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xhtml-modularization W3C's Modularization of XHTML DTDs and docs
1.0.20010410_1 textproc on this many watch lists=14 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port

There is no maintainer for this port.
Any concerns regarding this port should be directed to the FreeBSD Ports mailing list via search for ports maintained by this maintainer
Port Added: 15 Dec 2003 14:01:54
License: not specified in port
From the abstract:
  This Recommendation specifies an abstract modularization of XHTML
  and an implementation of the abstraction using XML Document Type
  Definitions (DTDs). This modularization provides a means for
  subsetting and extending XHTML, a feature needed for extending
  XHTML's reach onto emerging platforms.
SVNWeb : PortsMon
    Pseudo-pkg-plist information, but much better, from make generate-plist
    Expand this list (111 items)
  1. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/VERSION
  2. @xmlcatmgr share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/catalog.xml
  3. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-applet-1.mod
  4. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-arch-1.mod
  5. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-attribs-1.mod
  6. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-base-1.mod
  7. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-basic-form-1.mod
  8. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-basic-table-1.mod
  9. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-bdo-1.mod
  10. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-blkphras-1.mod
  11. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-blkpres-1.mod
  12. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-blkstruct-1.mod
  13. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-charent-1.mod
  14. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-csismap-1.mod
  15. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-datatypes-1.mod
  16. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-edit-1.mod
  17. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-events-1.mod
  18. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-form-1.mod
  19. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-frames-1.mod
  20. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-framework-1.mod
  21. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-hypertext-1.mod
  22. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-iframe-1.mod
  23. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-image-1.mod
  24. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-inlphras-1.mod
  25. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-inlpres-1.mod
  26. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-inlstruct-1.mod
  27. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-inlstyle-1.mod
  28. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-lat1.ent
  29. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-legacy-1.mod
  30. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-legacy-redecl-1.mod
  31. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-link-1.mod
  32. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-list-1.mod
  33. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-meta-1.mod
  34. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-nameident-1.mod
  35. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-notations-1.mod
  36. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-object-1.mod
  37. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-param-1.mod
  38. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-pres-1.mod
  39. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-qname-1.mod
  40. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-script-1.mod
  41. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-special.ent
  42. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-ssismap-1.mod
  43. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-struct-1.mod
  44. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-style-1.mod
  45. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-symbol.ent
  46. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-table-1.mod
  47. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-target-1.mod
  48. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-text-1.mod
  49. @xmlcatmgr share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/
  50. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xml1.dcl
  51. share/xml/dtd/xhtml-modularization/xml1n.dcl
  52. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/Overview.html
  53. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/W3C-REC.css
  54. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/abstract_modules.html
  55. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/abstraction.html
  56. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/acknowledgements.html
  57. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/conformance.html
  58. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/dtd_developing.html
  59. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/dtd_module_defs.html
  60. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/dtd_module_rules.html
  61. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/goals.html
  62. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/aqua.gif
  63. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/black.gif
  64. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/blue.gif
  65. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/fuchsia.gif
  66. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/gray.gif
  67. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/green.gif
  68. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/lime.gif
  69. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/maroon.gif
  70. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/navy.gif
  71. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/olive.gif
  72. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/purple.gif
  73. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/red.gif
  74. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/silver.gif
  75. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/teal.gif
  76. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/white.gif
  77. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/images/yellow.gif
  78. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/introduction.html
  79. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/logo-REC.gif
  80. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/references.html
  81. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/schema_developing.html
  82. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/schema_module_defs.html
  83. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/schema_module_rules.html
  84. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/terms.html
  85. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/w3c_home.gif
  86. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/wcag1AAA.gif
  87. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-modularization.html
  88. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/xhtml-modularization.pdf
  89. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/
  90. share/doc/xhtml-modularization/xhtml.css
  91. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/MODULE-qname.mod
  92. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/inventory-1.dtd
  93. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/inventory-1.mod
  94. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/inventory-newprefix.xml
  95. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/inventory-prefixed.xml
  96. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/inventory-qname-1.mod
  97. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/inventory.xml
  98. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/myml-1_0.dtd
  99. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/myml-elements-1.mod
  100. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/myml-model-1.mod
  101. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/myml-noprefix.html
  102. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/myml-prefixed.html
  103. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/myml-qname-1.mod
  104. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/simple-defaults.html
  105. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/simple-newprefix.html
  106. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/simple-prefixed.html
  107. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/simpleml-1_0.dtd
  108. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/simpleml-model-1.mod
  109. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/templates/template-1.mod
  110. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/templates/template-qname-1.mod
  111. share/examples/xhtml-modularization/templates/template.dtd
  112. Collapse this list.

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/textproc/xhtml-modularization/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install xhtml-modularization

PKGNAME: xhtml-modularization


SHA256 (xhtml-modularization.tgz) = 4da196386572dd8bff57177e588767944d2cc83b8fcf50dbeba27b7e13c7c9fc
SIZE (xhtml-modularization.tgz) = 618405

NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Runtime dependencies:
  1. xmlcatmgr : textproc/xmlcatmgr

This port is required by:

for Run * - deleted ports are only shown under the This port is required by section. It was harder to do for the Required section. Perhaps later...
Configuration Options
===> The following configuration options are available for xhtml-modularization-1.0.20010410_1:
     DOCS=on: Build and/or install documentation
     EXAMPLES=on: Build and/or install examples
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings


Master Sites:

Number of commits found: 13

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
24 May 2016 22:32:49
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add a new keywork xmlcatmgr

It simplifies the handling of the XML and SMGL catalog
It brings a big of consistency by always specifying the catalog path absolute
instead of mixing absolute and relative path.
The keyword is also written a PKG_ROOTDIR friendly to simplify cross installing

Reviewed by:	hrs
Differential Revision:
01 Apr 2016 14:25:18
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
mat search for other commits by this committer
Remove ${PORTSDIR}/ from dependencies, categories r, s, t, and u.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
10 May 2015 10:18:42
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Drop @dirrm* from plist
02 Aug 2014 04:04:33
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
jhale search for other commits by this committer
- Support staging
- Use SUB_FILES instead of sed replacement
- Remove some cruft
20 Sep 2013 23:17:32
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
03 Jul 2011 14:40:25
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
ohauer search for other commits by this committer
-remove MD5
25 May 2007 10:53:37
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410_1
lth search for other commits by this committer
'xhtml-ruby-1.mod' is not included in the current distribution,
hence remove from 'catalog.xml' to avoid errors during use.

PR:             ports/112597
Submitted by:   lth
24 Mar 2006 05:44:38
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410
linimon search for other commits by this committer
Reset maintainer at his request; nectar is away from FreeBSD work right now.
24 Jan 2006 03:10:24
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410
edwin search for other commits by this committer

Approved by: krion@
22 Jan 2006 06:28:59
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410
edwin search for other commits by this committer
Replace ugly "@unexec rmdir %D... 2>/dev/null || true" with @dirrmtry

Approved by:    krion@
PR:             ports/88711 (related)
25 Feb 2005 03:22:41
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410
nectar search for other commits by this committer
Fix the packing list so that when the port is deinstalled,
$PREFIX/share/xml/dtd will be removed if it is empty.

Reported by:    kris
18 Mar 2004 14:46:23
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410
nectar search for other commits by this committer

Submitted by:   trevor
15 Dec 2003 14:01:17
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.0.20010410
nectar search for other commits by this committer
Add xhtml-basic and xhtml-modularization, a customizable version
of XHTML and the modular DTDs on which it depends.

Number of commits found: 13

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