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clutter OpenGL based interactive canvas library
1.26.4_1 graphics on this many watch lists=8 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout 1.26.4_1Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2008-12-26 22:03:55
Last Update: 2023-03-02 05:23:10
Commit Hash: fa81a4f
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License: LGPL21
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  1. @ldconfig
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/clutter-1.26.4_1/
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/clutter-1.26.4_1/LICENSE
  4. /usr/local/share/licenses/clutter-1.26.4_1/LGPL21
  5. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-actor.h
  6. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-clone.h
  7. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-factory.h
  8. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-group.h
  9. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-main.h
  10. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-rectangle.h
  11. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-root.h
  12. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-stage.h
  13. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-text.h
  14. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-texture.h
  15. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally-util.h
  16. include/clutter-1.0/cally/cally.h
  17. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-action.h
  18. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-actor-meta.h
  19. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-actor.h
  20. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-align-constraint.h
  21. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-animatable.h
  22. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-autocleanups.h
  23. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-backend.h
  24. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-bin-layout.h
  25. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-bind-constraint.h
  26. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-binding-pool.h
  27. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-blur-effect.h
  28. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-box-layout.h
  29. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-brightness-contrast-effect.h
  30. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-cairo.h
  31. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-canvas.h
  32. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-child-meta.h
  33. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-click-action.h
  34. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-clone.h
  35. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-cogl-compat.h
  36. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-color-static.h
  37. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-color.h
  38. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-colorize-effect.h
  39. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-config.h
  40. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-constraint.h
  41. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-container.h
  42. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-content.h
  43. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-deform-effect.h
  44. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-deprecated.h
  45. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-desaturate-effect.h
  46. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-device-manager.h
  47. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-drag-action.h
  48. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-drop-action.h
  49. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-effect.h
  50. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-enum-types.h
  51. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-enums.h
  52. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-event.h
  53. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-feature.h
  54. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-fixed-layout.h
  55. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-flow-layout.h
  56. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-gesture-action.h
  57. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-grid-layout.h
  58. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-group.h
  59. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-image.h
  60. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-input-device.h
  61. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-interval.h
  62. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-keyframe-transition.h
  63. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-keysyms.h
  64. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-layout-manager.h
  65. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-layout-meta.h
  66. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-macros.h
  67. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-main.h
  68. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-marshal.h
  69. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-offscreen-effect.h
  70. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-page-turn-effect.h
  71. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-paint-node.h
  72. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-paint-nodes.h
  73. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-pan-action.h
  74. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-path-constraint.h
  75. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-path.h
  76. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-property-transition.h
  77. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-rotate-action.h
  78. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-script.h
  79. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-scriptable.h
  80. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-scroll-actor.h
  81. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-settings.h
  82. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-shader-effect.h
  83. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-shader-types.h
  84. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-snap-constraint.h
  85. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-stage-manager.h
  86. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-stage.h
  87. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-swipe-action.h
  88. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-tap-action.h
  89. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-test-utils.h
  90. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-text-buffer.h
  91. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-text.h
  92. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-texture.h
  93. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-timeline.h
  94. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-transition-group.h
  95. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-transition.h
  96. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-types.h
  97. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-units.h
  98. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-version.h
  99. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter-zoom-action.h
  100. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/clutter.h
  101. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-actor.h
  102. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-alpha.h
  103. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-animatable.h
  104. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-animation.h
  105. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-animator.h
  106. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-backend.h
  107. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour-depth.h
  108. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour-ellipse.h
  109. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour-opacity.h
  110. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour-path.h
  111. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour-rotate.h
  112. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour-scale.h
  113. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-behaviour.h
  114. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-bin-layout.h
  115. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-box.h
  116. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-cairo-texture.h
  117. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-container.h
