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Two new features

Two two features were added on 2020-05-30:
  1. Repology links - each port now has a link to See issue 148 for details.
  2. Ports I maintain report - port maintainers can now subscribe to a daily report of commits to the ports they maintain. See Watch ports I maintain at Report Subscriptions. Details at issue 138
Port details
vim-lite Improved version of the vi editor (lite package)
8.0.1427 editors Deleted on this many watch lists=136 search for ports that depend on this port An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. 8.0.1427Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. NOTE: Slave port - quarterly revision is most likely wrong.
Maintainer: search for ports maintained by this maintainer
Port Added: unknown
Last Update: 2018-01-11 20:29:53
SVN Revision: 458784

People watching this port, also watch: libiconv, gettext, gmake, expat, png

License: VIM
SVNWeb : Homepage
pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
Expand this list (194 items)
  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/vim-lite-8.0.1427/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/vim-lite-8.0.1427/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/vim-lite-8.0.1427/VIM
  4. @comment bin/eview
  5. bin/evim
  6. @comment bin/gview
  7. @comment bin/gvim
  8. @comment bin/gvimdiff
  9. @comment bin/gvimtutor
  10. @comment bin/rgview
  11. @comment bin/rgvim
  12. bin/rview
  13. bin/rvim
  14. bin/vim
  15. bin/vimdiff
  16. bin/vimtutor
  17. bin/xxd
  18. @sample etc/vim/gvimrc.sample
  19. @sample etc/vim/vimrc.sample
  20. @comment @comment man/fr/man1/eview.1.gz
  21. @comment man/fr/man1/evim.1.gz
  22. @comment @comment man/fr/man1/gview.1.gz
  23. @comment @comment man/fr/man1/gvim.1.gz
  24. @comment @comment man/fr/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  25. @comment @comment man/fr/man1/rgview.1.gz
  26. @comment @comment man/fr/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  27. @comment man/fr/man1/rview.1.gz
  28. @comment man/fr/man1/rvim.1.gz
  29. @comment man/fr/man1/vim.1.gz
  30. @comment man/fr/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  31. @comment man/fr/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  32. @comment man/fr/man1/xxd.1.gz
  33. @comment @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/eview.1.gz
  34. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/evim.1.gz
  35. @comment @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/gview.1.gz
  36. @comment @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/gvim.1.gz
  37. @comment @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  38. @comment @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/rgview.1.gz
  39. @comment @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  40. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/rview.1.gz
  41. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/rvim.1.gz
  42. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/vim.1.gz
  43. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  44. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  45. @comment man/fr.ISO8859-1/man1/xxd.1.gz
  46. @comment @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/eview.1.gz
  47. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/evim.1.gz
  48. @comment @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/gview.1.gz
  49. @comment @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/gvim.1.gz
  50. @comment @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  51. @comment @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/rgview.1.gz
  52. @comment @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  53. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/rview.1.gz
  54. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/rvim.1.gz
  55. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/vim.1.gz
  56. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  57. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  58. @comment man/fr.UTF-8/man1/xxd.1.gz
  59. @comment @comment man/it/man1/eview.1.gz
  60. @comment man/it/man1/evim.1.gz
  61. @comment @comment man/it/man1/gview.1.gz
  62. @comment @comment man/it/man1/gvim.1.gz
  63. @comment @comment man/it/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  64. @comment @comment man/it/man1/rgview.1.gz
  65. @comment @comment man/it/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  66. @comment man/it/man1/rview.1.gz
  67. @comment man/it/man1/rvim.1.gz
  68. @comment man/it/man1/vim.1.gz
  69. @comment man/it/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  70. @comment man/it/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  71. @comment man/it/man1/xxd.1.gz
  72. @comment @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/eview.1.gz
  73. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/evim.1.gz
  74. @comment @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/gview.1.gz
  75. @comment @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/gvim.1.gz
  76. @comment @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  77. @comment @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/rgview.1.gz
  78. @comment @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  79. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/rview.1.gz
  80. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/rvim.1.gz
  81. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/vim.1.gz
  82. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  83. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  84. @comment man/it.ISO8859-1/man1/xxd.1.gz
  85. @comment @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/eview.1.gz
  86. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/evim.1.gz
  87. @comment @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/gview.1.gz
  88. @comment @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/gvim.1.gz
  89. @comment @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  90. @comment @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/rgview.1.gz
  91. @comment @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  92. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/rview.1.gz
  93. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/rvim.1.gz
  94. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/vim.1.gz
  95. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  96. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  97. @comment man/it.UTF-8/man1/xxd.1.gz
  98. @comment @comment man/ja/man1/eview.1.gz
  99. @comment man/ja/man1/evim.1.gz
  100. @comment @comment man/ja/man1/gview.1.gz
  101. @comment @comment man/ja/man1/gvim.1.gz
  102. @comment @comment man/ja/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  103. @comment @comment man/ja/man1/rgview.1.gz
  104. @comment @comment man/ja/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  105. @comment man/ja/man1/rview.1.gz
  106. @comment man/ja/man1/rvim.1.gz
  107. @comment man/ja/man1/vim.1.gz
