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Fri, 25 May 2018
[ 03:54 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470820
bmeps 4.15.0 graphics files touched by this commit Convert PNG/JPEG/TIFF to PDF/EPS
graphics/bmeps: Update to 4.15.0

PR:		228476
Submitted by: (maintainer)
[ 03:52 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470819
py-tqdm 4.23.4 misc files touched by this commit Fast, extensible progress bar for Python
misc/py-tqdm: Update to 4.23.4

PR:		228475
Submitted by:	Neel Chauhan <> (maintainer)
[ 01:00 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:470817
firefox 60.0.1_3,1 www files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
www/firefox: switch Skia to upstream big-endian fix

No PORTREVISION bump because powerpc*/sparc64 don't have a working
lang/rust, anyway.
[ 00:16 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470816
libstorj 1.0.3 net files touched by this commit C library and CLI for encrypted file transfer on the Storj network
net/libstorj: update to 1.0.3

PR:		228473
Submitted by: (maintainer)
[ 00:13 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470815
py-zeroconf 0.20.0 net files touched by this commit Pure python implementation of multicast DNS service discovery
net/py-zeroconf: update to 0.20.0

PR:		228472
Submitted by: (maintainer)
[ 00:12 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470814
py-django-simple-captcha 0.5.7 www files touched by this commit Simple, yet powerful, Django captcha application
www/py-django-simple-captcha: update to 0.5.7

PR:		228471
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Thu, 24 May 2018
[ 22:37 rodrigo ] Original commit   Revision:470813
py-bup 0.29.1 archivers new! files touched by this commit Very efficient backup system based on the git packfile format
Add new port archivers/py-bup.

A very efficient backup system based on the git packfile format.

PR:		219174
Submitted by:
[ 22:05 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:470812
gcc6-devel 6.4.1.s20180523 lang files touched by this commit GNU Compiler Collection 6
Update to the 20180523 snapshot of GCC 6.4.1.
[ 21:30 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:470811
py-PyMetis 2016.2 math new! files touched by this commit Python wrapper for the Metis graph partititioning software
New port: math/py-PyMetis: Python wrapper for the Metis graph partititioning
[ 20:49 rodrigo ] Original commit   Revision:470810
payara www files touched by this commit Java EE application server derived from GlassFish Server Open Source Edition
Update www/payara from to
Add a user and group to run the server

Full release note :

PR:		224405
Submitted by:	Dmytro Bilokha <> (maintainer)
[ 20:48 tcberner ] Original commit   Revision:470809
cmake 3.11.2 devel files touched by this commit Cross-platform Makefile generator
cmake-doc 3.11.2 devel files touched by this commit HTML and Qt Creator helpfiles for CMake
cmake-gui 3.11.2 devel files touched by this commit Qt-based GUI for CMake
Update cmake to 3.11.2

PR:		228363
Exp-run by:	antoine
[ 20:46 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:470808
polkit 0.114 sysutils files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Framework for controlling access to system-wide components
Update polkit to 0.114.

* Use spidermonkey52 instead of the ancient 17.0 version.

Obtained from:	gnome devel repo
[ 20:13 krion ] Original commit   Revision:470807
powerdns 4.1.3 dns files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Advanced DNS server with multiple backends including SQL
Update to 4.1.3

This is a maintenance release addressing a performance issue in the
GeoIP backend and fixes several other issues.

Full changelog:

PR:		228474
Submitted by:	maintainer
[ 19:45 eugen ] Original commit   Revision:470805
pidgin-window_merge 0.3 net-im new! files touched by this commit One window interface for pidgin
Window Merge is a Pidgin plugin that merges a conversation window with the
Buddy List window. It can be used to achieve a rudimentary "single window mode"
for Pidgin. Both Window Merge and Pidgin itself should be kept updated for
the most stable experience.


PR:		227094
Submitted by:	Volodymyr Kostyrko <>
[ 19:12 pi ] Original commit   Revision:470804
redis_exporter 0.17.2 databases new! files touched by this commit Prometheus exporter for redis stats
New port: databases/redis_exporter

Prometheus Exporter for Redis Metrics. Supports Redis 2.x, 3.x and 4.x


PR:		227750
Submitted by:	Volodymyr Kostyrko <>
[ 19:01 tobik ] Original commit   Revision:470803
madplay 0.15.2b_7 audio files touched by this commit Madplay MP3 player (part of MAD project)
audio/madplay: Avoid accidentally building with esound backend

In ports r465358 we removed the ESOUND option but forgot to add an
explicit --without-esd to CONFIGURE_ARGS.

PR:		228469
Reported by:
[ 18:49 pi ] Original commit   Revision:470802
lua-rds-parser 0.06 devel files touched by this commit Resty-DBD-Stream (RDS) parser for Lua written in C
New (resurrected) port: devel/lua-rds-parser

The lua-rds-parser can be used to parse the Resty-DBD-Stream formatted data
generated by drizzle and/or postgres nginx modules into lua data structures.
In the past, we have to use JSON as the intermediate data format which is
quite inefficient in terms of both memory and CPU time.

To maximize speed and minimize memory footprint, this library is implemented
in pure C.