  118. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-fixed.h
  119. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-frame-source.h
  120. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-group.h
  121. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-input-device.h
  122. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-keysyms.h
  123. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-list-model.h
  124. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-main.h
  125. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-media.h
  126. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-model.h
  127. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-rectangle.h
  128. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-score.h
  129. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-shader.h
  130. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-stage-manager.h
  131. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-stage.h
  132. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-state.h
  133. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-table-layout.h
  134. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-texture.h
  135. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-timeline.h
  136. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-timeout-pool.h
  137. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/deprecated/clutter-util.h
  138. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/egl/clutter-egl-headers.h
  139. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/egl/clutter-egl.h
  140. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/glx/clutter-glx-texture-pixmap.h
  141. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/glx/clutter-glx.h
  142. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/x11/clutter-x11-texture-pixmap.h
  143. include/clutter-1.0/clutter/x11/clutter-x11.h
  144. lib/girepository-1.0/Cally-1.0.typelib
  145. lib/girepository-1.0/Clutter-1.0.typelib
  146. lib/girepository-1.0/ClutterX11-1.0.typelib
  147. lib/
  148. lib/
  149. lib/
  150. lib/
  151. lib/
  152. libdata/pkgconfig/cally-1.0.pc
  153. libdata/pkgconfig/clutter-1.0.pc
  154. libdata/pkgconfig/clutter-cogl-1.0.pc
  155. libdata/pkgconfig/clutter-egl-1.0.pc
  156. libdata/pkgconfig/clutter-glx-1.0.pc
  157. libdata/pkgconfig/clutter-x11-1.0.pc
  158. share/clutter-1.0/valgrind/clutter.supp
  159. share/gir-1.0/Cally-1.0.gir
  160. share/gir-1.0/Clutter-1.0.gir
  161. share/gir-1.0/ClutterX11-1.0.gir
  162. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyActor.html
  163. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyClone.html
  164. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyGroup.html
  165. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyRectangle.html
  166. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyRoot.html
  167. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyStage.html
  168. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyText.html
  169. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyTexture.html
  170. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/CallyUtil.html
  171. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterAction.html
  172. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterActor.html
  173. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterActorMeta.html
  174. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterAlignConstraint.html
  175. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterAlpha.html
  176. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterAnimatable.html
  177. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterAnimator.html
  178. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBackend.html
  179. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBehaviour.html
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  182. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBehaviourOpacity.html
  183. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBehaviourPath.html
  184. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBehaviourRotate.html
  185. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBehaviourScale.html
  186. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterBinLayout.html
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  193. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterCanvas.html
  194. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterChildMeta.html
  195. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterClickAction.html
  196. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterClone.html
  197. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterColorizeEffect.html
  198. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterConstraint.html
  199. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterContainer.html
  200. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterContent.html
  201. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterDeformEffect.html
  202. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterDesaturateEffect.html
  203. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterDeviceManager.html
  204. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterDragAction.html
  205. share/gtk-doc/html/clutter/ClutterDropAction.html
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  337. share/locale/an/LC_MESSAGES/
  338. share/locale/ar/LC_MESSAGES/
  339. share/locale/as/LC_MESSAGES/
  340. share/locale/ast/LC_MESSAGES/
  341. share/locale/az_IR/LC_MESSAGES/
  342. share/locale/be/LC_MESSAGES/
  343. share/locale/bg/LC_MESSAGES/
  344. share/locale/bs/LC_MESSAGES/
  345. share/locale/ca/LC_MESSAGES/
  346. share/locale/ca@valencia/LC_MESSAGES/
  347. share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/
  348. share/locale/da/LC_MESSAGES/
  349. share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
  350. share/locale/el/LC_MESSAGES/
  351. share/locale/en_GB/LC_MESSAGES/
  352. share/locale/eo/LC_MESSAGES/
  353. share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/
  354. share/locale/eu/LC_MESSAGES/
  355. share/locale/fa/LC_MESSAGES/
  356. share/locale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/
  357. share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
  358. share/locale/fur/LC_MESSAGES/
  359. share/locale/gl/LC_MESSAGES/
  360. share/locale/he/LC_MESSAGES/
  361. share/locale/hi/LC_MESSAGES/
  362. share/locale/hr/LC_MESSAGES/
  363. share/locale/hu/LC_MESSAGES/
  364. share/locale/id/LC_MESSAGES/
  365. share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/
  366. share/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/
  367. share/locale/kk/LC_MESSAGES/
  368. share/locale/km/LC_MESSAGES/
  369. share/locale/kn/LC_MESSAGES/
  370. share/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/
  371. share/locale/lt/LC_MESSAGES/
  372. share/locale/lv/LC_MESSAGES/
  373. share/locale/mk/LC_MESSAGES/
  374. share/locale/ml/LC_MESSAGES/
  375. share/locale/nb/LC_MESSAGES/
  376. share/locale/ne/LC_MESSAGES/
  377. share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/
  378. share/locale/oc/LC_MESSAGES/
  379. share/locale/or/LC_MESSAGES/
  380. share/locale/pa/LC_MESSAGES/
  381. share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/
  382. share/locale/ps/LC_MESSAGES/
  383. share/locale/pt/LC_MESSAGES/
  384. share/locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/
  385. share/locale/ro/LC_MESSAGES/
  386. share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/
  387. share/locale/sk/LC_MESSAGES/
  388. share/locale/sl/LC_MESSAGES/
  389. share/locale/sr/LC_MESSAGES/
  390. share/locale/sr@latin/LC_MESSAGES/
  391. share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES/
  392. share/locale/ta/LC_MESSAGES/
  393. share/locale/te/LC_MESSAGES/
  394. share/locale/tr/LC_MESSAGES/
  395. share/locale/ug/LC_MESSAGES/
  396. share/locale/uk/LC_MESSAGES/
  397. share/locale/ur/LC_MESSAGES/
  398. share/locale/yi/LC_MESSAGES/
  399. share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/
  400. share/locale/zh_HK/LC_MESSAGES/
  401. share/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/
  402. @owner
  403. @group
  404. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • clutter>0:graphics/clutter
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/graphics/clutter/ && make install clean
To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install graphics/clutter
  • pkg install clutter
NOTE: If this package has multiple flavors (see below), then use one of them instead of the name specified above.
PKGNAME: clutter
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.