  108. @comment man/ja/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  109. @comment man/ja/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  110. @comment man/ja/man1/xxd.1.gz
  111. @comment man/man1/eview.1.gz
  112. man/man1/evim.1.gz
  113. @comment man/man1/gview.1.gz
  114. @comment man/man1/gvim.1.gz
  115. @comment man/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  116. @comment man/man1/rgview.1.gz
  117. @comment man/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  118. man/man1/rview.1.gz
  119. man/man1/rvim.1.gz
  120. man/man1/vim.1.gz
  121. man/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  122. man/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  123. man/man1/xxd.1.gz
  124. @comment @comment man/pl/man1/eview.1.gz
  125. @comment man/pl/man1/evim.1.gz
  126. @comment @comment man/pl/man1/gview.1.gz
  127. @comment @comment man/pl/man1/gvim.1.gz
  128. @comment @comment man/pl/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  129. @comment @comment man/pl/man1/rgview.1.gz
  130. @comment @comment man/pl/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  131. @comment man/pl/man1/rview.1.gz
  132. @comment man/pl/man1/rvim.1.gz
  133. @comment man/pl/man1/vim.1.gz
  134. @comment man/pl/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  135. @comment man/pl/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  136. @comment man/pl/man1/xxd.1.gz
  137. @comment @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/eview.1.gz
  138. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/evim.1.gz
  139. @comment @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/gview.1.gz
  140. @comment @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/gvim.1.gz
  141. @comment @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  142. @comment @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/rgview.1.gz
  143. @comment @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  144. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/rview.1.gz
  145. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/rvim.1.gz
  146. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/vim.1.gz
  147. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  148. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  149. @comment man/pl.ISO8859-2/man1/xxd.1.gz
  150. @comment @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/eview.1.gz
  151. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/evim.1.gz
  152. @comment @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/gview.1.gz
  153. @comment @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/gvim.1.gz
  154. @comment @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  155. @comment @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/rgview.1.gz
  156. @comment @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  157. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/rview.1.gz
  158. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/rvim.1.gz
  159. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/vim.1.gz
  160. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  161. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  162. @comment man/pl.UTF-8/man1/xxd.1.gz
  163. @comment @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/eview.1.gz
  164. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/evim.1.gz
  165. @comment @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/gview.1.gz
  166. @comment @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/gvim.1.gz
  167. @comment @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  168. @comment @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/rgview.1.gz
  169. @comment @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  170. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/rview.1.gz
  171. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/rvim.1.gz
  172. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/vim.1.gz
  173. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  174. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  175. @comment man/ru.KOI8-R/man1/xxd.1.gz
  176. @comment @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/eview.1.gz
  177. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/evim.1.gz
  178. @comment @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/gview.1.gz
  179. @comment @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/gvim.1.gz
  180. @comment @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/gvimdiff.1.gz
  181. @comment @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/rgview.1.gz
  182. @comment @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/rgvim.1.gz
  183. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/rview.1.gz
  184. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/rvim.1.gz
  185. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/vim.1.gz
  186. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/vimdiff.1.gz
  187. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/vimtutor.1.gz
  188. @comment man/ru.UTF-8/man1/xxd.1.gz
  189. @comment share/applications/gvim.desktop
  190. @comment share/applications/vim.desktop
  191. @comment share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/gvim.png
  192. @comment share/icons/locolor/16x16/apps/gvim.png
  193. @comment share/icons/locolor/32x32/apps/gvim.png
  194. @dir share/vim/vim80/lang
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Dependency lines:
  • vim-lite>0:editors/vim-lite
No installation instructions: this port has been deleted.
The package name of this deleted port was:
PKGNAME: vim-lite
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.

Master port: editors/vim

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. pkgconf>=1.3.0_1 : devel/pkgconf
Library dependencies:
  1. : converters/libiconv
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options


Master Sites:
Notes from UPDATING
These upgrade notes are taken from /usr/ports/UPDATING
  • 2018-01-11
    Affects: users of editors/vim-lite
      The vim-lite port has been renamed to vim-console, because it isn't
      actually any lighter. All three vim packages are built with
      --enable-features=huge. Portmaster users will need to run this
      	portmaster -o editors/vim-console editors/vim-lite
      If the switch doesn't happen automatically for you, just delete the
      vim-lite package and install vim-console.
Port Moves
  • port moved to editors/vim-console on 2018-01-11
    REASON: Renamed to reflect that it is console-only, not any lighter

Number of commits found: 16

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
This is a slave port. You may also want to view the commits to the master port: editors/vim
11 Jan 2018 20:29:53
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.0.1427
adamw search for other commits by this committer
Rename editors/vim-lite to editors/vim-console. The vim-console port isn't
actually any lighter---it's built with exactly the same feature-set as
the main vim port. The only difference is lack of gtk20 GUI, and the
language bindings are off by default.

