for the Galaxy AI is a GTK-based version of the card game of the
same name supporting both online multiplayer and man-vs-machine modes.


PR:             ports/156362
Submitted by:   "Miles V. Aronnax" <>
Approved by:    crees (mentor), tabthorpe (mentor)
[ 13:57 miwi ] Original commit 
1.1436 games/Makefile
1.1 games/py-fife/Makefile
1.1 games/py-fife/distinfo
1.1 games/py-fife/files/patch-SConstruct
1.1 games/py-fife/pkg-descr
1.1 games/py-fife/pkg-plist
FIFE is a cross platform 2D game creation framework written in C++ with Python
bindings. It's designed to be flexible enough to support a wide variety of
2D game types but specializes in 2D isometric type views.


PR:             ports/168231
Submitted by:   GreenDog <>
[ 07:05 madpilot ] Original commit 
1.1 games/0ad/Makefile
1.1 games/0ad/distinfo
1.1 games/0ad/files/patch-build-premake-premake4-build-gmake.unix-Premake4.make
1.1 games/0ad/files/patch-build-premake-premake4.lua
1.1 games/0ad/files/patch-build-resources-0ad.desktop
1.1 games/0ad/files/
1.1 games/0ad/files/patch-libraries-fcollada-src-FCollada-FUtils-FUStringBuilder.hpp
1.1 games/0ad/files/patch-libraries-nvtt-src-src-nvtt-squish-CMakeLists.txt
1.1 games/0ad/files/
1.1 games/0ad/files/patch-source-lib-sysdep-os-unix-x-x.cpp

(Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add 0ad, real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare.

Approved by:    crees (mentor)
Sat, 19 May 2012
[ 10:23 ak ] Original commit 
1.1434 games/Makefile
1.1 games/impossible_mission_puzzle/Makefile
1.1 games/impossible_mission_puzzle/distinfo
1.1 games/impossible_mission_puzzle/pkg-descr
This is a puzzle from the old C64 Impossible Mission game.
The idea is to combine the 36 tiles in sets of 4, such that each set
of 4 makes a solid block. Clicking on the tiles on the left toggles
them. A tile can't be turned on if it overlaps with any existing on
tiles. The lone rectangle on the right is the combination of all
the on tiles. Clicking on that is an easy way to turn all tiles off.

When 4 tiles combine to make a solid block, they vanish. The goal is
to get rid of all the tiles. There is no score or timer. Just do it
for the intellectual exercise.

PR:     ports/167354
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
Approved by:    eadler, itetcu (mentors, implicit)
Fri, 18 May 2012
[ 20:21 rm ] Original commit 
1.1433 games/Makefile
1.1 games/ioquake3-devel-server/Makefile
1.13 games/ioquake3-devel/Makefile
1.13 games/ioquake3-devel/distinfo
1.1 games/ioquake3-server/Makefile
1.28 games/ioquake3/Makefile
1.2 games/ioquake3/files/patch-code-client-cl_curl.h
1.5 games/ioquake3/pkg-descr
1.6 games/ioquake3/pkg-plist
1.1 games/iourbanterror-server/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 26 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- split out -server part from ioquake3-based ports:
  - games/ioquake3-devel-server added
  - games/ioquake3-server added
  - games/iourbanterror-server
  - games/openarena-server added
- update games/ioquake3-devel to svn revision 2244
- update games/openarena to 0.8.8
- update games/openarena-data to 0.8.8

Doing this in single commit since all this ports are
tightly interconnected.

PR:             ports/165842
Submitted by:   Dominic Fandrey <kamikaze at bsdforen dot de> (maintainer)
[ 04:43 miwi ] Original commit 
1.1432 games/Makefile
1.1 games/thegrind/Makefile
1.1 games/thegrind/distinfo
1.1 games/thegrind/pkg-descr
The Grind is a simple game about escaping from work at a reasonable hour
by avoiding responsibility.