Packages (timestamps in pop-ups are UTC):
NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. msgfmt : devel/gettext-tools
  2. gmake>=4.3 : devel/gmake
  3. g-ir-scanner : devel/gobject-introspection
  4. pkgconf>=1.3.0_1 : devel/pkgconf
  5. x11.pc : x11/libX11
  6. xcomposite.pc : x11/libXcomposite
  7. xdamage.pc : x11/libXdamage
  8. xext.pc : x11/libXext
  9. xfixes.pc : x11/libXfixes
  10. xi.pc : x11/libXi
  11. xrandr.pc : x11/libXrandr
Runtime dependencies:
  1. x11.pc : x11/libX11
  2. xcomposite.pc : x11/libXcomposite
  3. xdamage.pc : x11/libXdamage
  4. xext.pc : x11/libXext
  5. xfixes.pc : x11/libXfixes
  6. xi.pc : x11/libXi
  7. xrandr.pc : x11/libXrandr
Library dependencies:
  1. : devel/json-glib
  2. : x11-fonts/fontconfig
  3. : print/freetype2
  4. : graphics/cogl
  5. : print/harfbuzz
  6. : devel/gettext-runtime
  7. : graphics/libglvnd
  8. : accessibility/at-spi2-core
  9. : graphics/cairo
  10. : graphics/gdk-pixbuf2
  11. : devel/glib20
  12. : devel/gettext-runtime
  13. : x11-toolkits/pango
This port is required by:
for Libraries
  1. accessibility/caribou
  2. deskutils/elementary-calendar
  3. deskutils/gnome-contacts
  4. deskutils/gnome-maps
  5. games/gnome-2048
  6. games/gnome-nibbles
  7. games/lightsoff
Expand this list (31 items / 24 hidden - sorry, this count includes any deleted ports)
  1. Collapse this list).
  2. games/quadrapassel
  3. games/swell-foop
  4. graphics/clutter-gtk3
  5. graphics/cluttermm
  6. graphics/eog-plugins
  7. graphics/geeqie
  8. graphics/gthumb
  9. graphics/libchamplain
  10. graphics/pinpoint
  11. graphics/rubygem-clutter
  12. multimedia/cheese
  13. multimedia/clutter-gst
  14. multimedia/clutter-gst3
  15. multimedia/elementary-videos
  16. multimedia/totem
  17. x11/xfce4-dashboard
  18. x11-fm/sushi
  19. Collapse this list.