PR:		191526
Submitted by:
[ 18:31 flo ] Original commit   Revision:470800
resource-agents 4.1.1 net-mgmt files touched by this commit OCF Compliant Resource Agents
Update to 4.1.1

PR:		228166
Approved by:	maintainer
[ 18:24 flo ] Original commit   Revision:470799
corosync 2.4.2_1 net  Deleted files touched by this commit Corosync Cluster Engine
corosync2 2.4.4 net new! files touched by this commit Corosync Cluster Engine
corosync3 2.99.2 net new! files touched by this commit Corosync Cluster Engine
pacemaker 1.1.16_2 net  Deleted files touched by this commit Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
pacemaker1 1.1.18 net new! Ignore files touched by this commit Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
pacemaker2 2.0.0 net new! Ignore files touched by this commit Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
- add net/corosync3 (2.99.2)
- add net/pacemaker2 (2.0.0-rc4)
- net/corosync -> net/corosync2 (update to 2.4.4)
- net/pacemaker -> net/pacemaker1 (update to 1.1.18)
- add USES=corosync to deal with multiple versions

PR:		228164, 228165
Submitted by:	David Shane Holden <>
[ 17:59 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470798
visualvm 1.4.1 java files touched by this commit GUI tool combining CLI JDK tools and profiling capabilities
java/visualvm: update to 1.4.1
[ 17:31 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470797
py-rekall 1.7.2.r1 security files touched by this commit Memory forensics analysis framework
Update to 1.7.2rc1
[ 17:26 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470796
py-rekall-core 1.7.2.r1 security files touched by this commit CORE component of the Rekall framework
Update to 1.7.2rc1
[ 17:23 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470795
py-pyaff4 0.26.p6 security files touched by this commit Python Advanced Forensic Format Version 4 library
Update to 0.26.post6
[ 17:20 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470794
py-rekall_lib 1.7.2.r1 security new! files touched by this commit Rekall Support Libraries
New port: security/py-rekall_lib

Support libraries for the Rekall framework.

[ 17:19 yuri ] Original commit   Revision:470793
moony-lv2 0.22.0 audio files touched by this commit Realtime Lua as programmable glue in LV2
audio/moony-lv2: Fix built on 10

Also change USES=cmake -> USES=cmake:outsource

As it turned out, cmake's check_function_exists doesn't find functions
in, so check_library_exists should be used.

PR:		228443
Submitted by:	tcberner (cmake part)
[ 17:02 kwm ] Original commit   Revision:470792
gnome-nettool 3.8.1,1 net files touched by this commit GNOME utility that provides network information statistics
Update patch to drop obsolete network support.

* IFM_FDDI and IFM_TOKEN where removed from HEAD a month ago.
* IFM_ATM was already optional in the code and probably not present in HEAD

This should allow gnome-nettool to build on HEAD again.

Reported by:	pkg-fallout
[ 16:55 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470791
gnome-maps 3.24.3_1 deskutils files touched by this commit Map application for GNOME 3
deskutils/gnome-maps: add missing net/gfbgraph dependency

PR:		215300
Reported by:
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (, >1 month)
[ 16:19 krion ] Original commit   Revision:470790
p5-HTML-FormFu-Model-DBIC 2.03 www files touched by this commit Integrate HTML::FormFu with DBIx::Class
Update to 2.03

PR:		228459
Submitted by:	maintainer
[ 16:04 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:470789
llvm-devel 7.0.d20180523 devel files touched by this commit LLVM and Clang
Update to a new snapshot.
[ 16:02 krion ] Original commit   Revision:470788
p5-XML-FeedPP 0.95 textproc files touched by this commit Parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds
Update to 0.95

PR:		228460
Submitted by:	maintainer
[ 15:22 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470787
py-efilter 1.5,1 devel files touched by this commit EFILTER query language
Note the conflict with rekall-efilter
[ 15:21 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470786
py-rekall-efilter 1.6.0 devel new! files touched by this commit EFILTER query language with Rekall specific modifications
New port: devel/py-rekall-efilter

EFILTER is a general-purpose destructuring and search language implemented in
Python, and suitable for integration with any Python project that requires a
search function for some of its data.
This port has Rekall specific modifications.

[ 14:55 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470785
py-binplist 0.1.4 devel  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Binary plist parser
Deprecate: Not depended upon anymore, no longer maintained upstream
[ 14:54 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470784
py-plaso 20180524 security files touched by this commit Automatic creation of a super timeline
Update to 20180524
[ 14:34 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470783
py-dfvfs 20180510 security files touched by this commit Digital Forensics Virtual File System
Update to 20180510
[ 14:24 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470782
py-dfwinreg 20180329 security files touched by this commit Digital Forensics Windows Registry
Update to 20180329
[ 14:19 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470781
py-dfdatetime 20180510 security files touched by this commit Digital Forensics Date and Time
Update to 20180510
[ 14:13 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470780
py-artifacts 20180505 security files touched by this commit Artifact Repository
Update to 20180505
[ 14:08 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470779
libfvde 20180108 sysutils files touched by this commit Library and tools for reading FileVault (FVDE) encrypted volumes
Update to 20180108
[ 13:56 swills ] Original commit   Revision:470778
minio-client 2018. www files touched by this commit Replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems
www/minio-client: update to RELEASE.2018-04-28T00-08-20Z

PR:		228086
Submitted by:	Dhananjay Balan <>
Approved by: (maintainer)
[ 12:59 ehaupt ] Original commit   Revision:470777
py-buku 3.8 www files touched by this commit Powerful command-line bookmark manager
Update to 3.8
[ 12:31 wen ] Original commit   Revision:470776
p5-Data-Types 0.11 devel files touched by this commit Validate and convert data types
- Update to 0.11
[ 12:28 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:470775
py-dtfabric 20180522 devel new! files touched by this commit Tooling for data type and structure management
New port: devel/py-dtfabric

dtfabric is a project to manage data types and structures, as used in the
libyal projects.

[ 12:23 wen ] Original commit   Revision:470774
py-scipy 1.1.0 science files touched by this commit Scientific tools for Python
- Update to 1.1.0

PR:		228257
Submitted by:	wen@(myself)
Exp-run by:	antoine@
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