The goal is to acquire as little work (as few "to-do's") as possible
throughout your 9-5 workday.
Wander around the cubicles and hide from the men in suits--if they're
coming your way, that means they want to give you work!

Use the arrow keys to move, space to start, and escape to exit.


PR:             ports/168087
Submitted by:
[ 04:42 miwi ] Original commit 
1.1431 games/Makefile
1.1 games/fbg2/Makefile
1.1 games/fbg2/distinfo
1.1 games/fbg2/pkg-descr
Falling Block Game is a free, open source block stacking game available for
Windows and Linux. The object of the game is to move and rotate pieces in order
to fill in complete rows. The more rows you clear at once,
the more points you score!


PR:             ports/168086
Submitted by:
[ 04:42 miwi ] Original commit 
1.1430 games/Makefile
1.1 games/cretan-hubris/Makefile
1.1 games/cretan-hubris/distinfo
1.1 games/cretan-hubris/pkg-descr
You are the master architect Daedalus. You have just finished building
the Labyrinth; a massive, elaborate maze on the Isle of Crete.

Unfortunately, boasts about your accomplishment have drawn the wrath of jealous
gods. They have sent a burning energy wave rippling through your creation...


PR:             ports/168085
Submitted by:
[ 04:41 miwi ] Original commit 
1.1429 games/Makefile
1.1 games/avoision/Makefile
1.1 games/avoision/distinfo
1.1 games/avoision/pkg-descr
Avoision is a straightforward, yet captivating distillation of vintage arcade
entertainment requiring strategy, precision, and perseverance with a singular
objective: capture the red square while evading innumerable cruel,
spiteful white squares.


PR:             ports/168083
Submitted by:
Tue, 15 May 2012
[ 16:23 mva ] Original commit 
1.1428 games/Makefile
1.1 games/kajaani-kombat/Makefile
1.1 games/kajaani-kombat/distinfo
1.1 games/kajaani-kombat/pkg-descr
Kajaani Kombat is a funny multiplayer game... and much more!
It is a rampart-like game (old arcade classic) set in space.

Kajaani Kombat is playable with two to four players, over the internet
or alternatively two players sharing one computer. It is also possible
to play over the internet with, for example, 4 players of which two are
sharing the same computer. Enjoy it with your friends!


PR:             ports/167374
Submitted by:
[ 13:19 flo ] Original commit 
1.1427 games/Makefile

Pointy hat to:  scheidell
[ 10:01 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.1426 games/Makefile
1.1 games/black-box/Makefile
1.1 games/black-box/distinfo
1.1 games/black-box/pkg-descr
1.1 games/black-box/pkg-plist
There's a black box. You can shoot in and watch, where the shot
leaves the box.  In the box, crystals are reflecting the shots.
You have to guess where the crystals are hidden, by watching your


PR:             167355
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
[ 09:58 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.1425 games/Makefile
1.1 games/syobon/Makefile
1.1 games/syobon/distinfo
1.1 games/syobon/pkg-descr
Syobon Action (also known as Cat Mario or Neko Mario) is a platform game
with a similar gameplay experience as Super Mario Bros,
except it s more difficult and was written by some psychopath.


- While here, sort games/Makefile

PR:             167694
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
Mon, 14 May 2012
[ 23:59 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.1424 games/Makefile
1.1 games/tanglet/Makefile
1.1 games/tanglet/distinfo
1.1 games/tanglet/pkg-descr
1.1 games/tanglet/pkg-plist
Tanglet is a single player word finding game based on Boggle. The
object of the game is to list as many words as you can before the
time runs out. There are several timer modes that determine how
much time you start with, and if you get extra time when you find
a word.

You can join letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in any
direction to make a word, so as long as the letters are next to
each other on the board. However, you can not reuse the same letter
cells in a single word. Also, each word must be at least three
letters on a normal board, and four letters on a large board.