Deleted ports which required this port:

Expand this list of 7 deleted ports
  1. deskutils/nemo-extensions*
  2. graphics/clutter-box2d*
  3. graphics/clutter-gtk*
  4. graphics/py-clutter*
  5. multimedia/snappy*
  6. net-im/empathy*
  7. net-im/ring-gnome*
  8. Collapse this list of deleted ports.
* - deleted ports are only shown under the This port is required by section. It was harder to do for the Required section. Perhaps later...

Configuration Options:
Options name:
FreshPorts was unable to extract/find any pkg message
Master Sites:
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Collapse this list.
Collapse this list.

Number of commits found: 44

Commit History - (may be incomplete: for full details, see links to repositories near top of page)
CommitCreditsLog message
02 Mar 2023 05:23:10
commit hash:fa81a4f5f8ed2bc2104eca4ebbb1b69731bae2e8commit hash:fa81a4f5f8ed2bc2104eca4ebbb1b69731bae2e8commit hash:fa81a4f5f8ed2bc2104eca4ebbb1b69731bae2e8commit hash:fa81a4f5f8ed2bc2104eca4ebbb1b69731bae2e8 files touched by this commit
Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer
accessibility/at-spi2-core: update to 2.46.0

What's new in at-spi2-core 2.46.0:
* Fix GetInterfaces documentation on org.a11y.atspi.Accessible

What's new in at-spi2-core 2.45.91:
* Send device event controller events using the same signature as other
* Document the Accessible, Action, and Cache dbus interfaces.
* Fix license of atspi-gmain.c (#87).

What's new in at-spi2-core 2.45.90:
* xml: Add some documentation.
* xml: Fix event arguments.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
07 Sep 2022 21:58:51
commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Remove WWW entries moved into port Makefiles

Commit b7f05445c00f has added WWW entries to port Makefiles based on
WWW: lines in pkg-descr files.

This commit removes the WWW: lines of moved-over URLs from these
pkg-descr files.

Approved by:		portmgr (tcberner)
07 Sep 2022 21:10:59
commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Add WWW entries to port Makefiles

It has been common practice to have one or more URLs at the end of the
ports' pkg-descr files, one per line and prefixed with "WWW:". These
URLs should point at a project website or other relevant resources.

Access to these URLs required processing of the pkg-descr files, and
they have often become stale over time. If more than one such URL was
present in a pkg-descr file, only the first one was tarnsfered into
the port INDEX, but for many ports only the last line did contain the
port specific URL to further information.

There have been several proposals to make a project URL available as
a macro in the ports' Makefiles, over time.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
20 Jul 2022 14:22:04
commit hash:022e658bd10b8753ede87b3dfda087efabddac98commit hash:022e658bd10b8753ede87b3dfda087efabddac98commit hash:022e658bd10b8753ede87b3dfda087efabddac98commit hash:022e658bd10b8753ede87b3dfda087efabddac98 files touched by this commit
Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer
graphics: remove 'Created by' lines

A big Thank You to the original contributors of these ports:

  *  "Waitman Gobble" <>
  *  Aaron Dalton <>
  *  Abel Chow <>
  *  Adam Weinberger <>
  *  Ade Lovett <>
  *  Ade Lovett <>
  *  Akinori MUSHA aka knu <>
  *  Aldis Berjoza <>
  *  Alex Hayward <>
  *  Alex Ivasyuv <>
  *  Alex Samorukov <>
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
08 Oct 2021 11:14:08
commit hash:7db3e18f802bd6b5311ee7f795dc9f118ef792cecommit hash:7db3e18f802bd6b5311ee7f795dc9f118ef792cecommit hash:7db3e18f802bd6b5311ee7f795dc9f118ef792cecommit hash:7db3e18f802bd6b5311ee7f795dc9f118ef792ce files touched by this commit
Bernhard Froehlich (decke) search for other commits by this committer
graphics/clutter: Add CPE information

