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radeontop Program that shows AMD Radeon GPU resource utilization
1.0 sysutils on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port
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Port Added: 22 Mar 2017 18:57:06
License: GPLv3
RadeonTop is a small utility which allows one to monitor the utilization of
AMD Radeon GPUs starting from the r600 series and newer, using undocumented
performance counters in the hardware.

It displays the utilization of the graphics pipe, event engine, vertex
cache, vertex group and tesselator, texture addresser and cache, the shader
units, and more, both with a relative percent value as well as a colorful
bar diagram (ncurses-based).

Total GPU utilization is also valid for OpenCL loads; other values are only
useful in GL loads.

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    Pseudo-pkg-plist information, but much better, from make generate-plist
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  1. lib/
  2. man/man1/radeontop.1.gz
  3. sbin/radeontop
  4. share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/
  5. /usr/local/share/licenses/radeontop-1.0/
  6. /usr/local/share/licenses/radeontop-1.0/LICENSE
  7. /usr/local/share/licenses/radeontop-1.0/GPLv3
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To install the port: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/radeontop/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install radeontop

PKGNAME: radeontop

NOT_FOR_ARCHS: aarch64 armv6 mips mips64


TIMESTAMP = 1477640465
SHA256 (clbr-radeontop-v1.0_GH0.tar.gz) = a997ea92f38a53d59db4d8e846aec4cc04cee8b79939e89d5eb9e31c57b468fc
SIZE (clbr-radeontop-v1.0_GH0.tar.gz) = 32677

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Build dependencies:
  1. gmake : devel/gmake
  2. pkgconf>=1.3.0_1 : devel/pkgconf
  3. msgfmt : devel/gettext-tools
  4. xcb.pc : x11/libxcb
Runtime dependencies:
  1. xcb.pc : x11/libxcb
Library dependencies:
  1. : devel/libpciaccess
  2. : graphics/libdrm
  3. : devel/gettext-runtime
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options
===> The following configuration options are available for radeontop-1.0:
     NLS=on: Native Language Support
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

gmake pkgconfig gettext

Master Sites:

Number of commits found: 4

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
03 May 2017 01:14:05
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0
linimon search for other commits by this committer
Mark some ports failing on aarch64, and, in a few cases, other tier-2

While here, pet portlint.

Approved by:	portmgr (tier-2 blanket)
30 Mar 2017 19:29:55
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0
danfe search for other commits by this committer
Do not separate $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX) with a slash: this is redundant when
PREFIX is an absolute path (common case) and could break things if it is
not (and DESTDIR is empty).
25 Mar 2017 02:49:44
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0
danfe search for other commits by this committer
Provide a more detailed port description.

Obtained from:	Linux Mint package
22 Mar 2017 18:56:29
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0
danfe search for other commits by this committer
Add a port of RadeonTop, top(1)-like program that displays AMD Radeon GPU
resource utilization.


Because GitHub releases (tarballs) are not fetched with correct modification
time, set TIMESTAMP to 1477640465 which corresponds to commit c0abadf tagged
as this release.

Number of commits found: 4

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