An UPDATING entry is included.
08 Jan 2018 19:44:13
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.0.1427
adamw search for other commits by this committer
Add editors/vim-tiny.

By popular request, this is a slave port that installs only the vim binary. It
no dependencies, produces a 1 MB package with a 3 MB installed footprint, and
is unable to do anything except edit files. It contains no help files, no
files, no syntax highlighting, no filetype-specific indenting, non-US keymaps,
macros, or spell-checking.

vim-tiny is designed for minimal installs, and is the wrong choice for most
13 Oct 2017 16:14:29
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.0.1178
adamw search for other commits by this committer
Simplify the "lite" package even more

Make the only differences between "lite" and "regular" vim just console
mode and no language bindings. This was already the case (the default
feature set is "huge"), but now it's explicit.

Add a pkg-descr to vim-lite that explains the above, and remove some
text in the pkg-descr that makes absolutely no sense.

There's no effective change to generated package, but the port is
getting updated tomorrow anyway.

This will facilitate the future removal at some point of the "lite"
package, so that it can be replaced by a "console" flavour.

While here, remove a variable that was last used in 2001.
28 Sep 2017 18:50:08
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.0.1141
adamw search for other commits by this committer
Reorganize and simplify the vim Makefile

There should be no changes to the generated packages from this reorganization.
The bulk of the changes involve better leveraging OPTIONS helpers, including
making vim-lite into an OPTION (which is always SLAVEd or EXCLUDEd).
01 Oct 2016 05:36:41
Original commit files touched by this commit  8.0.0019
Revision:423033 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
adamw search for other commits by this committer
Update vim to 8.0.0019, add GTK3 support, and take maintainership.
Many, many thanks to Sunpoet for all the time he has spent working
on and improving this port!

Many smaller changes in this update as well:
- Languange support was moved into its own OPTIONS group for clarity
  (a visual change only; it does not affect the knobs themselves)
- Reorganize and format the Makefile for clarity
- Remove a few pieces of cruft
- Add many missing dependencies for most of the GUI options
- Use better (more robust) build constructs where possible

PR:		212771
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
05 Dec 2014 17:45:01
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.4.540_1
Revision:374064 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
sunpoet search for other commits by this committer
04 Dec 2014 17:28:10
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.4.540_1
Revision:373973 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Move the vimrc into ETCDIR to user may have a look at it.
Now install a minimalistic vimrc without all the controversial options (I hope)
Define a template for port Makefiles to vim automatically creates it in case of
opening a new one
28 Feb 2014 01:30:03
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.4.192
Revision:346419 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
sunpoet search for other commits by this committer
- Update COMMENT
- Update pkg-descr
02 Dec 2013 19:48:38
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.4.110
Revision:335537 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
sunpoet search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 7.4.110
- While I'm here:
  - Remove RELEASE and simplify PATCH_SITES, WRKSRC and _DATADIR
  - Simplify Makefile
  - Remove contiguous blank lines

PR:		ports/183076
Submitted by:	Rick van der Zwet <>
02 Dec 2013 19:42:02
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.3.1314_2
Revision:335535 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
sunpoet search for other commits by this committer
- Take maintainership
02 Dec 2013 13:47:06
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.3.1314_2
Revision:335487 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
bdrewery search for other commits by this committer
- Reset maintainer due to timeout of 11 open PR, 7 with patches and
  no activity since July 2013

With hat:	portmgr
Discussed with:	portmgr
20 Sep 2013 16:36:24
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.3.1314_2
Revision:327720 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
05 Apr 2013 08:23:44
Original commit files touched by this commit  7.3.669_2
Revision:315730 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Fix conversion to optionsng breaking multibyte support

Reported by:	Sergey V. Dyatko via irc
Tested by:	Sergey V. Dyatko via irc
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
18 Feb 2003 19:08:21
Original commit files touched by this commit  6.1.319
 This port version is marked as vulnerable.
knu search for other commits by this committer
De-pkg-comment vim 6 ports.

Approved by:    obrien (MAINTAINER)
20 Oct 2001 01:13:54
Original commit files touched by this commit

obrien search for other commits by this committer
Change to version 6.    
16 Feb 2001 06:53:46
Original commit files touched by this commit

obrien search for other commits by this committer
Tweak how we set PKGNAMESUFFIX.    

Number of commits found: 16

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