Approved by:    portmgr (blanket)
17 Jul 2021 17:34:37
commit hash:c3ea9ccd533bbef3d2546dff64512430cfc0c1d9commit hash:c3ea9ccd533bbef3d2546dff64512430cfc0c1d9commit hash:c3ea9ccd533bbef3d2546dff64512430cfc0c1d9commit hash:c3ea9ccd533bbef3d2546dff64512430cfc0c1d9 files touched by this commit
Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer
graphics/clutter: update to 1.26.4
22 Jun 2021 18:53:08
commit hash:da3162c7c9f01912ba1940e188b253f2b5c7ba77commit hash:da3162c7c9f01912ba1940e188b253f2b5c7ba77commit hash:da3162c7c9f01912ba1940e188b253f2b5c7ba77commit hash:da3162c7c9f01912ba1940e188b253f2b5c7ba77 files touched by this commit
Kevin Bowling (kbowling) search for other commits by this committer
graphics/mesa-libs: Bump reverse deps for libglvnd

Per discussion with bapt on helping pkg handle the changing of these
deps and avoiding impossible upgrade senarios.

PR:		246767
Reviewed by:	manu, bapt
Approved by:	x11
Differential Revision:
06 Apr 2021 14:31:07
commit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344ebcommit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344ebcommit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344ebcommit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344eb files touched by this commit
Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
Remove # $FreeBSD$ from Makefiles.
05 Nov 2019 22:16:15
Revision:516845Original commit files touched by this commit
zeising search for other commits by this committer
Add USES=xorg USES=gl, ports categories g

Add USES=xorg and USES=gl to ports in categories starting with 'g'.
While here, try to sprinkle other USES (mostly gnome and sdl) as needed.
09 Jun 2017 09:28:42
Revision:442975Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
Update clutter to 1.26.2.

* Review dependancies
* Switch to USES=localbase

Obtained from:	gnome devel repo (based on)
23 May 2017 05:03:16
Revision:441503Original commit files touched by this commit
rezny search for other commits by this committer
Revision bump of all ports with USE_GL after consolidation of mesa-libs

Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Differential Revision:
01 Apr 2016 14:00:57
Revision:412346Original commit files touched by this commit
mat search for other commits by this committer
Remove ${PORTSDIR}/ from dependencies, categories d, e, f, and g.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
14 Feb 2016 18:57:54
Revision:408881Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
The FreeBSD GNOME team proudly presents GNOME 3.18 for FreeBSD.

The offical GNOME 3.18 release notes can be found at

This update doesn't contain the glib/gtk c++ bindings which will
be done in a another update due to the requirement on c++11 and the
amount of fallout this probably will give.

GDM is still at version 3.16 due to some issues.

Bump mate-themes to use the gtk 3.18 version of the themes.

Thanks to Antoine Brodin for running the exp-runs.

This release was made possible by the following people:
  Gustau Perez

PR:	207006
05 Aug 2015 19:13:26
Revision:393607Original commit files touched by this commit Sanity Test Failure
kwm search for other commits by this committer
The FreeBSD GNOME team proudly presents GNOME 3.16 for FreeBSD.

The offical GNOME 3.16 release notes can be found at

Upgrade instructions for port users:

Delete the old tracker package with:
# pkg delete -f tracker
And user port upgrade tool of choice to upgrade.

Thanks to Antoine Brodin for running the exp-runs.

This release was made possible by the following people:
  Gustau Perez

PR:		201980
19 Nov 2014 11:49:06
Revision:372768Original commit files touched by this commit Sanity Test Failure
kwm search for other commits by this committer
The FreeBSD GNOME team proudly presents GNOME 3.14 and Cinnamon 2.2.
Gnome 3.14.1 and Cinnamon 2.2.16 are supported on FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE and up.

This commit removes the old GNOME 2 desktop, bindings and some ports that
can't be compiled. A few ports where updated to more recent versions to
allow them to compile with this update.

Apart from updating ports to newer versions

GDM is more integrated with gnome-shell now, and handles several things for
the GNOME desktop such as screen locking. If you want to use GNOME 3 via
startx, you will have to add your own lock screen/screensaver. For example
can be used for sessions started without GDM.

Shell Extensions can be installed via , we have
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
20 Oct 2014 17:04:21
Revision:371283Original commit files touched by this commit
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Cleanup plist
10 Sep 2014 20:50:37
Revision:367888Original commit files touched by this commit
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update the default version of GCC in the Ports Collection from GCC 4.7.4
to GCC 4.8.3.


