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molequeue Desktop integration of high performance computing resources
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Port Added: 16 Oct 2018 22:08:20
License: GPLv2
MoleQueue is an open-source, cross-platform, system-tray resident desktop
application for abstracting, managing, and coordinating the execution of tasks
both locally and on remote computational resources. It is built and tested on
Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, with nightly binaries currently available for Mac
OS X and Windows. Users can set up local and remote queues that describe where
the task will be executed. Each queue can have programs, with templates to
facilitate the execution of the program. Input files can be staged, and output
files collected using a standard interface.

The MoleQueue application is written in C++ using the Qt framework. It can
execute programs directly on the local machine, and uses SSH to communicate with
remote batch scheduling systems with support for Open Grid Scheduler (formerly
Sun Grid Engine) and PBS. The backend communication is abstracted, and support
is currently being added for UIT (a SOAP protocol for communicating with
military HPC resources using ezHPC).

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    Pseudo-pkg-plist information, but much better, from make generate-plist
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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/molequeue-0.9.0_1/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/molequeue-0.9.0_1/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/molequeue-0.9.0_1/GPLv2
  4. bin/molequeue
  5. include/molequeue/client/client.h
  6. include/molequeue/client/jobobject.h
  7. include/molequeue/client/jsonrpcclient.h
  8. include/molequeue/client/molequeueclientexport.h
  9. include/molequeue/servercore/connection.h
  10. include/molequeue/servercore/connectionlistener.h
  11. include/molequeue/servercore/connectionlistenerfactory.h
  12. include/molequeue/servercore/jsonrpc.h
  13. include/molequeue/servercore/localsocketconnection.h
  14. include/molequeue/servercore/localsocketconnectionlistener.h
  15. include/molequeue/servercore/message.h
  16. include/molequeue/servercore/molequeueservercoreexport.h
  17. include/molequeue/servercore/servercoreglobal.h
  18. lib/cmake/molequeue/MoleQueueConfig.cmake
  19. lib/cmake/molequeue/MoleQueueConfigVersion.cmake
  20. lib/cmake/molequeue/MoleQueueTargets-release.cmake
  21. lib/cmake/molequeue/MoleQueueTargets.cmake
  22. lib/
  23. lib/
  24. lib/molequeue/plugins/
  25. @postexec /usr/sbin/service ldconfig restart > /dev/null
  26. @postunexec /usr/sbin/service ldconfig restart > /dev/null
  27. Collapse this list.

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/misc/molequeue/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install molequeue

PKGNAME: molequeue


TIMESTAMP = 1539726091
SHA256 (molequeue-0.9.0.tar.gz) = df036dbca090db4348443cf3d09be35fdf877a37075b4cb427b1130f005ef6e5
SIZE (molequeue-0.9.0.tar.gz) = 620286

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Build dependencies:
  1. cmake : devel/cmake
  2. ninja : devel/ninja
  3. moc : devel/qt5-buildtools
  4. qmake : devel/qt5-qmake
Library dependencies:
  1. : devel/qt5-core
  2. : x11-toolkits/qt5-gui
  3. : net/qt5-network
  4. : x11-toolkits/qt5-widgets

This port is required by:

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Configuration Options
     No options to configure

cmake:outsource compiler:c++11-lang qt:5

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12 Dec 2018 01:35:36
Original commit files touched by this commit  0.9.0_1
gerald search for other commits by this committer
Bump PORTREVISION for ports depending on the canonical version of GCC
defined via Mk/ which has moved from GCC 7.4 t
GCC 8.2 under most circumstances.

This includes ports
 - with USE_GCC=yes or USE_GCC=any,
 - with USES=fortran,
 - using Mk/ which in turn features USES=fortran, and
 - with USES=compiler specifying openmp, nestedfct, c11, c++0x, c++11-lang,
   c++11-lib, c++14-lang, c++17-lang, or gcc-c++11-lib
plus, as a double check, everything INDEX-11 showed depending on lang/gcc7.

PR:		231590
16 Oct 2018 22:07:53
Original commit files touched by this commit  0.9.0
yuri search for other commits by this committer
New port: misc/molequeue: Desktop integration of high performance computing

Number of commits found: 2

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