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New Release - October 2004

This page is rather dated. Most news is now published on the FreshPorts Blog.

This is the biggest release of FreshPorts since April 2003 (nearly 18 months ago). Some of the changes are big. Some are little. Those that appear below are in no particular order.

As always, my thanks to those people who provided suggestions and ideas which lead to the changes I've made.

Deleted icon changed

The deleted icon has changed. It is now Deleted. I would show you what it used to be, but, well, it's been deleted. It was a square with a X in it.


The VuXML project documents security issues that affect the FreeBSD operating system or applications in the FreeBSD Ports Collection. This documentation takes the form of of an XML file provided by the vuxml port. FreshPorts now integrates the information from that file with the commit history of each affect port.

For an example, have a look at the Firefox port. Under commit history, you will see several instances of the icon chosen for VuXML (This port version is marked as vulnerable.). Click on the icon to view details of the vulnerability.

Matthew Seaman is the man to thank for this feature. He wrote the code that parses the vuln.xml file and allows me to record the information in FreshPorts. Also thank the VuXML team for their work and for helping me to understand the inner workings of the vuln XML data.

Link by package

You can now link to FreshPorts using just the package name. For example, you can link to the Firefox port using this link:

FreshPorts takes that package name, figures out where in the tree it lives, and redirects you to the correct location. In this case, it takes to you to Ahh, the magic of PHP and PostgreSQL!

Revision details

If you click on the Files icon (files touched by this commit) in the Commit History for any port, you'll see a new link. This link is represented by the Revision Details icon (View revision).

Expanded search options

The search page now allows you to search by the following fields.

Package NamePKGNAME
Latest LinkPKGNAME
Short DescriptionCOMMENT
Long Descriptionpkg-descr1
Message IDThe message id in the original commit email