PR:		192025
Tested by:	antoine (-exp runs)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
23 Apr 2014 13:25:17
Revision:351936Original commit files touched by this commit
tijl search for other commits by this committer
When linking a library libA with a library libB using libtool, if
exists, libtool will add all libraries refers to (dependency_libs
field) to the linker command line and store them in the dependency_libs
field of  So everything that subsequently links with libA will also
link to these extra libraries.  This causes too much overlinking.

This commit modifies Mk/Uses/ so it empties the dependency_libs
field in .la libraries during staging.  However, because .la libraries have
very limited use when dependency_libs is empty it makes sense to completely
remove them during staging.

So with this commit USES=libtool is modified to remove .la libraries and a
new form (USES=libtool:keepla) is introduced in case they need to be kept
(dependency_libs is still emptied).
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
22 Apr 2014 06:46:48
Revision:351755Original commit files touched by this commit
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Support stage
09 Mar 2014 15:02:24
Revision:347648Original commit files touched by this commit
miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Stage support
20 Sep 2013 18:35:46
Revision:327733Original commit files touched by this commit
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
31 Jul 2013 11:57:46
Revision:324037Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
The FreeBSD GNOME team presents a Glib and Gtk+ 3 update.

This update updates Glib20 to 2.36 and Gtk+ 3.8

* The gio-fam-backend port that used gamin for the GFileMonitor API is gone.
  It is replaced by a GIO kqueue implementation developed as part of a NetBSD
  GSoC 2011 project by Dimitry Matveev.
* Fix a bug in the glib20 Makefile so it includes -lintl in the glib-2.0
  pkgconfig file [1]. This broke static linking and newer binutils.
* Add introspection USE_GNOME component which sets GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE to
  prevent creation of /  root/.cache dir. Defaults to build & run depend,
  but :build and :run switches available.
* New x11-toolkits/pangox-compat port and companion USE_GNOME component for
  pangox support which was removed from the pango port. Add it to ports still
  using pangox API.

Exp-run by:	bapt@
PR:		ports/178958 [1]
Submitted by:	emaste@ [1]
24 Apr 2013 07:35:41
Revision:316407Original commit files touched by this commit
ak search for other commits by this committer
- Convert USE_GETTEXT to USES (part 1)

Approved by:	portmgr (bapt)
23 Apr 2013 10:47:03
Revision:316343Original commit files touched by this commit Sanity Test Failure
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Convert g* to USES=pkgconfig
08 Mar 2013 10:51:36
Revision:313633Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
* Update the glib to 2.34.3 and gtk20 to 2.24.17 and gtk30 to 3.6.4 which
  are the latest stable releases.
* Update vala to the newest stable release 0.18.1, also update a few ports
  in the gtk/gnome stack.
* The c++ bindings ports for glib, atk, gconf, etc, have now USE_GNOME toggles.
* Remove pkg-config run depends from glib20 and freetype2. This doesn't
  eliminate pkg-config run dependency completely, a second phase is needed
  and is planned.
* Support for .:run. and .:build. for USE_GNOME components was added.
  Currently only libxml2 and libxslt support this mechanism.
* Updates of the telepathy stack and empathy.
* Trim makefile headers, convert ports to new options, trim off library
  versions for some ports.
* Fix other ports so they build with the new glib version.

Thanks to miwi and crees for helping out with some exp-runs.
Approved by:	portmgr (miwi & bapt)
Obtained from:	gnome team repo
01 Jun 2012 05:26:28
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update png to 1.5.10
23 Sep 2011 22:26:39
Original commit files touched by this commit
amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Add LDFLAGS to CONFIGURE_ENV and MAKE_ENV (as it was done with LDFLAGS)
- Fix all ports that add {CPP,LD}FLAGS to *_ENV to modify flags instead

PR:             157936
Submitted by:   myself
Exp-runs by:    pav
Approved by:    pav
03 Jul 2011 14:12:23
Original commit files touched by this commit
ohauer search for other commits by this committer
-remove MD5
28 Feb 2011 12:46:41
Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
04 Dec 2010 07:34:27
Original commit files touched by this commit
ade search for other commits by this committer
Sync to new
20 Nov 2010 15:37:08
Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
Presenting GNOME 2.32.1 for FreeBSD. The offical release notes for this
release can be found at

This will be the last release of the GNOME 2.x series, mainly a bugfix and
bridge release to the first release of the GNOME 3.x series.

