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fpc-rtl-extra Free Pascal rtl-extra unit
3.2.2 lang on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout 3.2.2Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. NOTE: Slave port - quarterly revision is most likely wrong.
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Port Added: 2015-12-05 23:29:55
Last Update: 2021-08-01 01:56:08
Commit Hash: e40d870
License: not specified in port
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pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
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  1. lib/fpc/3.2.2/fpmkinst/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra.fpm
  2. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/clocale.o
  3. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/clocale.ppu
  4. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/ipc.o
  5. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/ipc.ppu
  6. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/matrix.o
  7. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/matrix.ppu
  8. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/objects.o
  9. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/objects.ppu
  10. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/printer.o
  11. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/printer.ppu
  12. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/real48utils.o
  13. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/real48utils.ppu
  14. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/serial.o
  15. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/serial.ppu
  16. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/sockets.o
  17. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/sockets.ppu
  18. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/ucomplex.o
  19. lib/fpc/3.2.2/units/x86_64-freebsd/rtl-extra/ucomplex.ppu
  20. @owner
  21. @group
  22. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • fpc-rtl-extra>0:lang/fpc-rtl-extra
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/lang/fpc-rtl-extra/ && make install clean
To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install lang/fpc-rtl-extra
  • pkg install fpc-rtl-extra
PKGNAME: fpc-rtl-extra
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.
ONLY_FOR_ARCHS: amd64 i386
Packages (timestamps in pop-ups are UTC):

Master port: lang/fpc

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. as : devel/binutils
  2. ppcx64 : lang/fpc
  3. gmake>=4.3 : devel/gmake
  4. as : devel/binutils
Runtime dependencies:
  1. as : devel/binutils
This port is required by:
for Build
  1. archivers/fpc-bzip2
  2. cad/zcad
  3. comms/cqrlog
  4. databases/fpc-fpindexer
  5. devel/fpc-fcl-db
  6. devel/fpc-fcl-net
  7. devel/fpc-fcl-report
Expand this list (40 items / 33 hidden - sorry, this count includes any deleted ports)
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  2. devel/fpc-fcl-sdo
  3. devel/fpc-fcl-web
  4. devel/fpc-fppkg
  5. devel/fpc-fv
  6. devel/fpc-odata
  7. editors/fpc-ide
  8. editors/lazarus
  9. editors/lazarus-devel
  10. editors/lazarus-qt5
  11. editors/lazarus-qt5-devel
  12. games/hedgewars
  13. graphics/fpc-vcl-compat
  14. graphics/lazpaint
  15. lang/fpc-rtl-console
  16. lang/fpc-units
  17. lang/fpc-utils
  18. net/fpc-libenet
  19. net/fpc-pcap
  20. net-p2p/awgg
  21. net-p2p/transmission-remote-gui
  22. print/fpc-libcups
  23. russian/emkatic
  24. security/fpc-gnutls
  25. security/fpc-openssl
  26. sysutils/fpc-uuid
  27. www/fpc-googleapi
  28. www/fpc-httpd22
  29. www/fpc-httpd24
  30. www/fpc-libmicrohttpd
  31. x11-fm/doublecmd
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Deleted ports which required this port:

Expand this list of 3 deleted ports
  1. editors/coedit*
  2. editors/dexed*
  3. editors/lazarus-qt4*
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for Run
  1. editors/lazarus
  2. editors/lazarus-devel
  3. editors/lazarus-qt5
  4. editors/lazarus-qt5-devel
  5. lang/fpc-units

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Master Sites:
  1. There is no master site for this port.

Number of commits found: 10

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
This is a slave port. You may also want to view the commits to the master port: lang/fpc
01 Aug 2021 01:56:08
 files touched by this commit commit hash:e40d870fc3cb88063b59d0f8449b9ccbdf5378ea  3.2.2
Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez (acm) search for other commits by this committer
lang/fpc: update to 3.2.2

* Add new unit devel/fpc-tplylib
* Remove COMPAT10 dependency  [PR/254481]
PR:		254481
Reported by:	jbeich
07 Apr 2021 08:09:01
 files touched by this commit commit hash:cf118ccf875508b9a1c570044c93cfcc82bd455c  3.2.0_2
Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
One more small cleanup, forgotten yesterday.
Reported by:	lwhsu
06 Apr 2021 14:31:07
 files touched by this commit commit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344eb  3.2.0_2
Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
Remove # $FreeBSD$ from Makefiles.
14 Jan 2021 21:11:15
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:561593  3.2.0_2
acm search for other commits by this committer
- lang/fpc revert way like linker is taken by fpc compiler
- lang/fpc add binutils to RUN_DEPENDS
- editors/lazarus add binutils to RUN_DEPENDS
- editors/lazarus add gmake to RUN_DEPENDS
- editors/lazarus install fpc units like RUN_DEPENDS too
- Bump PORTREVISiON of fpc/lazarus ports

PR:		251712
Reported by:	amdmi3
08 Dec 2020 09:38:40
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:557271  3.2.0_1
antoine search for other commits by this committer
Fix plist
05 Apr 2018 04:52:36
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:466532  3.0.4
acm search for other commits by this committer
- Migrate Mk/ to Mk/Uses/
- Convert all fpc-based ports to USES=fpc

PR:             227210
Reviewed by:    portmgr
Approved by:    portmgr
Exp-run by:     antoine
Differential Revision:
03 Aug 2017 23:40:28
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:447304  3.0.2
acm search for other commits by this committer
- Pass maintainership to me. marino@ is not part of FreeBSD committers
26 Feb 2017 17:38:05
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:434894  3.0.2
acm search for other commits by this committer
- Freepascal update to 3.0.2
- Connect www/fpc-googleapi and devel/fpc-fcl-pdf
21 Nov 2016 21:12:09
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:426756  3.0.0_1
acm search for other commits by this committer
- Install serial .ppu and .o files
- Bump fpc-rtl-extra PORTREVISION
05 Dec 2015 23:29:37
Original commit files touched by this commit Revision:403082  3.0.0
marino search for other commits by this committer
FPC ecosystem: Upgrade version 2.6.4 => 3.0.0

This is the first major release of FreePascal in nearly four years.
There are a ton of new features, way more to list here. see:

Several new unit ports were added, some were contracted.  Most of
those were absorbed into the main FPC packages, but two units are
no longer supported: sndfile and matroshka.

All 99 remaining ports (including Lazarus ports) were build tested
on FreeBSD i386 and amd64 Release 10.2

Number of commits found: 10