PR:             167239
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
[ 18:11 mva ] Original commit 
1.1423 games/Makefile
1.1 games/sets/Makefile
1.1 games/sets/distinfo
1.1 games/sets/files/patch-Makefile
1.1 games/sets/pkg-descr
This is an implementation of the sets game.


PR:             ports/167237
Submitted by:
[ 18:06 mva ] Original commit 
1.1422 games/Makefile
1.1 games/krank/Makefile
1.1 games/krank/distinfo
1.1 games/krank/files/patch-krank
1.1 games/krank/pkg-descr
A game of dexterity, being somewhere between Breakout and billiard,
where the aim of each level is to shove floating stones towards
compatible static stones.
You control a short chain of stones with your mouse to achieve that.


PR:             ports/167236
Submitted by:
Sun, 13 May 2012
[ 10:12 mva ] Original commit 
1.1421 games/Makefile
1.1 games/simsu/Makefile
1.1 games/simsu/distinfo
1.1 games/simsu/pkg-descr
1.1 games/simsu/pkg-plist
Simsu is a basic Sudoku game. You can switch between filling in notes
(pencil mode), or filling in answers (pen mode).
To make it easier to see where to place numbers, you can highlight
all instances of a number. You can also check your answers for
correctness while playing. The game stores your current notes and answers,
so that you can pick up where you left off the next time you play.


PR:             ports/167238
Submitted by:
Fri, 11 May 2012
[ 20:49 scheidell ] Original commit 
1.1420 games/Makefile
1.1 games/netrek-client-cow/Makefile
1.1 games/netrek-client-cow/distinfo
1.1 games/netrek-client-cow/files/patch-parsemeta.c
1.1 games/netrek-client-cow/files/
1.1 games/netrek-client-cow/pkg-descr
1.1 games/netrek-client-cow/pkg-plist
Netrek is a multi-player battle simulation with a Star Trek theme.
As a player, you captain starships to engage enemy vessels, bomb
armies and invade planets in order to expand your team's space empire.
The ultimate goal is to genocide the enemy race, but the carnage of
battles along the way is ruthlessly fast paced and a lot of fun!

It's a team-oriented game with realtime dogfighting but involving a
lot of ongoing strategy. It costs no money to play, there are no ads,
and it's open source.


PR:             ports/167349
Submitted by:   Kevin Zheng <>
[ 15:47 mva ] Original commit 
1.1419 games/Makefile
1.1 games/blockrage/Makefile
1.1 games/blockrage/distinfo
1.1 games/blockrage/files/patch-configure
1.1 games/blockrage/pkg-descr
Block Rage is a falling blocks game with a 2-player hotseat mode,
detailed graphics and animated plasmatic backgrounds.
It is a remake of the awesome DOS classic Xixit.


PR:             ports/167395
Submitted by:
Mon, 7 May 2012
[ 18:29 pawel ] Original commit 
1.1418 games/Makefile
1.1 games/glightoff/Makefile
1.1 games/glightoff/distinfo
1.1 games/glightoff/pkg-descr
1.1 games/glightoff/pkg-plist
GLightOff is a simple (but not so easy to solve!) puzzle game.
The goal is to switch off all the lights on the 5x5 board.


PR:             ports/167232
Submitted by:
[ 15:32 crees ] Original commit 
1.1417 games/Makefile
1.1 games/cutemaze/Makefile
1.1 games/cutemaze/distinfo
1.1 games/cutemaze/pkg-descr
1.1 games/cutemaze/pkg-plist
CuteMaze is a simple, top-down game in which mazes are randomly generated using
one of a choice of several different algorithms.
You move the character through the maze while hunting for targets
(cheese, by default)
the game is won once all of these targets have been picked up.