This release features commits by avl, marcus, mezz and myself.

The FreeBSD GNOME Team would like to thank the following contributors and
testers for there help with this release:

Zane C.B. <>
Olaf Seibert <>
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
25 Jul 2010 19:35:08
Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
Presenting GNOME 2.30.2. for FreeBSD.
05 Jun 2010 17:15:38
Original commit files touched by this commit
marcus search for other commits by this committer
Add more USE_GETTEXT macros, and bump PORTREVISIONs.

Reported by:    amdmi3
22 May 2010 06:09:42
Original commit files touched by this commit
marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update to 1.2.8.
10 May 2010 21:19:08
Original commit files touched by this commit
kwm search for other commits by this committer
Presenting GNOME 2.30.1 for FreeBSD. The offical release notes for this
release can be found at .

This release brings initial PackageKit support, Upower (replaces power
management part of hal), cuse4bsd integration with HAL and cheese, and a
faster Evolution.

Sadly GNOME 2.30.x will be the last release with FreeBSD 6.X support. This
will also be the last of the 2.x releases. The next release will be the
highly-anticipated GNOME 3.0 which will bring with it a new UI experience.

Currently, there are a few bugs with GNOME 2.30 that may be of note for our
users. Be sure to consult the UPGRADING note or the 2.30 upgrade FAQ at for specific upgrading
instructions, and the up-to-date list of known issues.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
28 Mar 2010 06:47:48
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update to 1.4.1
Reviewed by:    exp8 run on pointyhat
Supported by:   miwi
05 Feb 2010 11:46:55
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update to jpeg-8
18 Jan 2010 07:45:07
Original commit files touched by this commit
marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update to 1.0.10.
28 Nov 2009 20:06:37
Original commit files touched by this commit
marcus search for other commits by this committer
Presenting GNOME 2.28.1 for FreeBSD.  The official release notes for this
release can be found at .
Officially, this is mostly a polishing release in preparation for GNOME 3.0
due in about a year.

On the FreeBSD front, though, a lot went into this release.  Major thanks
goes to kwm and avl who did a lot of the porting work for this release.
In particular, kwm brought in Evolution MAPI support for better Microsoft
Exchange integration.  Avl made sure that the new gobject introspection
repository ports were nicely compartmentalized so that large dependencies
aren't brought in wholesale.

But, every GNOME team member (ahze, avl, bland, kwm, mezz, and myself)
contributed to this release.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
02 Aug 2009 19:36:34
Original commit files touched by this commit
mezz search for other commits by this committer
-Repocopy devel/libtool15 -> libtool22 and libltdl15 -> libltdl22.
-Update libtool and libltdl to 2.2.6a.
-Remove devel/libtool15 and devel/libltdl15.
-Fix ports build with libtool22/libltdl22.
-Bump ports that depend on libltdl22 due to shared library version change.
-Explain what to do update in the UPDATING.

It has been tested with GNOME2, XFCE4, KDE3, KDE4 and other many wm/desktop
and applications in the runtime.

With help:      marcus and kwm
Pointyhat-exp:  a few times by pav
Tested by:      pgollucci, "Romain Tartière" <>, and
                a few MarcusCom CVS users. Also, I might have missed a few.
Repocopy by:    marcus
Approved by:    portmgr
31 Jul 2009 13:57:52
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- bump all port that indirectly depends on libjpeg and have not yet been bumped
or updated
Requested by:   edwin
04 Mar 2009 07:36:52
Original commit files touched by this commit
marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update to 0.8.8.
23 Jan 2009 16:28:36
Original commit files touched by this commit
flz search for other commits by this committer
- Update ports to 7.4+ (few ports are more recent than the katamari).
- Bump PORTREVISION for all ports depending on libglut since the shlib
version number went from 4 to 3.
- Bump PORTREVISION for all ports depending on libXaw as isn't
installed anymore.
- Couple of ports fixes (mostly missing xorg components added to USE_XORG).
26 Dec 2008 22:03:41
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