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wine-compholio Wine built with the compholio patchset
1.7.43,1 emulators Deleted on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port
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Port Added: 2014-07-23 13:19:47
Last Update: 2015-05-24 03:10:19
SVN Revision: 387240
License: LGPL21 LGPL3
Wine is a Microsoft Windows compatibility layer (or program loader)
capable of running Windows applications on i386 and compatible CPUs.
Windows programs running in Wine act as native programs would, running
without the performance or memory usage penalties of an emulator, with
a similar look and feel to other applications on your desktop.

Many applications already work, more or less, including versions of
Microsoft Office and several games.


Gerald Pfeifer <>
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There is no configure plist information for this port.

Dependency line: wine-compholio>0:emulators/wine-compholio

No installation instructions: this port has been deleted.

The package name of this deleted port was: wine-compholio

PKGNAME: wine-compholio

There is no flavor information for this port.

ONLY_FOR_ARCHS: i386 amd64

distinfo: There is no distinfo for this port.

Master port: emulators/wine-devel

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Build dependencies:
  1. flex : textproc/flex
  2. prelink : sysutils/prelink
  3. bison : devel/bison
  4. update-desktop-database : devel/desktop-file-utils
  5. gmake : devel/gmake
  6. glproto.pc : x11/glproto
  7. dri2proto.pc : x11/dri2proto
  8. xcomposite.pc : x11/libXcomposite
  9. xcursor.pc : x11/libXcursor
  10. xi.pc : x11/libXi
  11. xrandr.pc : x11/libXrandr
  12. xrender.pc : x11/libXrender
  13. autoconf-2.69 : devel/autoconf
Runtime dependencies:
  1. update-desktop-database : devel/desktop-file-utils
  2. xcomposite.pc : x11/libXcomposite
  3. xcursor.pc : x11/libXcursor
  4. xi.pc : x11/libXi
  5. xrandr.pc : x11/libXrandr
  6. xrender.pc : x11/libXrender
Library dependencies:
  1. : textproc/libxml2
  2. : sysutils/hal
  3. : textproc/libxslt
  4. : audio/mpg123
  5. : multimedia/libv4l
  6. : x11-fonts/fontconfig
  7. : print/freetype2
  8. : graphics/jpeg
  9. : graphics/lcms2
  10. : graphics/png
  11. : graphics/libGLU
Patch dependencies:
  1. bash : shells/bash
  2. git : devel/git
  3. autoconf-2.69 : devel/autoconf
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options
===> The following configuration options are available for wine-compholio-1.7.43,1:
     CUPS=off: CUPS printing system support
     DOCS=on: Build and/or install documentation
     DOSBOX=off: Use DOSBox to run MS-DOS programs
     GECKO=off: Bundle Gecko MSI package for Wine
     GNUTLS=off: SSL/TLS support via GnuTLS
     HAL=on: HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) support
     LDAP=off: LDAP protocol support
     LIBXSLT=on: Use libxslt (only used by msxml3.dll)
     MONO=off: Bundle Mono MSI package for Wine
     MPG123=on: MP3 decoding support via mpg123
     OPENAL=off: Audio support via OpenAL
     STAGING=on: Include the Wine Staging patchset
     V4L=on: Video 4 Linux support
     WINEMAKER=off: Fully support winemaker (requires Perl)
     X11=on: X11 (graphics) support
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

bison compiler:c11 desktop-file-utils gmake shebangfix tar:bzip2

Master Sites:
Port Moves

Number of commits found: 10

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
This is a slave port. You may also want to view the commits to the master port: emulators/wine-devel
24 May 2015 02:10:19
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.43,1
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Rename emulators/wine-compholio to emulators/wine-staging and
accordingly emulators/i386-wine-compholio to emulators/i386-wine-staging.

Adjust CONFLICTS across all Wine related ports.

Reviewed by:	dbn, kmoore
09 May 2015 03:49:30
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.42,1
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update to Wine 1.7.42.  This includes the following changes:
 - Support for dynamic timezone information.
 - Initial desktop shell window support.
 - Some more Direct2D support.
 - Various bug fixes.

Do not set GNUTLS by default for wine-compholio any longer. [1]

Discussed with:	dbn, kmoore [1]
19 Apr 2015 20:51:11
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.41,1
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update to Wine 1.7.41.  This includes the following changes:
 - More Known Folders supported in the shell.
 - Some more support for kernel job objects.
 - More MSI patches improvements.
 - Some theming fixes.
 - Various bug fixes.

files/patch-scheduler in emulators/wine-compholio has been obsoleted
by an upstream fix.  Remove it.

Rename the COMPHOLIO option to STAGING in emulators/wine-devel,
emulators/i386-wine-compholio and emulators-compholio (including many
adjustments to pkg-plist).
19 Apr 2015 13:18:20
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.40_1,1
dbn search for other commits by this committer
wine-compholio: unbreak build.

 * The wine-compholio (aka staging) packages now require the autoreconf
 * Since this is a slave port the patch under files/ is not automatically
   applied and needs an EXTRA_PATCHES pointed to the patch.

Approved by:	portmgr (implicit: unbreak build)
10 Apr 2015 19:24:49
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.40,1
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Unbreak the build.  This patch is slightly different than one that
got applied upstream earlier today, but equivalent.  With the next
release we'll be able to simply remove it.
28 Dec 2014 20:39:49
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.33_2,1
dbn search for other commits by this committer
Fix CONFLICTS_INSTALL for wine-devel and related ports.

 - Fix install conflicts [1] (for the "newly" added compholio port)
 - Gracefully handle a corrupt nVidia tarball
 - Provide checksum and size information for nVidia tarball
 - Bump master port [1] due to changes to and conflicts

Approved by:    gerald@ [1]
15 Sep 2014 15:19:09
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.26,1
kmoore search for other commits by this committer
- Add the new MPG123 & V4L options to wine-compholio
30 Jul 2014 14:18:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.23,1
kmoore search for other commits by this committer
Fix a typo in setting PLIST=

Submitted by: John Hein <>
24 Jul 2014 13:58:02
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.22_1,1
kmoore search for other commits by this committer
Enable HAL support for wine-compholio build, it is often used to get unique
hardware information for DRM checks to work in emulators/pipelight
23 Jul 2014 13:19:40
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.7.22_1,1
kmoore search for other commits by this committer
Add slave-port for emulators/wine-compholio, which will allow pkg users
to install proper wine version for use with pipelight

Number of commits found: 10

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