PR:             ports/166930
Submitted by:
[ 15:20 crees ] Original commit 
1.1416 games/Makefile
1.1 games/bubble-chains/Makefile
1.1 games/bubble-chains/distinfo
1.1 games/bubble-chains/pkg-descr
1.1 games/bubble-chains/pkg-plist
The aim of Bubble Chains is to remove all of the targets on each level,
and to do this before the time
(indicated with the blue-colored bar at the right) runs out.
Keep doing this until you have passed the last level and won the game.


PR:             ports/167234
Submitted by:
Thu, 3 May 2012
[ 20:56 ak ] Original commit 
1.1415 games/Makefile
1.1 games/twind/Makefile
1.1 games/twind/distinfo
1.1 games/twind/pkg-descr
The object of the game is to remove all of the blocks from the screen
before the time runs out. Two blocks are removed at a time,
and must be of the same color. After completing a level,
you will be rewarded with a bonus point for every tick left on the clock.
For each level thereafter, the time to complete the the level will be shorter.

PR:     ports/166854
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
Approved by:    eadler (mentor)
Sat, 28 Apr 2012
[ 14:55 ak ] Original commit 
1.1414 games/Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_lopan/Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_lopan/distinfo
1.1 games/sdl_lopan/files/patch-Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_lopan/pkg-descr
SDL Lopan is a mahjong game remake

PR:     ports/167306
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
Approved by:    eadler (mentor)
Fri, 27 Apr 2012
[ 18:30 ak ] Original commit 
1.1413 games/Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_jewels/Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_jewels/distinfo
1.1 games/sdl_jewels/files/patch-Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_jewels/pkg-descr
SDL Jewels is a tile-matching 8x8 puzzle game

PR:     ports/167304
Submitted by:   nemysis <>
Approved by:    eadler (mentor)
[ 14:01 ak ] Original commit 
1.1412 games/Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_scavenger/Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_scavenger/distinfo
1.1 games/sdl_scavenger/files/patch-Makefile
1.1 games/sdl_scavenger/files/patch-scavsaver
1.1 games/sdl_scavenger/pkg-descr
SDL Scavenger A Lode Runner like game

Submitted by:   nemysis <>
Approved by:    eadler (mentor)
Thu, 26 Apr 2012
[ 00:40 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.1411 games/Makefile
1.1 games/arx-libertatis/Makefile
1.1 games/arx-libertatis/distinfo
1.1 games/arx-libertatis/files/
1.1 games/arx-libertatis/pkg-descr
1.1 games/arx-libertatis/pkg-plist
Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source port of Arx Fatalis,
a 2002 first-person role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios.

Wed, 25 Apr 2012
[ 23:33 madpilot ] Original commit 
1.2832 MOVED
1.1410 games/Makefile
1.21 games/netpanzer-data/Makefile
1.5 games/netpanzer-data/distinfo
1.2 games/netpanzer-data/pkg-descr
1.4 games/netpanzer-data/pkg-plist
Remove uneeded data port. Everything is now included in games/netpanzer.

Approved by:    crees (mentor)
Wed, 18 Apr 2012
[ 13:35 crees ] Original commit 
1.1409 games/Makefile
1.1 games/lwjgl/Makefile
1.1 games/lwjgl/distinfo
1.1 games/lwjgl/files/patch-build.xml
1.1 games/lwjgl/files/patch-platform_build__build-applet.xml
1.1 games/lwjgl/files/patch-platform_build__linux_ant__build.xml
1.1 games/lwjgl/files/
1.1 games/lwjgl/files/
1.1 games/lwjgl/pkg-descr
The Lightweight Java Game Library


PR:             ports/166679
Submitted by:   loader
[ 08:59 crees ] Original commit 
1.1408 games/Makefile
1.1 games/jinput/Makefile
1.1 games/jinput/distinfo
1.1 games/jinput/pkg-descr
Java Game Controller API


PR:             ports/166678
Submitted by:   loader
[ 07:49 crees ] Original commit 
1.1407 games/Makefile
1.1 games/jutils/Makefile
1.1 games/jutils/distinfo
1.1 games/jutils/pkg-descr
A set of APIs utilized by the Java Game Technology Group.


PR:             ports/166677
Submitted by:   loader <>
Fri, 30 Mar 2012
[ 14:36 ak ] Original commit 
1.1406 games/Makefile
1.1 games/drcreep/Makefile
1.1 games/drcreep/distinfo
1.1 games/drcreep/pkg-descr
1.1 games/drcreep/pkg-plist
The Castles of Dr. Creep is a platform puzzle game
originally for the Commodore 64 and released in 1984
By Broderbund and written by Ed Hobbs.

PR:     ports/158781
Submitted by:   Robert Crossfield <>
Approved by:    itetcu (mentor)
Feature safe:   yes
Wed, 22 Feb 2012
[ 12:57 makc ] Original commit 
1.1405 games/Makefile
Connect quadra
Tue, 31 Jan 2012
[ 07:16 martymac ] Original commit 
1.2761 MOVED
1.1404 games/Makefile
1.24 games/flightgear-aircraft/Makefile
1.18 games/flightgear-aircraft/distinfo
1.24 games/flightgear-aircrafts/Makefile
1.18 games/flightgear-aircrafts/distinfo
1.5 games/flightgear-aircrafts/pkg-descr
Rename games/flightgear-aircrafts to games/flightgear-aircraft

PR:     ports/164245
Sat, 28 Jan 2012
[ 10:29 miwi ] Original commit 
1.1403 games/Makefile
1.1 games/nlarn/Makefile
1.1 games/nlarn/distinfo
1.1 games/nlarn/files/patch-premake4.lua
1.1 games/nlarn/pkg-descr
1.1 games/nlarn/pkg-plist
NLarn is a roguelike game and as such a remake of the classic game Larn.

Very noticeable differences to the original so far include:

    - advanced user interface
    - extremely different item handling
    - extended monster AI
    - a real town
    - colour


PR:             ports/162393
Submitted by:   Martin Tournoij <>
Fri, 27 Jan 2012
[ 22:27 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.1402 games/Makefile
1.1 games/flare/Makefile
1.1 games/flare/distinfo
1.1 games/flare/pkg-descr
1.1 games/flare/pkg-plist
Flare (Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine) is a simple game engine
built to handle a very specific kind of game: single-player 2D
action RPGs. Flare is not a reimplementation of an existing game
or engine. It is a tribute to and exploration of the action RPG

Rather than building a very abstract, robust game engine, the goal
of this project is to build several real games and harvest an engine
from the common, reusable code. The first game, in progress, is a
fantasy dungeon crawl.

Tue, 24 Jan 2012
[ 21:26 rene ] Original commit 
1.1401 games/Makefile
1.20 games/linux-enemyterritory-jaymod-21/Makefile
1.7 games/linux-enemyterritory-jaymod-21/pkg-plist
- Add version to package name and installed binaries to avoid conflicts
  with games/linux-enemyterritory-jaymod [1]
- Connect to the build

PR:             ports/164086
Submitted by:   Barbara
Sun, 15 Jan 2012
[ 06:26 amdmi3 ] Original commit 
1.1400 games/Makefile
1.1 games/meandmyshadow/Makefile
1.1 games/meandmyshadow/distinfo
1.1 games/meandmyshadow/pkg-descr
1.1 games/meandmyshadow/pkg-plist
Me and My Shadow is a puzzle/platform game written by Luka Horvat.
The author has given us permission to gpl the game, and develop it
further. It has an interesting concept and rather unique gameplay.

Wed, 21 Dec 2011
[ 17:04 scheidell ] Original commit 
1.1399 games/Makefile
1.1 games/minecraft-client/Makefile
1.1 games/minecraft-client/distinfo
1.1 games/minecraft-client/pkg-descr
1.1 games/minecraft-client/pkg-plist
- Client for block building game minecraft

PR:             ports/162516
Submitted by:   Martin Kropfinger <>
Approved by:    gabor (mentor)
[ 16:59 scheidell ] Original commit 
1.1398 games/Makefile
1.1 games/minecraft-server/Makefile
1.1 games/minecraft-server/distinfo
1.1 games/minecraft-server/pkg-descr
1.1 games/minecraft-server/pkg-plist
- The server for the block building game Minecraft

PR:             ports/162515
Submitted by:   Martin Kropfinger <> (maintainer)
Approved by:    gabor (mentor)
Thu, 15 Dec 2011
[ 22:50 pawel ] Original commit 
1.1397 games/Makefile
1.1 games/sumwars/Makefile
1.1 games/sumwars/distinfo
1.1 games/sumwars/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
1.1 games/sumwars/files/patch-FindGettext.cmake
1.1 games/sumwars/files/patch-src_enet_unix.c
1.1 games/sumwars/pkg-descr
1.1 games/sumwars/pkg-plist
Summoning Wars is an open source role-playing game,
featuring both a single-player and a multiplayer mode
for about 2 to 8 players.


PR:             ports/162687
Submitted by:   Stas Timokhin <>
Sat, 3 Dec 2011
[ 11:43 rene ] Original commit 
1.2692 MOVED
1.1396 games/Makefile
Reconnect games/linux-enemyterritory-jaymod to the build, remove it from MOVED

Feature safe:   yes
Wed, 23 Nov 2011
[ 17:12 sunpoet ] Original commit 
1.1395 games/Makefile
1.1 games/p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2/Makefile
1.1 games/p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2/distinfo
1.1 games/p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2/pkg-descr
1.1 games/p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2/pkg-plist
- Add p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best2 2.035

Algorithm::Pair::Best2 is a re-write of Algorithm::Pair::Best. The interface is
simplified and the implementation is significantly streamlined.

After creating an Algorithm::Pair::Best2 object (with->new), add items to the
list of items (i.e: players) to be paired. The final list must contain an even
number of items or picking the pairs will throw an exception.

Algorithm::Pair::Best2->pick explores all combinations of items and returns the
pairing list with the best (lowest) score.


Feature safe:   yes
Sun, 20 Nov 2011
[ 12:13 dinoex ] Original commit 
1.1394 games/Makefile
1.28 games/xscrabble/Makefile
1.12 games/xscrabble/distinfo
1.7 games/xscrabble/pkg-descr
1.4 games/xscrabble/pkg-plist
Ressurrect the game, fetch, build and runs.
Feature safe:   yes
Thu, 17 Nov 2011
[ 18:47 pav ] Original commit 
1.1393 games/Makefile
- Connect xbat and xshisen to the build, they were resurrected

Feature safe:   yes
Wed, 2 Nov 2011
[ 01:35 dougb ] Original commit 
1.683 LEGAL
1.2661 MOVED
1.1195 audio/Makefile
1.12 audio/linux-shoutcast/Makefile
1.5 audio/linux-shoutcast/distinfo
1.2 audio/linux-shoutcast/files/
1.2 audio/linux-shoutcast/pkg-deinstall
1.2 audio/linux-shoutcast/pkg-descr
1.2 audio/linux-shoutcast/pkg-plist
1.19 audio/shoutcast/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 399 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Remove ports@ ports that have been DEPRECATED for at least 1 month

audio/shoutcast         Unfetchable; website rearranged
audio/linux-shoutcast   Unfetchable; website rearranged
chinese/scim-chewing    Does not configure
converters/py-cjkcodecs Integrated into every python version in the tree
databases/kpogre        Does not compile
deskutils/mhc           Does not fetch
deskutils/org-mode.el6  Does not fetch
deskutils/gemcal        Does not fetch
devel/erlang-thrift     Does not build
dns/domtools            Does not fetch
editors/richtext        Does not compile
games/vultures-claw     Does not fetch
games/bomb              Does not fetch
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)

Number of commits found: 1143 (showing only 100 on this page)

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